Why the Orientation of Pyramids Correlates with Ice Ages


Orientation patterns of more than 910 ancient pyramids, sites and temples, randomly spread around the world, correlates with the temperature changes of the last series of glaciation cycles. Most ancient monuments are hundreds of thousands of years old. Renovations of ancient monuments were done on top of their much older foundations, leaving most of the original orientations intact. The orientation of ancient monuments is, beyond any doubt, a very powerful mathematical data analysis tool, revealing an astounding, inescapable truth.

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Fig 1: The correlation between the orientation of pyramids around the world and ice ages is mathematically proven by us. The probability that the correlation is unimportant and coincidental is 0.00013%. Some of the current scientific paradigms, such as the cause of ice ages, the Global Warming dogmas, but also the dating methods of ancient structures, are all based on outdated evidence. Ancient cultures oriented their pyramids and temples to another geographic pole. This is an astounding, and significant discovery. There is no place to hide from or cover up our conclusions. | © Mario Buildreps 2015-2019.


Why Orientation is the Key to Unlock Ancient Mysteries

The orientation of a building is purely mathematical because orientation is dimensionless, i.e. not physical. While the size, weight, or chemical composition of a structure might change, its orientation is, by definition, independent of material properties.

Many astronomical, religious, and even political buildings, like the pyramids of Giza, the Yerkes Observatory, the White House, the Taj Mahal, Angkor Wat, and the Vatican, are cardinally oriented, meaning they are effectively oriented to the current geographic pole.

When we process the orientations of virtually all ancient buildings around the world, it reveals a great discovery. Our research is so new, so innovating and refreshingly novel, that you will not find anything like this anywhere else, except maybe some copies of this original material on other websites.



The Northern hemisphere was once covered with a massive icecap. In this animation we show two crustal spin positions of the Earth. When we examine how this icecap was located, it was non-symmetric relative to our current pole position. On the left the current spin axis and on the right is the spin axis on Greenland. Which one looks more logical to you? Why was Russia not entirely covered? That is because the spin axis was on Greenland, at the center point of the massive, former glaciers. We have confirmed with data analysis of ancient structures that the crust has been massively deformed over the last 500,000 years. The spin axis has migrated five times over the last 500,000 years. An event that science has called “glaciation cycles”. Our research has profound consequences for many of the scientific dogmas. The Greenland ice sheet is the last remnant of a series of crustal deformations. That is the reason why it is still there and why it melts very slowly. 

Some people are shocked by the vast array of facts that supports this new mathematical model. They simply deny that there is any evidence for this to be true and go on with their lives. But who dares to deny established mathematical facts?

The facts of our new dating model are not only supported by the math itself, but also by flood myths and stories of “Visitors from the Sky”, and furthermore by scientific observations such as the orientation of ancient sites, paleomagnetic data, orbital data of the Earth, and ice core data. All data is pointing in only one compelling direction. There is no escape, there is no place to hide from this conclusion.

Most people are even more shocked when they discover which time frames we are talking about. While we have all been conditioned to think in terms of a few thousand years, here we are in fact considering a period of over 350,000 years.

If you are wondering … The pyramids of Giza belong to the youngest ancient structures on this planet. They are the crowning achievement of very advanced civilizations that once spanned the entire planet.


Simplicity is the Key – How the Method Works

Our dating method explores the orientation of pyramids and temples spread all around the world and combines their orientation extensions into one big mathematical geodetic pattern. When intersecting, the resulting pattern appears to form several nodes. The probability that the nodes resulting from the hundreds of intersecting orientation extensions can occur randomly has been calculated and is close to zero for each intersection node.

Because the nodes occur in a latitudinal direction, they point to drastic climate changes, and we suggest that these are due to crustal shifts. Remarkably, in every instance, we see that the nodes correlate with the temperature peaks and valleys of the last series of ice ages. And of all possible places on our planet where these nodes could show up, these massive nodes occur only around Greenland, that large island with an icecap of unknown origin. The odds for these concentrated nodal patterns to appear in the region of the last known ice ages is 1 to 256.

But when we examine these patterns more closely, we find an even rarer chance of 1 to 750,000 for these complicated physical patterns of crustal nodes and temperature changes to fit coincidentally onto each other, i.e. it is very unlikely to be a coincidence altogether.

To the contrary, it is not some statistical glitch but a very powerful mathematical “signal” from more than 900 independent ancient structures around the world – an ancient phenomenon that traditional science has completely overlooked, comparable to an encrypted message from outer space. It is time to wake up!


The Orientation of Ancient Structures is the Key to a Deeper Insight

Fig 2: Pyramids are spread all over the world. They can be found on every continent. The orientations of more than 900 ancient structures were mass-processed into a mathematical pattern, revealing the unbelievable antiquity of Lost Civilizations and the truth of our long forgotten ancient past. This conclusion is consistent with excavation/depth patterns, i.e. when archaeologists dig up ancient remains from many meters of soil, the chronostratigraphy records evidently tell that these layers are hundreds of thousands of years old. Clearly, geology and archaeology are separate disciplines both seemingly living in a fantasy world of their own. | © Mario Buildreps 2015-2019.


Mathematical Nodes Running Over Greenland

Of all possible places, why are these nodes running over Greenland, the large island which has a huge ice sheet of unknown origin? And if that is not enough, why do the distances between the nodes correlate with the glaciation graphs shown below? Could that all be just coincidence? It does not appear to be so. The probability that this is all the product of a random coincidental process is 0,000133%. 

It is the most profound proof for the existence of former, ancient geographic poles, revealing the true age of ancient structures. This is proof of corresponding latitudinal crustal displacements. The growing size of these clusters shows how the crust was deformed due to the displacements. The older the clusters, the larger is the extent of the deformations. Isn’t that logical?

It also explains simply and elegantly why and how the vast, thick ice sheet on Greenland was initially formed. This ice sheet on Greenland is the last remnant of the huge “ice age” sheet that once covered North America, North Europe, and partially Northern Russia. Is it not obvious now that this ice sheet will melt, and why it will melt?


Many Scientific Ideas Need to be Revised

It is now also easy to understand why CO2 lags behind on changing temperatures and why it cannot be held responsible for large climatic changes. We can now solve the many yet unsolved problems.

What many climate scientists never seem to have noticed is that Greenland is also the center point of the Laurentide ice sheet, the Innuition ice sheet, and the Scandinavian ice sheet.

As a climate scientist, to “create” an icecap on Greenland by playing with computer models with the assumption this island has never been on the geographic pole requires the strangest, most unscientific models you can imagine. Climate science has nothing to do with real science – it is a pseudoscience that mostly serves the agendas of politicians. Mainstream scientists do not dare to oppose this agenda and are afraid to lose their funding.

Our new discovery questions a host of mainstream ideas regarding history, paleontology, archaeology, climatology, and geology. Mathematics, as the Queen of Science, does not care about ideas built on material “evidence”. Math is the only immutable truth wherever you are, whatever you do, whatever you believe, and no matter how much mathematics is hated or feared. Mathematics can show us that most generally accepted ideas, from history to geology, are based on corrupted science, i.e. wrong belief systems.


Mathematical Signal That the North Pole Migrated in Relation to Ancient Structures

Fig 3: This simulation shows a deep correlation between ancient pyramids and temples spread all over the world. Billions of complex calculations revealed this point cloud that we have projected over a sphere. The clustering around Greenland is clearly visible. Greenland was once on the North pole, and that is the reason it has an icecap. That is also the reason why it is now melting. This powerful mathematical discovery or “signal” shows how deep this pure and profound theory actually goes, veritable light years beyond the current materialistic paradigm. 40.6% of the ancient sites appear to be related to ancient geographic poles. Their typical orientation patterns join together in an area of only 2% in such a way that they follow the rhythm of the ice ages. The odds for this pattern to be the product of coincidence is unimaginably small. | © Mario Buildreps 2015-2019.


Ice Ages Were Crustal Displacements

Our new holistic, completely mathematical paradigm provides a working hypothesis dealing with Humanity’s ancient history in relation to the Earth. It does not leave a single doubt regarding the unbelievable truth of mankind’s antiquity and finally, it explains virtually all the ancient mysteries. Deluges were no myths; they were caused by crustal displacements. Science has, in fact, found the ultimate evidence for these events in the ice cores of Antarctica, but it failed to interpret them correctly, and claimed that they were “ice ages”.

It is also crucial to realize that not all ancient buildings were oriented to an ancient geographical pole. We found that more than 37.3% of ancient buildings are not aligned to one of the nodes. Isn’t that entirely normal? After all, we do not live in a perfect world. Not all ancient architects oriented their structures to the cardinal directions, but the majority chose to do so and thus they left an indelible and important message for us.

Did you ever ask yourself: “Why is Greenland Covered in Ice?” Scientists have tried to solve this question for many decades and, without actually making any serious progress, they tumble over one another with the wildest ideas, because, with the assumption that the earth crust was static over the past several hundreds of thousands of years, it is an impossible task. Nevertheless, we have proven with our new dating method that the crust has crept exclusively in the latitudinal direction over extended periods of time when the Earth was in high eccentric orbit around the Sun, while Antarctica, strangely enough, did not move and remained at a fairly stable position.

That is why the graph of Earth’s eccentric orbit around the Sun fits so perfectly over the glaciation graph (Fig 12). Science still has no clue why this is so. The large rotational variations (and tidal oscillation) of the Earth during high eccentric orbits (as is the case with our Moon) generated a perpendicular reaction force which, when large enough, caused the crust to crawl and deform in the southerly latitudinal direction over extended periods of time.

Our rationality has profound consequences on our grasp of ancient history, as you will see. Humanity, as well as the ancient sites, are much more ancient than we ever imagined.


Ancient Buildings Working as a Compass

Imagine that you are going to build a home on the heath, in the middle of nowhere. Your new home is going to be square or rectangular. What will make you decide its orientation? The Cardinals? To the Sun? Or something else? What could this something else possibly be? That’s not quite relevant for an ordinary home but how would you orient an astronomical observatory? That is when such a question would become relevant. 

Many architects will align their project according to the Cardinals when they have enough space to do so – and some do not. There are as many reasons as there are architects, ranging from spatial planning to natural environmental factors like mountains or rivers. That is how this simple (although mathematically complex) method works – it can reveal some deeply hidden aspects of very ancient civilizations.

It is generally believed that no advanced structure-building humanoids existed when Earth was in the middle of a series of ice ages spanning the past hundreds of thousands of years. How do we know that is true? Because there is no “evidence”?

Let us be clear about the nature of evidence. Have you ever seen evidence that was not overthrown by other, newer evidences? When dimensions and measurements such as kilos, Newtons, meters, seconds, Joules, and so on are involved in your primary evidence, it is likely that this will be overthrown one day by other “standards” serving as evidence.


Orientation is Dimensionless

What is orientation? It is dimensionless, hence purely mathematical, and not materialistic. For example, 90° = ½π and 180° = π, and so on. With the location it is likewise, namely, we have solely degrees or Pi – and this means that there are no materialistic units attached to it. By defining ancient buildings like this, the ancient builders show us a way to an ultimate and undiscovered truth: our real history.

Once you have completely grasped this concept, a whole new world will unfold to you!

We have found that ancient buildings, like pyramids and temples, frequently have orientations that relate to cardinal points (like a compass), especially because we processed them in large numbers. The patterns are overwhelming and they instantaneously prove the correlation between ancient structures and glaciation cycles. Our conclusion has been that Glaciation cycles are caused by latitudinal crustal shifts, thereby resulting in “ice ages”.


Examples of Orientations

Fig 4: A square or rectangular building like a pyramid has four sides. We can define the orientation of such a building in a unique way, so as not to discriminate one side over another. This would be 45 degrees clockwise or 45 degrees counterclockwise. As you will see, orientation reveals a very powerful mathematical way to describe the relationship of ancient structures with respect to Earth’s shifting crust and the rise and fall of glaciation cycles, and ultimately of long-forgotten civilizations. | © Mario Buildreps 2015-2019.


Why Satellite Footage is Preferred Over Field Work

Fig 5: The intersection points of the orientation of these two structures, both facing North (cardinally oriented), is on the current geographic North pole. They belong to the same contemporary time frame. We have performed a massive data research to more than 900 of these ancient monuments and what we have found has stunned even the most seasoned skeptics. | © Mario Buildreps 2015-2019.

We are now able to prove the age of pyramids and other such structures solely by their orientation, without digging into the ground or putting even one step on a pyramid. That is the difference between materialistic sensory-based science and mathematics.

How is this research done? By mass-processing the orientation and location of ancient buildings, we were able to determine the rough time frame in which certain structures were built. The correlation between orientation and age has profound importance, as you will see.

In this area of research, one decade of satellite footage has been more constructive than centuries of digging. Although it might be necessary for other scientific disciplines to dig up the foundations from under thick layers of soil, for our purposes, examining satellite footage is preferred to digging.


Why We Need an Intersection Line

When we want to find the geodetic intersection point of the orientation of two randomly-picked structures that are non-cardinally oriented, there is a large chance that this intersection point will not reveal anything significant because the intersection point can be located anywhere on the globe. Such an endeavor is probably not likely to reveal anything fruitful.

For example, it is easy to verify that the intersection points of the pyramids of Giza and the pyramid of Ping of Han in China intersect each other on the current geographical North pole (fig. 5). We simply know what this means; they were meant to be oriented in this way. But what about the 85% of non-cardinally oriented structures?

Can we do the same with two structures that are oriented with a seemingly arbitrary angle? For example: can we do that with Teotihuacan and the Great Ziggurat of Ur? The intersection points of these two are 35.050N, 93.675W. What could we possibly find here? In fact, nothing of importance as far as we can tell. Hence, there is no way to even suspect that connecting these two different structures via their intersecting lines could have something in common. Or perhaps, more importantly, we have no idea why they were “uncardinally” oriented in the first place. No archaeologist can tell you why Teotihuacan or the Great Ziggurat of Ur are oriented in their own unique way.

Intersecting lines are neutral, so to speak – they represent a purely mathematical entity and have no meaning until they are correlated to each other by processing many hundreds of additional intersecting lines from other structures and then tabulating the resulting data.


How the Intersection Line is Determined

Fig 6: This picture shows in one view how the intersection line runs from pole to pole along a rough reference line of 47.1W. The intersection point has been calculated at 73.2N, 47.1W. Because we now have two points, we can draw a connecting line. This line runs from the current North pole through the location of a previous pole. The point cloud of Fig 3 played an important role to verify this outcome. | © Mario Buildreps 2015-2019.


Why the Crust Deformed Latitudinally

Some people wonder how the crust could have shifted so perfectly in the latitudinal direction along the reference line of 47.1W. In fact, it did not shift perfectly along this line. It moved in an irregular pattern along a rough latitudinal path over a period of hundreds of thousands of years. The crust moved latitudinally because it obeys Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion, exemplified by a spinning top reacting perpendicularly (at right angles) to its causative force. The causative force is the Sun’s oscillating “pull” during high eccentric orbits. That is why the glaciation patterns and eccentricity (part of Milankovitch’s cycles) correlate perfectly with each other.

As stated, the crust did not shift equally. It was heavily deformed while Antarctica hardly moved. The Pacific was stretched while the Atlantic was compressed. That is why these parts look the way they do. The Earth’s crust appears to be much more active than Geologists always assumed.

Shown below in Fig 14, you will find illustrations indicating the Poles I to VI with red dots. The size of the red dot grows with the age of the pole. The path of the pole is defined by the sizes of the red dots, so that is not perfectly a straight line, but clearly roughly in the latitudinal direction.

The reasons for the red dots to become larger is because of the growing uncertainties of defining a pole within a certain diameter, i.e. the crust has invariably been seriously deformed due to the crustal displacements.


Orientations on Both Hemispheres are Fundamentally Different


Western Hemisphere

Fig 7: This unique graph shows how ancient structures are oriented on the Western Hemisphere. They are massively positively oriented, i.e. pointing in a direction that is greater than 0 degrees (current North). There is no correlation between latitude and orientation, hence we debunk the possible claim that they were “solstice”-oriented buildings. The yellow marks show the relation between solstices and latitudes. There is no correlation between contemporary solstices and orientation. The amount of ancient buildings that are positively oriented is about 16 times as high as those that are negatively oriented. The odds for this uneven distribution to be coincidental is zero or 1 to ∞. That is why we are 100% sure that this orientation depends on something that has never been discovered before – a moving geographic pole from the perspective of the crust (a moving magnetic pole leaves a completely different signature). | © Mario Buildreps 2015-2019.


Eastern Hemisphere

Fig 8: This graph shows how ancient buildings on the Eastern hemisphere are oriented. They are massively negatively oriented, i.e. pointing in a direction that is less than 360 degrees of the current North. The larger spread is caused by the much larger area (from Europe to China) in which we find the ancient buildings. The amount of ancient buildings which are negatively oriented is more than three times as high as those that are positively oriented. The odds for this uneven distribution to be the process of coincidence is close to 0%. The yellow dots marks the solstice angles for each latitude. There is also here no correlation between solstices and orientation. | © Mario Buildreps 2015-2019.


Instantaneous Proof: No Probability of Such a Spread being Coincidental

The probability that many structures, randomly spread around the world, are oriented like this is so small that it surely is not coincidental. This is why we are 100% sure that these buildings were massively oriented to one feature that is common wherever we are on Earth: a geographic pole.

The only correct conclusion is that the crust has been deformed significantly over the last 400,000 years, without geology even noticing this fact. They measured it, yes, but did not interpret it as a movement of the crust. They interpreted it as “glaciation cycles”. Logical maybe, when you believe the crust is fixed.

Strangely, geologists believe in the movement of the “invisible” magnetic field, but it is ironic that even paleomagnetism points to movements of the crust. Until now, this discipline has been attempting to repair errors and contradictions in the conventional data but without much progress. However, when we incorporate the movements of the crust in their data, the errors suddenly become much smaller, and that adds to the mountain of proof we already have. Our proof is presented to the deniers on a golden platter. Thank you for listening!

We have proof from different angles and all of them are pointing to the same unbelievable truth. Not only were the biblical cataclysms very real, but it is also indisputable that in the distant past the ancient architects pointed their structures to a very different geographical pole. Our proof goes many ways – deep down into the rabbit hole.


The Origin of Homo sapiens

We are also sure that structure building humanoids, the Homo predecessor, came originally from South America, from the region of Brazil and Peru, around 800,000 years ago, and then spread Northward. We have concluded this from the orientation patterns, with 100% certainty and accuracy.

We studied the orientation patterns in relation to the crustal shift patterns and the most probable migration routes our ancestors took. The patterns go North through Mexico, spread over the US, and then go over a land bridge across the Bering Strait into Russia, Japan, China, and the Middle East. Land bridges were everywhere across the world at that time when the ice sheets were developing on the Northern hemisphere, causing the sea levels to be significantly lower than today.

The orientation patterns we have found in the region of Iraq, Iran, and Syria clearly correlate with the periods mentioned in the Sumerian tablets, around 420,000 years ago. The details of what exactly happened are of course impossible to reconstruct, but indicators are pointing to a significant event in the “mutation” of Humanoid species. More will be published on this specific topic in our upcoming book.


Fig 9: DNA patterns of the Homo erectus family tree show correlations with orientation patterns. The “Out of Africa” hypothesis is short-sighted and based on incomplete and outdated evidence. Why did the Neanderthals, a tough, highly intelligent, and well-adapted species, become extinct? Ask yourself this simple question: If Göbleke Tepe is only 12,000 years old and is allegedly the oldest man-made monument on Earth, what were Homo sapiens then doing the rest of the time? Was Homo sapiens wandering around for over 400,000 years doing nothing and leaving no traces of significance? We have found compelling proof that Homo sapiens was in fact very active over the last 450,000 years. There is something very wrong with the dating methods of the established academia. What would be the purpose of maintaining and teaching a false paradigm? source: Nature.com | © Mario Buildreps 2015-2019.


Collective Orientation of Contemporary Buildings

Maybe you suspect that, if we do the same kind of research regarding the orientation of contemporary buildings, we could, for some odd reason, find a collective orientation that differs from North similar to the ancient buildings. But that does not appear to be the case. The collective orientation of contemporary buildings points almost exactly towards our current geographic pole, our current cardinal system.

The more data one gathers – whether in a particular region, one country, one continent, or the whole world – the more obvious it becomes that contemporary buildings have an average collective orientation toward the geographical pole. There is no contemporary culture that seems to prefer a specific orientation other than a cardinal orientation.

This large-scale investigation is part of our huge challenge to prove that ancient buildings differ largely in orientation and that this deviation has a reason: the geographic pole was at another location back then, a very long time ago. Our mathematical model completely contradicts what contemporary history books are telling us. History is about storytelling and has really nothing to do with reality.

We built a random location generator for every continent and generated a list of 392 contemporary buildings with their location and their respective orientation. When we compiled their collective orientation, they all pointed to our current geo pole within ±0.5°. This proves that, when we add up the orientation of large numbers of independent buildings, they will always point to their geographic pole.


Fig 10: The collective of the orientations of 392 contemporary buildings points almost exactly to our current geographic pole. The large deviation alone between contemporary buildings and ancient buildings proves mathematically that ancient buildings were oriented to another geographical pole location. Never before, has anyone ever done this kind of research, in this manner and on this scale. | © Mario Buildreps 2015-2019.


What is the Time Frame for These Ancient Poles?

The interpretation of this whole new view on ancient times is that, when the crust shifts (along with its pole) in the latitudinal direction, it causes a new glaciation cycle.

Most researchers, even the most controversial ones, keep sticking to a time frame of a few thousand years. They have never dared to even think in terms of hundreds of thousands of years. That is why the countless ancient structures, as well as all the ancient myths, remain shrouded in mystery.

Our new dating method sheds a completely different light on our history and provides an opportunity to explain most of the mysteries that no one has ever solved before. There are simply too many dating mysteries around the world that scholars like to compress into less than 10,000 years, which is, according to our intense research, completely irrational. The amount of labor necessary to build all these tens of thousands of structures in a few thousand years was simply not present. That is another indicator that the official timelines are incorrect.

Which mysteries are we talking about here? You would have to continuously juggle a long, long list of mysterious sites in your mind to realize the sheer magnitude of our ancient past, such as:

  • Why do we find hundreds of pyramids all around the planet?
  • Why do we find thousands of dolmens all around the planet?
  • What about Puma Punku, Sacsayhuaman, Teotihuacan, Göbekli Tepe? There are literally thousands of these ancient monuments, all over the world.
  • What about the Nazca lines?
  • Have we ever unanimously solved how the pyramids of Giza were built, not to talk about when and why? And if you think that you have solved one of these enigmas, stop cheering, because you have only solved a tiny fraction of the whole mystery.
  • Have you ever heard of the mysterious Kailasa temple? If you have solved Giza, try to solve this one.
  • What about Baalbek, Mount Shoria (Russia), Stonehenge, Carnac, Easter Island, and Yonaguni?
  • How did they produce, move, and position megaliths weighing some 1000 metric tons? With the power of the mind, or with brute technology?
  • What about the underground city of Derinkuyu in Turkey? How and why was that built?

And that list is just one grain of sand in a whole mountain of sand. Keep that in mind!

To prove the correct timeline of any one of these mysteries requires more than only educated guesses and vague hypotheses. To even begin to solve these ancient enigmas requires more than hopping from one idea to the next. It requires a deep understanding of mathematics. With our new dating method, we have developed sufficient mathematical proof to support the claim for our enormously stretched timeline.


Why Ice Ages Were Latitudinal Crustal Deformations

Fig 11: When the crust shifted in the latitudinal direction, you will invariably find large temperature swings in the ice core data, and when the data correlates, the data matches because of a latitudinal crust shift and not a temperature change. One of the aspects of this discovery is that Antarctica remained at a fairly stable position over the last million years while the rest of the crust was heavily deformed.  | Public Domain


The Mayan, Aztec, and Inca Cultures Are Much Older

The Mayan, Aztec, and Inca cultures are much older than scholars always told us. Why did these cultures suddenly disappear? Scholars have never found a credible explanation for the rapid disappearance of these highly developed cultures, except mythos tales, opinions, and just ideas.

For example: When scholars claim that a certain civilization abandoned a city in the 9th century AD, they are actually talking about the people who used the cities, not about the people who actually built the cities. There is quite a difference.

Because their pyramids are predominantly oriented towards a different older North pole, the cultures who built them must also have experienced destructive crustal shifts, throwing them back into the “stone age”. It would be very difficult to survive such a catastrophe.

It appears that especially these Mayan, Aztec, and Inca root cultures are amazingly older than was always assumed. According to our research, the oldest traces go back to over 700,000 years! These cultures are the root of the human civilization as we know it. The Out-of-Africa theory appears to be highly incorrect.


How the Rough Data Corresponds to the our Intersection Clusters

Fig 12: The intersection clusters that we found at the beginning of 2016 showed a very tight correspondence with the temperature swings of the last glaciation cycles. The degree of temperature change corresponds one on one with the amount of shift from XS to XL. The odds for these patterns to fit coincidentally is only 1 to 3,125 (including Pole VI). It is not difficult to see that very high eccentricity caused two consecutive shifts. It is easy to see how well eccentricity (part of Milankovitch’s cycles) and ice ages correlate with each other. There is only 0.03% chance that this correlation is unimportant. Note that science has never done anything with this simple obvious observation. Our search for much more data on ancient structures has progressed a long way since 2016. | © Mario Buildreps 2015-2019.


How to Interpret Glaciations

The temperatures on Earth depend on the latitude where you are. It is crucial to understand that you can interpret a glacial period in two ways:

  1. The classical view: During a glaciation, the geo pole was where it currently is, so the crust endured no shifts or deformations, but the temperature changed nevertheless. Which mechanism caused this glaciation is still unexplained. Geologists who believe that the Milankovitch cycles were the cause of the ice ages are parroting unexamined beliefs. We have never seen any calculations that prove this assumption to even be correct. This shows that Geology is one of the many branches of mainstream pseudoscience. Earth is a sphere, and will always receive the same amount of solar energy, no matter how the sphere is rotated towards the Sun. The climate will show ripples of about ±1.4°C, but these changes are caused by varying Solar activity.
  2. The new view: A glaciation was caused by a crustal shift or heavy crustal deformations. Collected ice core data shows that the amount of crustal shift corresponds to the temperature change of the glaciation cycle. The crustal shift moved the cold North pole region to a warmer region and a warmer region to the polar region. When geologists examine the phenomenon with the assumption that the crust was fixed, the findings are interpreted as a global cooling down, which in fact never happened. The temperatures will of course return to “normal” after a period of tens of thousands of years and balance is once again restored. The crustal ‘crawling’ was caused by a highly eccentric orbit of the Earth around the Sun. That is why the patterns of eccentricity and glaciation so strikingly match together. The crustal shifts happened very slowly – between 15 to 35 meters average per year, depending on the rate of eccentricity. The crawling process proceeds over periods spanning tens of thousands of years but has a clear start and stop periods. We still have a long way to go in our understanding how exactly this works, and why the crust moved along this path. Paleomagnetic records show correlations with the crawling crust. Other evidence is obvious: high dust concentrations in the atmosphere during the crawling process due to very heavy volcano eruptions. The geological patterns are clear, and the mathematical proof from the orientations of ancient sites removes all doubts. Humanity was thrown back into a new Stone Age.

When the crust shifts, the temperature changes in that specific “ice age” clearly correspond with the temperature differences at the latitudes of pole locations in different time frames. This they certainly do, as we will show further down in this article.


The Impact of this new Dating Method

Our methodology permits the dating of ancient cultures (pyramid builders of yore) in a more reliable manner, via the orientations of their structures, which in turn can be related to a glaciation cycle. Every glaciation cycle stands for an era. However, there are structures that do not match up with one of the former poles. Dating these structures requires a thorough investigation by using the path of the pole since it is possible these structures were built during periods of crustal unrest. Many structures have been dated by us, as you can see summarized below.

They say that every ice age is caused by an alleged cooling period. “Alleged” because the classical view dictates that the crust is fixed. Polar ice sheets that have been shifted to warmer regions will cool that region, and the ice sheets will start to melt very slowly. Melting takes place over a period of many thousands of years. The warmer region that shifted to the pole now becomes cold as well. The melting energy must be provided by the two Gulf Streams that transport the energy from the equator to the icecaps (in accordance with the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics). That is why there are a warm Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic Drift running close to Greenland – and they are necessary to restore energy balance.

True to the tenets of Occam’s Razor, our new methodology provides an easy-to-understand explanation for glaciation, ancient history, and crustal geology – in the simplest possible way and with the fewest assumptions.


Gathered and Analyzed Data

Ancient Pyramids, Temples, Sites and Constructions900+
Found Orientation Clusters (Polar Nodes)5


Results of the Data Analyses – All in One Graph

Fig 13: The analysis of our full data set delivered spectacular results. The probability percentages are almost 100%. We can also see, that the latitudes/temperature variations correspond closely with the large fluctuations of the glaciation cycles over the last 450,000 years. The odds for the distributions of Orientation Clusters to fit so seamlessly on the glaciation graphs (Fig 12) is 1 to 750,000. | © Mario Buildreps 2015-2019.
Fig 14: Four former poles are mathematically proven, but the oldest known former pole (Pole VI at 42.5N) needs more confirmation. This oldest and yet unproven pole is mainly substantiated by Sumerian and Peruvian sites. The amounts of shift A through E correlate with the temperature changes of the last series of ice ages. | © Mario Buildreps 2015-2019.


Why did the Crust Shift in this Direction?

The most probable path of the pole is in the southerly latitudinal direction. It follows the basic principles of physics and is like the reaction of a spinning top on an external force; it reacts at 90 degrees to the direction of its rotation, and that is why the crust shifted as we propose in our hypothesis.

The dynamics, in this case, are the large tidal forces when Earth is in a high eccentric helical orbit around the Sun. The interconnectedness is further explained in our article: ”Lost Civilizations and Earth Crust Shifts”.

As we show in Fig 12 follow the highs and lows exactly the same rhythm as the distances between the Poles I to V. The probability that two independent relatively simple patterns match is quite small: 1 to 256. The likelihood that we look at a coincidental match is less than 0.4%.

But if we incorporate the natural temperature variations due to varying sun activity (Fig 16), we see that the patterns match even more accurately. And for these much more complex patterns to match coincidentally is very small: 1 to 750,000. Thus we have found the most probable cause for ice ages. These were not precipitated by changes in CO2 levels but by crustal deformation cycles. CO2 is just a proxy that lags behind on the crustal deformation cycles.


Five Geographic Poles: Mathematically Proven

Fig 15: This animation shows how the crustal displacements relate to the glaciation graphs. The relation between the size and extent of the shifts and the large temperature swings is 99.99987%. This is the mathematical proof of multiple crustal shifts in the ancient past. Note that the time between the stable poles, the duration of crustal deformations, stretches out over tens of thousands of years. The deformation process is very slow. | © Mario Buildreps 2015-2019.


The Time Frame & Shortlist of Ancient Structures

PolePyramids, Sites, Temples
I: 0 – 26,000 years agoBorobudur, Konark Sun Temple, Temple of Horus, Pyramids of Giza, Tomb of Emperor Ping of Han
26,000 – 130,000Period of crustal deformation: Pole II to Pole I
II: 130,000 – 155,000 years agoBabylon, Prasat Phum Prasat, Uxmal (Pyramid of the magician), El Mirador, Ka’ba-ye Zartosht
155,000 – 210,000Period of crustal deformation: Pole III to Pole II
III: 210,000 – 225,000 years agoTeotihuacan, Pompeii (temples), Carnac, Edzna, Tomb of Emperor Zhao of Han, Antipatris
225,000 – 240,000Period of crustal deformation: Pole IV to Pole III
IV: 240,000 – 270,000 years agoYagul, Kuara (Sumer), Great Kyz Kala, El Castillo (Chichen Itza), Pyramid of Koh-Ker
270,000 – 330,000Period of crustal deformation: Pole V to Pole IV
V: 330,000 – 345,000 years agoTomb of Three Kings of Zhou, Der (Sumer), Nohoch Mul pyramid (Cobá), Caral, Madinet Habu temple, Borsippa (Sumer)
345,000 – 410,000Period of crustal deformation: Pole VI to Pole V
VI: 410,000 – 440,000 years agoNineveh (Sumer), Sippar (Sumer), Eridu (Sumer), Pyramids of Cochasqui (No. 5, 9, 14), Huaca del Sol, Zabala (Sumer), Caral


Why Ice Ages Were Earth Crust Deformations

Fig 15: This graph shows us with a very high degree of certainty which timeframe we are dealing with regarding crustal shifts. The natural temperature swings of Earth’s temperature (green areas) have to be filtered out to find the magnitude of the crustal shift. Note that the amount of natural temperature variation varies by 2.8 degrees Celsius (±1.4°). Varying Sun activity is the most likely cause of this discrepancy. The odds for this correlation to be coincidental is 1 to 750,000. Although there is still much research to be done, we have foud profound mathematical proof for the most likely timeframe for the deformation processes of the crust. | © Mario Buildreps 2015-2019.

The Average Temperature Gradient

Important to note is that the average temperature gradient of 0.576°C per degree latitude that you find in Fig 15 is calculated based on the surface area to which the specific temperature belongs. For example, at the poles it is very cold but the surface areas of the poles are very small compared to that of the equator. Hence, the poles are not significantly contributing to the so-called ΔT, the temperature differences.

The reason why these temperature gradients are used this way in our research is that the temperature reconstructions from the ice cores use a similar method. In fact, here we transform the data from the ice cores and we recalculate them into a latitudinal displacement of the crust.

When we subtract the natural temperature variations, 2.8°C, from the peaks and valleys in the ice age graphs, we find the remaining crustal deformations of the last major events. In all cases, they are matching with temperature gradients between two adjacent subsequent poles. The chance for such a match to occur coincidentally in such a complicated set of patterns is 1 to 750,000. We are sure we have found the correct time frame.


The Crust is More Dynamic Than Often Believed

We have processed a large amount of data to calculate and prove the position of the former poles, and to calculate the reliability of this new theory.

It is crucial to realize that Antarctica hardly moved its position at the South pole, while Greenland was catapulted over the pole. When we look at the Pacific, we are looking at a huge uninterrupted plate that has been stretched due to the deformations. This is why there is no longer a continent in the Pacific. Australia was ripped off from Antarctica. Zealandia became submerged in the massive stretch movement.

When we look at the other side of the globe, we see that the opposite happened. A massive compression took place. This resulted in the spreading of the continents, a crack in the middle of the Atlantic, and the resulting movement of Greenland over the pole towards the equator. The timescale of these large deformations is much shorter than geologists ever realized. Yes, there are tectonic forces and the tectonic plates move towards each other or away from each other. But there is clearly another force present that geologists have never recognized.

The Earth is apparently much more dynamic than we ever thought. Our book (in progress) deals extensively with this subject because, although crucial, it is hard to grasp. When it comes to crustal deformations, the earth seems to behave sometimes like a flat plane; in other words, the Earth is a sphere that behaves sometimes as if it is flat. Compare it with a photon; it can behave like a particle or like a wave, depending which characteristics you are studying.


Our Data Shows how the Motion Mechanics of the Crust Works

The orientation of the foundations of ancient buildings, especially because they were processed in large numbers, gave profound insights into ancient times.

Ice age graphs correspond to the eccentricity of Earth’s orbit over the last 800,000 years. The chance for these two graphs to correspond to each other coincidentally is 0.00069% or 1 to 145,000. It shows that we must look here (eccentric orbit) for the root cause of ice ages and nowhere else.

When we dive into the motion mechanics of large celestial objects, we see mainly two things happening:

  • eccentricity causes variations in the rate of rotation of the minor object (in this case the Earth). The inner parts of the Earth are much heavier than the crust, hence they will react less intensely to tidal forces of the Sun.
  • tidal forces vary annually (in case of Earth). The larger the eccentricity, the larger the tidal variations. At perihelion, the Sun “pulls” hardest on Earth, almost egg-shaping the Earth. At aphelion, the Sun “pulls” less on the Earth. At an eccentricity of between 0.03 and 0.05, these annual forces can vary up to about 26%, putting the Earth’s different layers under varying amounts of stress.

From this we can quite easily understand what happens: a corresponding latitudinal reaction force is born. Compare it with a spinning top that reacts perpendicular to an external force applied to it. This reaction force drives the lightest and topmost parts of the Earth, the crust, to crawl perpendicularly to the sense of rotation during high eccentric orbital periods around the Sun.

The data indicate with a very high degree of certainty that former poles, namely former poles II, III, and IV existed on Greenland during the most recent ice ages. The crust has continued to move not just slightly, it moved significantly. It moved 38 degrees of latitude over the last 330,000 years (from pole IV to the present pole). The crust ticks like a clock on eccentricity.


The Moving Crust Turns Everything Upside Down

The whole crust in the region of Greenland was heavily deformed – leaving Antarctica surprisingly stable at its current position – and Greenland moved over the geographic North pole between 330,000 and 110,000 years ago in two shifts, meaning that Greenland has three former geo pole locations. To illustrate: This is like three fence posts having two spaces between posts. The Greenland ice sheet is a result of this era, and that is why it is so heavily covered with ice and is melting now.

Earth crust shifts do not happen overnight. They are slow, unstoppable processes that take place over extended periods of time. The most violent, swift crustal shifts took place over a period of about 15,000 years and the slowest ones happened over a period of about 100,000 years. But it is a period of constant turmoil, megaquakes, sloshing oceans, volcano eruptions, tsunamis, and a changing climate due to the shifting latitude and sliding earth crusts. Sea levels have changed repeatedly over many tens of thousands of years and will again fall or rise depending on the position of new geographic poles. Whether the pole is in the ocean or on land makes a world of difference in the formation of ice sheets.

An Earth crust shift is not the spectacular event that many people think it is. It is a massive, slow, environmentally disruptive, extremely powerful deformation process of the crust, which forced many of the ancient peoples to migrate to safer places. It also caused massive extinctions of the Human population which we now call “lost civilizations”. The reasons for these huge changes have been right under our noses and we collectively fail to recognize them.


The Probability that our Whole Theory is Correct

The probability (chance) that temperature changes during the last ice ages accidentally correspond to our found mathematical hot spots is 1 to 746,496 or 0.000134%. It is therefore for more than 99.99987% certain that the following facts are true:

  • the crust is heavily deformed in the latitudinal direction;
  • Antarctica remained (almost) stable at its current position;
  • the crustal shifts relate to ice ages in that specific order and magnitude;
  • ancient structures were oriented to these former geo North poles;
  • a high eccentric orbit around the Sun is the cause of crustal shifts or deformations;
  • Greenland’s ice sheet was formed by being repeatedly found at four different successive North pole locations, and that its massive ice sheet will eventually melt because it has moved to a place of ‘moderate’ temperatures;
  • CO2 lags behind on temperature changes and is therefore not the (main) cause of temperature changes.


Antiquity Reborn – a Scientific Battlefield

Our new mathematical crustal displacement hypothesis will eventually prevail and change the way science looks at our history and persuade them to accept the truth of what happened with the Earth’s crust. It will have a deep impact on the current climate models once the method is validated and recognized by the mainstream “gate-keepers” as true and valid. Of course, it will probably take many decades for this theory to mature. Much energy is being expended to further develop our present theory and rapid progress is being made.

Increasing numbers of knowledgeable scientists are surprised and amazed by our new dating theory – the genie is out of the bottle.

An example of just one of the many profound implications this theory might have: how much chance is there that paleomagnetism, which is a highly technical and well-funded discipline, develops a correct and valid theory anytime soon? Not very much – but why is that?

Because mainstream Geology stubbornly ignores and dismisses the possibility of a slow latitudinal crawling crust during high eccentric orbits of the Earth around the Sun. These crustal movements would also leave traces in the magnetizable sediments, and in fact, destroy the patterns that geologists hoped to obtain. That is why this discipline has never come to one overall acceptable view of the movements of the magnetic pole. There is no way to recognize from the samples alone what has moved: the core, the crust or both. Because the magnetic core obviously moves, it is therefore not the only variable that left traces.

Geology is not the only unlucky discipline that stumbled into the crosshairs of our new method. The same goes for paleontology, archaeology, climate science, and the Nobel Prize winner Willard Libby with his 14C dating method. All these systems and methods appear to be based on corrupted ideas. They have turned our world into a labyrinth of denials and lies. And that is ultimately due to the empiricist materialists employed by “Big Money” who deny the invisible substances of life – called the Noumena or the Logos – because they cannot see it.

Our book, which is currently in the making under the working title “Antiquity Reborn”, will turn many generally accepted paradigms into dust; not by swinging words of accusation at anyone, but by using mathematics in a way most people will understand and accept as valid.

Aside from all the proof necessary to show what happened in the distant past, our book will provide a framework to develop a new look at lost civilizations, and what really happened to them. It will also help us understand who we are and what our roots are. It will solve many mysteries and unite many scientific disciplines while probably raising many new questions at the same time.


© 2015 – 2019 by Mario Buildreps et al.



Proofreading and editing: J.B. (updated January 2019)


Contact: buildreps@gmail.com


64 Responses

  • Kirk

    Come across your site while doing some “pursuing” of information on Giza pyramids. I am a scientist that loves graphs. The statistical analysis of your data is great — it would be great if you could have another group do the same “experiment” with the same sites and see if they come up with the same pole locations. I have a question and a comment:
    Question: In discussing poles movement, sometimes it sounds as if you are saying Greenland moved over the pole, but it seems to me that you are trying to say that the pole moved over (through) Greenland. That would make a lot more sense as it would “fit” all current theories of plate tectonics and how Greenland as “moved” over the past 400,000 years. It would also match your animation comparing the spin axis of the earth and the relation of the extent of glaciation during the last ice age. I would not see it affecting the thought of Antartica being at the “south pole” as all south poles to your north poles end up on Antartica except for pole V which ends up not too far off the coast of Antartica.
    Comment: It is very interesting (I do not think it is purely coincidental) that if one looks at the Becker-Hagens UVG grid system, all of your proposed poles match essentially exactly to line crossings with the exception of pole IV which you have at 64 degrees and the Hagen lines cross is at 67 degrees….For 5 locations to line up so exactly cannot be pure coincidence.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for your comment, Kirk. Anyone with sufficient knowledge of mathematics will reproduce similar results. We are looking forward to serious attempts. Greenland was indeed “catapulted” over the spin axis while the spin axis on Antarctica hardly changed position. That is no mistake as seen from our perception. It is the 1% mass of the crust that has been deformed over the 99% mass of the inner earth layers, hence moved Greenland over the spin axis and not vice versa. The spin axis of the earth as a whole does not change significantly. Crustal deformations, changes in crustal mass distribution, might have caused some additional wobbling on top of already present woblling.

      The latitudinal movements of the Northern spin axis is imprinted in the ice sheet of Antarctica as a proxy. The closer the samples are taken to the South pole the better. Vostok is one of the best locations for that. Any changes in the location of the Northern spin axis relative to the southern spin axis will be “registered” in the ice sheets on the southern spin axis as a temperature mark. That is because both poles are very sensitive to temperature changes due to their relative small area.

      In this article we have explained some of our ideas how this disproportionate displacement could have been caused. In combination with a high eccentric orbit, which caused large (on an annual basis) gravitational oscillations, we might have found the mechanism for crustal deformations other than the classical plate tectonics. Plate tectonics alone does not sufficiently explain this mechanism. Plate tectonics does not even explain geology’s own isochronic ocean floor map. We propose the massive deformation is caused by cycles of “growing pains” in combination with high eccentric orbit. This combination “knocks” the crust out of balance and causes deformation cycles over periods of tens of thousands of years.

      The Becker-Hagens UVG grid system indeed matches almost the poles I, II and III and V. The grid does indeed not match pole IV. It must be said that the Becker-Hagens UVG grid system is quite dense which means that it easily matches anything we are looking for. It is nevertheless interesting indeed. A 4 out of 5 match (80%) is relatively high and it looks to be too coincidental to be unimportant.

      Best wishes,

      Mario and team

      Becker Hagens UVG Grid System

  • Alan

    I have been independently attempting to verify your coordinates and angles and they appear to be mostly consistent with the results that I’m seeing as well. The approach that I’m using is to select the structures that you mention on Google Earth, use the ruler tool to measure the angle and the cursor to determine the center of the structure. I have Google Earth configured to use the decimal coordinate system and am using the following formula to calculate 10,000 coordinates at 1nm increment and generating a KML file. The result is that the lines cross where you show in your images:

    lat/lon/tc(true course or angle) are in radians and distance is radian distance (distance in nm*pi/(180*60)); 1nm is approximately 1 minute: earth’s circumference is approximately 21,600 nm, or 360 * 60. The formula listed shortcuts 2*pi/360 as pi/180.

    lat =asin(sin(lat1)*cos(d)+cos(lat1)*sin(d)*cos(tc))
    lon=mod( lon1-dlon +pi,2*pi )-pi

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for your interesting comment and your verification work, Alan. How many structures did you use? Can you provide a link to your pics?

  • peter wareing

    Hi Mario, amazing ideas that really inspire thought – keep up the good work – can’t wait for the book!
    I wondered if there was any update – increased/decreased confirmation of Pole Vl.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Peter, thank you for your comment. The book is in progress and will still take some time to complete. We cannot prove Pole VI yet, unfortunately.

  • Lucy Holliday

    I cannot wait for your book to come out !

  • Dear Mario
    I am sorry to trouble you, but somewhere on your site was a diagram of the moon phases around Stonehenge. I copied it as I found it fascinating and also answered my question about 18.5 years. But my computer hasn’t picked it up please could you tell me where it is. I have always believed we were here before. Best

    • Mario Buildreps

      You can find that in the video below in the article about Stonehenge: https://mariobuildreps.com/purpose-stonehenge/
      Moon phases are pretty complicated, and we have called the extremes Lunastices. There are no diagrams in the article of the moon phases, because that is useless. Stonehenge was pointed towards Pole IV hence it was located at another latitude, between 63 and 64 degrees latitude. At this latitude is there a phenomenon indeed once in every 18.5 years that is called the Major Lunar Standstill. At these occasions are the Lunastices more extreme than usual. At Stonehenge’s original latitude (between 63 and 64) was there an unusual phenomenon to be witnessed; that of a moon that circles around the site without setting completely. The latitude just below the polar circle is still a latitude where this happens every 18.5 years and is the lowest latitude where this can be witnessed.

  • Derrick Baragwanath

    Hello again Mario. Thank you for your informative response to my question on Hotspots. If I may, I have two further questions. You have observed that the pole position over Antarctic has not moved to the same degree as over the Arctic. You also commented that you believed this was due to compression in the Atlantic and stretch in the Pacific. Now my questions: Firstly, how far and in what direction do you believe the Antarctic Pole shifted in the last 350,000 years? Secondly, could the compression in the Atlantic have been caused by the Eurasion Plate sliding under the African plate, or vice versa? If the answer to my second question is yes, this could explain the disappearance of Atlantis, if indeed the city was located west of the Pillars of Hercules, as asserted by Plato. Your thoughts on these matters.

    • Mario Buildreps

      We currently do not know for sure (yet) how to interpret the data regarding this topic. The North was very mobile, while Antarctica was fixed, that is very certain. More research is needed to find conclusive answers how and why the earth was deformed in this typical way. We suspect that the ideas of Atlantis were incorrect interpretations, as if it was one place or island, while in fact it was a global catastrophe over the course of many millenniums.

  • Hakon Blum

    Hi, I am curious as to how it could be that some say Antarctica was a lush liveable area as little as 10,000 years ago, does the data support a southern pole shift in any way?

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Hakon, it is very unlikely that Antarctica was a livable place some 10,000 years ago. Antarctica hardly changed its position on the globe over the last half million years. The so called blue ice on Antarctica is over two million years old. The data supports no significant shifts over the last half million years.

      • Mark F

        How does the Piri Reis map fit into this?

      • Mario Buildreps

        That’s hard to say, it is something we haven’t studied. A map could be the product of someone’s fantasy, like the books from Tolkien. It could be something huge after all, but a map is similar as that of stories; they are hard to prove to be true.

  • JJ Cinecoe

    Hello Mario.

    I’m fascinated by your article and work. I’m not a scientist but curious researcher of origins of humanities and ages of civilizations, including universal catastrophism theories. I fully concure with your estimates on the ages of archeological structures which appear self evident. However I also subscribe to earth’s unstable geology and abrupt disruption of climate, living organisms, and academic established norms of stability and uniformity of global established continuity of life and universal predictability. The Electric Universe (EU) is more compatible for planetary movements and solar cycles than nuclear and gravitational status quo.

    My personal question to you is how would you account for global catastrophic records in geological and glacial evidence of mass extinction events and global floods recorded in all those ancient monuments which you have studied? While I have read many stories related to global upheavals the one that has surfaced recently has a ring of historic truth in events descriptions that suggest sudden crust displacements of such magnitude that are more immediate than gradual polar displacements you have suggested.

    Here is new story I found from USA government called “story of Adam and Eve” that seems quite real and despite others confirmations from Russian academicians and EU.


    I’m just curious how you would characterize this story and its supporting research? Thank you, Jon

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for your comment, Jon. To directly answer your question. If I understand you question correctly; everything is pointing to very slow changes of the crust. There are no earthly changes that take place overnight, except maybe an asteroid impact. These changes take place very slowly over a period of many generations, tearing down developed civilizations over a course of many millenniums back into a new Stone Age. Myths and stories of lost civilizations are born, memories are lost in the mist of time.

      The usual timelines of just a few thousand years, like the ones that we also see in this recently disclosed document, are not based on science. They are based on underbelly feelings which are fed by our conditioning that Homo sapiens started to built things just a few thousand years ago. Homo sapiens is around on earth for more than 400,000 years. It needs no brilliant mind to understand that Homo sapiens was as capable 400,000 years ago as we are today – it is simply in our species and does not rely on schooling or study. Studies make us more usable in the economy. Brilliant minds on the other hand are of all time.

      The secret services do not know much more than the general public and are groping on this topic as much in the dark as everyone else. Many of the material in this document is based on research of Charles Hapgood. I love the work of Charles Hapgood (who doesn’t?), because it is original. But because his work neglects too much good scientific data it is unreliable. Most of his claims rely on just a few observations. Hapgood neglected the Milankovitch cycles completely. The ice core data from Greenland and Antarctica were not yet available. Hapgood concluded that the geo pole was at the Hudson bay and based his conclusion on magnetic pole movements. But if the crust shifts and the magnetic pole moves you cannot establish a correct position on magnetic pole movements alone – this equation simply lacks data.

      It is suggested by Hapgoods and other researchers that the crust would shifts within matters of hours, maybe a few days. There is no force present to make that happen. This timelines is simply nonsense and not supported by any well documented scientific data. The facts are that the crust has long periods of stability and long periods of instability.

  • Derrick Baragwanath

    Hello Mario. Has any work been done on the movement of Hotspots along plates, to confirm or deny your theory?

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Derrick, that is one of the many topics still on our list. There is some work done on hotspots. The most famous and clearest hotspots are those of Hawaii. The distances between the hotspots on Hawaii appear to follow the same sequence as our discovered pole sequences. The distances from Hawaii to Maui, Maui to Moloka’i, Moloka’i to O’ahu, O’ahu to Kaua’i are resp. of the same sequence as Pole I to Pole II, Pole II to Pole III, Pole III to Pole IV, and Pole IV to Pole V. The probability that the pole sequences, the glaciation sequences, and the sequences between major hotspots are coincidentally of similar size is very small. It is around 1 to 65,500 for these patterns to match all three coincidentally. We are certain that they are closely related and are thus related to the most recent glaciation cycles as well.

      This pattern of hotspot movement confirms our theory.

      The datings of the hotspots of Hawaii are probably incorrect, i.e. they are much younger. Geology presents conflicting data concerning the age of ocean floors (isochrons) and the dating of the hotspots of Hawaii, that why it is impossible for them both to be correct.

  • Roman Korvinus

    Not sure if the ley lines of the planet, of which seem to be a primary staple in regards to the pyramid location, are an accurate dissemination of planetary weather patterns. At most what this shows is that there is an electromagnetic commonality to the progression of how the planet rotates in relation to atmospheric conditions and solar activity. Does pole shifts alter this theory? Or do the travel patterns of the for mentioned pyramids shift in directions? Crossing over one another in a longer sine wave like rotation?

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Roman, we know that the ley line ideas are very popular among some alternative researchers. But these ideas are not well documented, not well researched, and are mere ad hoc visual observations. Most ancient structures are simple neglected in these researches. We do not agree with the idea that ley lines, “electromagnetic commonalities” and pyramid locations are what you call “accurate dissemination of planetary weather patterns”. We have done some research to the phenomena and found no connecting data. Yes, you can “connect the dots” if you neglect 95% of the other ancient structures. But that is of course no good research.
      No, it does not effect our research in any way. It has nothing to do with each other. Please show us one well done research supported by data and probability calculations that your assertions are accurate and maybe even true. Packing ideas in nice phrases and using fancy words does not mean ideas are necessarily true.

  • Eppicuro

    Why do you give so much importance to “academia”?

    University was invented in XI century, it is a medieval invention, a medieval thing with proud of been medieval.

    Non sense and idiot theories are the tradition in “academia”. Why don’t you calculate the % of wrong theories in the group of all “academic” theories in history of “academia”? With that numbers you will see the real value of “academia” and “academics”.

    “Academia” had the monopoly of access to the existent knowledge until internet came. That monopoly do not exist any more, we can see and learn your theory without approval of “academia”. Why do you insist in that medieval institution already outdated?

    Without the monopoly of knowledge everybody can see most of academics are simply morons, as their theories show, and % of wrong theories of “academia” demonstrate.

    So please explain your theory without these omnipresent looking for approval of “academics”. Forget the “academics” remember the ridiculousness number of wrong theories accepted and used by them.

    By the way, if the “academia” accept your theory as true the probability of that theory be wrong is much more higher, as you can see in the ratings of true theories of “academia”.

  • So many bits and pieces, I am very interested in having the puzzle pieces fit together.
    Michael Steinbrenner has a video posted to the electric universe which as merit. Brian Foerster has a video regarding the high Inca and pre-Ince structures in Peru. Archeoacoustics are dealt with in a video on Megalithomania by J Swagger.
    I’ve heard W Brown’s theory of Hydroplanes read by B Nichol. I’ve read More Than 60 Minutes by TS Niazi regarding Earth’s acquired outer core magnetic field.
    I am leaning toward a global dust cloud of massive magnetism enveloping the Earth disappearing the Moon for some time. This dust cloud settled on the Earth becoming a new lithosphere of small-grained granite, particularly in areas of highly magnetic rocks. Across the world early humans had to continually excavate their well water source producing the deep sacred wells of India. Ancient rivers disappeared forcing the humans to relocate.
    Did we draw this magnetic dust from a magnetar? Was it created by a plasma strike where energy>mass>matter? Did a sound wave shock the coatings of the pyramids to dust? Is this secondary lithosphere the reason we have deep earthquakes in the original surface that transfer to the upper surface? Did the dust create new continents in different areas but of the same shape as RobertYeahright’s video suggests? Has the magnetism once present in this dust now degraded indicting our lost knowledge?
    Lastly, the ancient Egyptians invested strongly in the preservation of Ba and kA which was unknown and unpracticed prior to the Old Kingdom which points to the time of a global catastrophe as Firestone, West, and Warwick-Smith suggest in their book the Cycle of Continuing Catastrophes.

  • Mariano Martinez

    Hello Mario, I have read your research carefully. I agree largely with the same ideas, but I wonder if in reality the orientations of the different pyramids are not really based on a certain specific latitude. For example, Chichen Itza is the 22nd run of the axis and therefore, should not we assume that the pole could have been anywhere in the 68th parallel? I think that the orientation of the different monuments may be related to a polar displacement, as you well indicate, but why not assume that what these ancient monuments actually indicate is the parallel where the pole used to be?

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Mariano, thank you for your comment. I do not understand what you mean with your example of Chichen Itza (22nd run and 68th parallel).
      I understand your reasoning and even your doubts maybe about our method. When you take a few steps back and look at how the (currently) 591 sites and monuments are oriented we see that on the Western hemisphere they are largely clockwise oriented (fig 7) and on the Eastern hemisphere they are largely counterclockwise oriented (fig 8). The probability that this is a coincidental configuration is zero percent. They apparently converge to a certain path. This path appears to be at 47.1W and runs over Greenland of all possible locations on Earth. The rhythm between the nodes appears to be following the rhythms of the ice ages. In other words there are no assumptions in our method, we only follow what the data tells us.
      When we zoom in on large sites like for example Chichen Itza we see that the individual building on the site follow exactly that same rhythm. You can read that article here: https://mariobuildreps.com/true-age-chichen-itza/

  • Tom Woods

    Excellent insights in a world of interesting probability. More people should know about you and your work.
    As a visual artist may I suggest a different set of colors for the lines to the Cardinal Structures differentiating each pole shift, for clarity.
    I find that all you say math implies, is inspiring.
    Thank-you for sharing your world view!

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for your comment and your suggestion, Tom.

  • Pete Schumacher

    Hi Mario. Your work is beyond fascinating. For those who understand statistics and correlation, what you’ve done is convincing.

    I read this paper and immediately thought of your work.
    In this paper it is shown how the solar polar magnetic fields are related to earthquake activity, and that during times of sunspot minimum like we are right now, electrical input from the solar environment causes the crust to move.
    I wonder if what they’ve discovered provides the causative forces you’ve identified in the movement of the crust.

    Keep up the good work

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Pete, thank you for your comment and the encouragement! There are indeed relations between solar activity and earthquakes. We have found a one on one relation between eccentricity and crustal deformations. The driving force is oscillating gravity.

      • John

        Can I please get a link that explains the mathematics behind the oscillating gravity phenomena? I want to understand the detailed physics behind how an eccentric orbit modifies Greenland’s crust.

      • Mario Buildreps

        There is no link. It is one of the inevitable conclusions of our research. It is not even very difficult. Eccentricity is the only phenomenon that correlates with glaciation cycles. Eccentricity comes with much gravitational variation between the revolving bodies. This gravitational force (from the sun) is an external force that interferes with the rotation of the rotating earth.
        The lightest part of the earth that also rotates the fastest, the crust, reacts the most violent on this external force and starts to crawl and deform in a direction that is perpendicular to the direction of rotation. This motion is of the same principle as that of a spinning top but then more complicated. The crust starts to deform unequally because some parts of the crust are more firmly connected to the inner layers than other parts.
        This process of one deformation cycle goes very slowly, for instance from pole III to pole II, takes place over tens of thousands of years. It is a mystery why mainstream science with all their budgets and clever minds hasn’t found this out themselves. We are, with this new discovery, decades ahead of mainstream science.

  • James Haydon

    I just saw a program on the Baltic sea island “Bornholm”, and the alignment of the various churches built during the 12th century, but based on older information. Have you ever looked at the data? One of the churches was out of total alignment by 11 feet. Any info you have would help me. It was associated with “holy blood holy grael” and the templars. The Templars did a lot of digging in the middle east around Jerusalem and I wonder if what they found there was of significance. An example was the formation of pentangles and the mathematics show that they knew the circumference of the world (world being round), when all thought the world was flat.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Jim, thank you for your comment and your support! Much appreciated. The island of Bornholm was once covered with the massive Scandinavian ice sheet. If there were ancient ruins of before the ice ages they are most probably crushed. The crust became stable around 26,000 years ago while the ice sheets retreated from that region around 12,000 years ago. It seems therefore very likely that all foundations are younger than 12,000 years. The Templars knew some of the secrets of the ancient world and that they have found artifacts of interest is beyond any doubt. They took it with them and locked it away in the dungeons of the Vatican far away from preying eyes.

      Wish you all the best,


  • Repmaj

    Olá Mario Buildreps, sua informações são excelentes.

    Faço pequenos vídeos(pouca duração), e te pergunto:

    Me autoriza copiar suas informações, e no vídeo que eu fizer, vou colocar na descrição direcionando para sua página.

    Aguardo sua resposta, caso SIM autorizando, desde já te agradeço, SENÃO, sem problemas.


    • Mario Buildreps

      No problemo, amigo. Por favor, observe-nos o que e quando você publica suas informações. O conteúdo deve ter o nosso acordo. (Eng: Please notice us what and when you publish your information. The contents must have our agreement.)

  • Sophie

    Hi Mario,
    Thank you for your very insightful website! It is amazing that mathematics can show the ancient antiquity of humankind. Ancient people were always very knowledgeable about mathematics. According to the ancient Vedic scriptures, which have a lot of mathematic formulas in them, humankind has always moved through cycles of evolution and devolution. I am not sure about the exact numbers, but according to one Puranic astronomical estimate, the four Yugas have the following durations:
    Satya Yuga equals 1,728,000 Human years
    Treta Yuga equals 1,296,000 Human years
    Dvapara Yuga equals 864,000 Human years
    Kali Yuga equals 432,000 Human years
    Different authors have interpreted these time spans in different ways.
    In the Satya Yuga, humans were gigantic, powerfully built, honest, youthful, vigorous, erudite and virtuous. Everybody was happy and saintly. There was no agriculture or mining. In the Treta Yuga, emperors began to conquer the world and agriculture and mining started. In the Dvapara Yuga, the average lifespan decreased to a few centuries. People had diseases and fought with each other. We are now in the Kali Yuga (since the year 3102 BCE), and the lifespan falls to only 70 years. It is the age of ignorance and darkness. People have become sinners and lack virtue. The environment is polluted, water and food become scarce. Family bonds deteriorate. At the end of the Kali Yuga, humans will have a height of only one meter.
    So, the Vedas are also talking about human beings living on Planet Earth since a very long time. And civilizations rise and fall, presently falling. I have read one author hypothesizing that perhaps the australopithecines were survivors of some previous Kali Yuga, thus only one meter in height and diminished in intellect. After each 4-Yuga cycle, there is a major cataclysm before the cycle starts again with the Satya Yuga. And between each Yuga there is a minor cataclysm.
    I find that your theory fits very well with the ancient wisdom of the scriptures. If modern mainstream science was more sophisticated and if scientists would leave their dogmas behind, then they would discover that the ancients knew it all along.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for your comment, Sophie. When it comes to Yugas there is only one reliable source: Yukteswar. Yukteswar explains in his book “The Holy Science” why the Vedic texts went wrong with their time frames, the time frames that you mention here. Yukteswar’s proposed cycles are in line with the precession of the equinoxes. Yukteswar’s book is not easy to read but contains tons of precious information.

      • Rajat

        Hi Mario,
        I would like to add one correction here: the time scales rejected by Sri Yukteswar are found in the Puranas, not the Vedic literature. The Vedic literature comprises the Vedas, Aranyakas, Brahmanas and the Upanishads (the Bhagavad-Gita is considered an Upanishad), whereas the Puranas were composed after the birth of Jesus. Personally speaking, I agree with everything he said about the Yuga cycles, except their time scales, which I think is 2700 years every Yuga, followed by a 300 year gap between two consecutive Yugas.

      • Mario Buildreps

        Hi Rajat, thank your for the correction and the addition.

    • katesisco

      Your comment very interesting, but if the eccentricity is the ONLY variable creating our past geographic pole movement, wouldn’t science do just what it is doing now? Ignore any cycles, but use the information in economic planning to maintain superior control of the population? They wouldn’t care about planned births or population levels as they would expect end-time cataclysms to reset to near zero and bring the recycled onset of low population? Speaking of low population, bear in mind we are a nuclear society with no way to reduce the deadly radiation, so why assume there is a cycle when it is actually humanity’s tech itself that destroys itself?

  • Terry

    MB, I have been on a recent quest for information that has taken me to the theories of Velikovsky, Sitchin and Hapgoods. Regarding Hapgoods theory of crustal shift resulting in pole shifts. As I understand it He concentrates on the scientific proof for the mechanics of crustal shifts for which he had a (partial) endorsement by Albert Einstein) but I haven’t got as far as to the reasons why or how he positioned the previous 3 pole locations other than carbon dating of vegetation found on iceland(?). The locations he has for the pole seem more ‘circular’ as opposed to your longitudinal direction and the timeline more compact, 4 shifts in 80,000 years as opposed to your 100,000s yrs.

    Have you considered his theory and data when developing your methods?

    I have to admit to being overwhelmed by the amount of theories and information that is emerging at the moment, you have to wonder if it is coincidence or something else. It is clear that past civilisations had a much more superior knowledge of the stars, solar system and The Earth than we gave them credit for. There is one question that I always end up asking myself. In antiquity, if people developed their knowledge by observing the night sky then they must have been observing for a minimum of 26,000 years to account for a full precession cycle, or have I missed something?

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Terry, we are aware of the theories as produced by Velikovsky, Sitchin and Hapgood. It was Hapgoods ideas that inspired me to do serious research into this topic using all modern data that is available to us. Hapgood made a few errors in his research; 1) the assumption that large bodies of ice cause crustal displacements and 2) he used paleomagnetic data and carbon dating in his research.
      Ad 1) large bodies of ice always form around the spin axis. When land around the spin axis is asymmetrical the main ice mass will be asymmetrical as well, so indeed a centrifugal force is born. Hapgood suggests on his ideas a few displacements within the last 100,000 years in all sorts of directions. He is clearly onto something but his movements are too abrupt to be taken seriously. Ad 2) Hapgood used also paleomagnetic data to determine the spin axis positions. It’s easy to see that this is highly incorrect when the magnetic pole has moved all over the place in the last 80,000 years. All conclusions are then inaccurate and even incorrect.

      Sure, there is a lot of hocus pocus around on the internet about ancient history and ancient civilizations. But who has more data than us? In fact, we are the first to have combined all the data available today into a bigger picture.

      About precession cycles. How has modern science determined with high accuracy that a full precession takes almost 26,000 years? The only way is to use observations and mathematics, and that is something our ancient ancestors knew how to use as well. There is however as far as I know no public data available that show the observations and calculations how modern science came to the conclusions of such cycles based on observations of only a century or so. It’s not unthinkable that new discoveries in this field will be made in the coming decades.

      • Terry

        MB, thank you for your reply; separating the wheat from the chaf of credible information is a task but what evolves is an element of each theory that provides a credible story. However, no matter which way you look at it they all require a good run of observation and knowledge which your method provides. Thank you.

  • Bill Hester

    Hi Mario,

    Thanks for your reply to my comment on the The Secrets of Stonehenge – An Ancient Message video.

    There are many positive comments here, and in all your videos; I applaud your wise yet always courteous responses.
    We can all see, you really are sitting on a massive discovery and will likely have to tread on a difficult path to get that ultimate and final recognition for it.

    Not sure if you mention this in the website yet but if I may, I would like to ask a question related to the moons equivalent word for Solstices.
    In the video The Secrets of Stonehenge – An Ancient Message, the word “Lunsastices” is used to describe the moons rising and setting motions. What I do not understand is why this word does not appear in the online OED, Websters or even Google. Yet I see the word referenced in other texts online relating to “the lunar standstill (lunastice).” Which, is exactly what Google refers to.
    How can this be?

    Cheers, Bill

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Bill, I understand your confusion about Lunastices. A Lunastice is for the Moon what a solstice is for the Sun. Lunastices and Lunar Standstill are somewhat related. During the Lunar Standstill is the Lunastice extreme.

      • Bill Hester

        Hi Mario, I had never seen that word before until I saw the video and actually paused to look it up.
        This is where my confusion comes from – It’s not a word found in the most authoritative dictionary.

        My problem is trying to understand how we can have a word clearly used by the archaeology community et al, that isn’t in a dictionary.
        However, I discovered this – http://www.thefreedictionary.com/Lunistice
        Here, it is spelled with an i and not an a…. but the waters get even muddier when, whether it is Lunistice or Lunastice neither are in the Oxford English Dictionary or Merriam Webster online.
        Indeed, the-free-dictionary web page includes interesting citations and also a reference to Wikipedia under the small USA flag for word pronunciation. When you click Wikipedia it takes you straight to a spectacular page about Lunar standstill. Never mentions lunistice again.

        The ONLY reason I even highlight any of this is purely for your information to use in staving off those often loud mouthed individuals who love to pick holes in anything just for the sake of it. I just imagine somebody saying, “oh look they are using fake words – ahhh the whole thing must be fake”. None of us here wants that to happen!

        In the immortal words of Forest Gump – that’s all I’m going to say about that.

        Cheers, Bill

  • Carl

    Hey, Mario. I think your theory has some merit. Would you post on this site the entire list of monuments so others could test your methods. I like your graphs, and tables, but its better for some of us to have the raw data.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for your comment, Carl. It is privately funded work. If it would be publicly funded you would have a point. You can read the conclusions for free on this website. Why would we also make the data available for free?

  • Hugh

    Waiting pensively for the book…any date yet?

    I believe this information needs to be in libraries everywhere.
    Let’s do that before it’s to late…all the best.

  • james haydon

    Firstly, is there any way to slow down your map showing the poles, so I can read the temples associated with the various poles.
    Secondly what are your opinions of.
    and their various theories.
    Puma pumku is of interest to me, it was this site where it was said that the builders got it wrong as to the cardinal points. Do you have any theory as to the rapid melting of the ice sheets, or did they melt because the pole shifted to a warmer clime.


    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for your comment, Jim. Yes they can be slowed down but that would take away the helicopter view. In time there will be a list of sites, and if you want to have more details you can go to this paper we have published. You will find a long list of Latin-American sites with their GPS locations and orientations.

      Regarding the researchers, I believe they are all sincere researchers, they all have a better understanding of our ancient past than mainstream archaeologists have, although they still lean too much on speculative assumptions.

      About Puma Punku, the builders were not wrong about the cardinals, on the contrary. The ages of this site are off the scale. Kalasasaya is built in two stages, the oldest, the outside perimeter is most probably around 26,000 years old. The geographic South pole is much more stable than the geographic North pole, although it moved much less than the geo North pole, and that is the reason why we see a correlation between a slightly clockwise orientation as the site is covered with more soil. We are working on dating of Tiwanaku. An exact age of Puma Punku is hard to pinpoint. We have found evidence for its age to range between 450,000 and 600,000 years.

      You also asked something about Marcahuasi and Ruzo’s work on it? We have looked into this site superficially. They are probably too ancient to be dated accurately. Think of terms of millions of years.


  • james haydon

    I have come across a few sites where the historians say that the site is not aligned to the cardinal points and the builders were obviously inaccurate with their calculations for the time frame attributed to the construction. Could it be possible to calculate the date from their actual orientation. Also there is a lot of gumph about a coming polar shift. Is it pole shift or crustal displacement that shows up as pole shift.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Jim, of course is it possible to take a look at them. You can post the sites you want to be examined here or send us an e-mail at buildreps@gmail.com
      Ancient builders were not ignorant from the ancient cardinal directions, far from it, their calendar and time system and thus their survival was depending on it for crucial things like sowing and harvesting.
      There is a lot of nonsense about pole shifts and that doom is coming soon, or that the latest pole shift took place within matters of days. No wonder that scientists are laughing at these “theories”, if it’s even worth to call them a theory. It are ideas lacking sufficient data. There probably won’t be a pole shift, neither magnetic or crustal, within the coming centuries. Our future generations however will see an increasing seismic and volcanic activity.

  • Odis Horii

    Fantastic article, very informative. I wonder why the other experts of this sector do not notice this. You should continue your writing. I am confident, you’ve a huge readers base already!

  • Terry O'Connell

    MB, I am fascinated with your theory, I look in regularly since I discovered it a few months ago. I’ve struggled for a long time with the standard explanations we have been fed from scientists and religious leaders. I came across the Electric Universe theory, which again challenges everything we’ve ever been told more recently such as ‘The Big Bang’, black holes etc. I’m not qualified to challenge ‘The Theory of Everything’ but I have never been comfortable with it, it is easier to understand that the universe has always been and that it is almost like a living entity of which parts of it are born, die and then reborn rather than once there was nothing from which everything burst into life.
    However back to your theory; If you accept that the Electric Universe is a possibility and that the devastation of plasma exchanges between planets happened during planetary changes in orbits (something NASA have mentioned in the past when trying to explain the strange orbits and position of our solar system) with the potential to lift, move and in parts destroy the crust, could this explain the changes in orientation potentially over a shorter period of time?
    I am a fan of your theory, and I believe our civilization has been on this planet much longer than we are told, but there is something in this EU theory that we can’t ignore.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for your comment, Terry. Maybe we will join forces with other researchers one day. The idea of the Electric Universe is very fascinating. Our main interest is the origin of humanity because to really understand where we came from lifts many veils.

      • Terry O'Connell

        I couldn’t agree more; History and humanity (the species & origin) is far more complex than the historians would want us to believe. I would be fascinated what the likes of Robert Schoch (sp?) would think, particularly as your and his date for the Pyramids and Sphinx are in the same ball park. Thank you for this and keep up the excellent work you and your team are doing.

    • kateisco

      That comment about plasma strikes in the northern hemisphere made me consider the possibility that was the reason Greenland was bare of ice 200 million years ago. 5 million years ago the Mediterranean was dry for 1/2 million years. IF our sun was the source of the energy that affected the Earth in its orientation, could not the plasma have added energy>matter>mass as to increase our Earth in size? Also H2O?

  • I guess moving north pole means expanding earth. During the Ice Age the earth rapidly expands. I think that the rotation of the earth is a Faraday motor with magma of the Pacific volcanic zone as the core. The Mariana Trench, Kuril Islands, Aleutian Islands are distorted terrain in an arc shape. This is a trace that the underground magma was dragged in the direction of rotation because the North Pole shifted every ice age.

    I appreciate your wonderful research.
    Thank you!

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for your interesting comment, Kazunori. You are probably right in your conclusions and observations, we are still studying on the patterns before we can publish more on this specific topic. If it is true that the rotation of the Earth is a Faraday motor that would explain the wobbling of the magnetic field which in fact never flipped entirely. The combined patterns of magnetic wobble and crustal deformation could explain an alleged flip of the magnetic field when assumed the crust is almost static.

  • Andrew Williams

    Awesome thesis. I will be sure to do a follow up on all these fascinating points. Thank you for enriching my mind.

  • Smithd395

    Hi there, just became aware of your website through Google, and found that it is really informative. I’m going to watch out for more. I’ll be grateful if you continue this in future. Lots of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  • Nicholas Teixeira

    Amazing Theory! Blown away…


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