Why Orientation of Pyramids Correlates to Ice Ages

The orientation of more than 500 ancient pyramids and temples randomly spread around the world appears to correlate for 99.99987% with the temperature changes of the last glaciation cycles. Most ancient structures are therefore hundreds of thousands of years old. Most renovations on top of older foundations didn’t change the orientation of the original foundations. Orientation appears to be, beyond any doubt, a very powerful mathematical signal.

Fig 1: The correlation between the orientation of pyramids around the world and ice ages is with 1 to 750,000 mathematically proven. It sweeps many established scientific ideas off the table as fairy tales. Current scientific ideas like the cause of ice ages, the Global Warming dogmas, but also the dating methods of ancient structures are based on false evidence. | © 2015-2017 by Buildreps

Why Orientation is the Key to Unlock Ancient Mysteries

The orientation of a building is pure mathematical, because orientation is dimensionless or not materialistic. When we process the orientations of virtually all ancient buildings around the world it reveals a profound discovery. This research is so new, so innovating, that you won’t find anything like this anywhere else, except maybe some copies of this original material on other websites.

The former article How Old Are Pyramids Around the World? showed some aspects of the orientation of pyramids and temples. Many astronomical, religious and even political buildings, like the pyramids of Giza, the Yerkes Observatory, the White House, and the Vatican are up to this day cardinally oriented, meaning they are effectively oriented to the current geographic poles.

The method explores the phenomenon of orientation of pyramids and temples spread all around the world and combines them to one big pattern. The pattern is purely mathematical and correlates for 99.99987% to the temperature peaks and valleys of the last series of ice ages, back to about 400,000 years ago. It’s not some statistical glitch, it’s a very strong mathematical signal from more than 500 independent ancient structures around the world.

About 57% of the 503 randomly spread ancient structures that were involved in this research accumulate massively in 5 clusters of together just 20° (22.2%) along the intersection line. This line is also a pure mathematical entity, that runs from our current North pole to our current South pole along a longitude of 47.1°W. Why this line is required is explained further on in this article.

Fig 2: Pyramids are spread all over the world. We can find them on every continent. For the first time in the history the orientation of virtually all ancient structures has been mass processed, revealing the unbelievable truth behind Humanities long forgotten ancient past. Nothing about the official history is correct – it’s one colossal lie.

Mathematical Nodes Running Over Greenland

The consequences of this typical clustering are profound since the structures, like noted before, are randomly spread around the world, hence are not connected to each other. The probability that these 5 clusters occur coincidentally in this way is a whopping 1.0·10-64, meaning it is NO coincidence.

It is the ultimate proof for the existence of former, ancient geographic poles, revealing the true age of ancient structures. Proof for corresponding latitudinal crustal displacements. The growing size of these clusters show how the crust was deformed due to the displacements. The older the clusters, the larger the deformations become. Isn’t that logical?

It also explains simple and elegantly why and how the vast, thick ice sheet on Greenland was initially formed. This ice sheet on Greenland is the last remnant of the huge “ice age” sheet. It’s obvious that this ice sheet will melt, and why it will melt. It’s also proof why CO2 lags behind on temperatures and why it is not responsible for climate change. It goes many ways, contradicting nowhere.

But it sweeps virtually all scientific mainstream ideas regarding history, paleontology, archaeology, climatology, and geology off the table as complete nonsense. Mathematics is the only immutable truth wherever you are, whatever you do, whatever you believe.

Ice Ages Were Crustal Displacements

This new holistic, fully mathematical theory or method provides a full framework about Humanities ancient history in relation to the Earth. It does not leave a single doubt about the unbelievable truth, and finally explains virtually all the ancient mysteries. Deluges were no myths, they were caused by crustal displacements. Science has in fact registered these events as glaciation cycles.

It is also crucial to grasp that not all ancient buildings were oriented to an ancient geo pole. Isn’t that logical? We don’t live in a perfect world.

Did you ever ask yourself Why is Greenland Covered in Ice? Scientists try to solve this question already for many decennials, without actually making any progress. It is an impossible undertaking with the assumption that the Earth’s crust is fixed. The crust appeared to have crept exclusively in the latitudinal direction over extended periods of time when the Earth was in high eccentric orbit around the Sun.

That is why the graph of Earth’s eccentric orbit around the Sun fits so perfectly over the glaciation graph. Science has no clue why that is. The large rotational variations of the Earth during high eccentric orbits (similar as our Moon) generate a perpendicular reaction force, when large enough, caused the crust to crawl in the latitudinal direction over extended periods of time.

But rationality has profound consequences on our grasp of ancient history as you will see. Humanity, as well as the ancient sites, are much more ancient than you ever imagined to be possible.

The Geographic Pole Moved Over Greenland

Fig. 3: This point cloud consists of 11,000 intersection points between ancient pyramids and temples spread all over the world. Over 4.3 billion complex calculations made this point cloud possible. The clustering around Greenland is clearly visible. This powerful mathematical signal shows how deep this pure noumenal theory actually goes, way beyond the current materialistic paradigm.

Examples of Orientations

Fig 4: A square or rectangle building has four sides. The way we can orient such a building in a unique way, so that we don’t discriminate one side over another, is 45 degrees clockwise and 45 degrees counterclockwise. As you will see this reveals a very powerful mathematical signal about the entanglement of pyramids and temples in relation to Earth’s shifting crust and the rise and fall of glaciation cycles.

Ancient Buildings Working as a Compass

Imagine you’re going to build yourself a home on the heath, in the middle of nowhere. Your new home is going to be square or rectangular. What will make you decide its orientation? The cardinals? To the Sun? Or something else? What could this something else possibly be? How would you orient an astronomical observatory? These are important questions for you to become aware of. Most architects will align according to the cardinals when they have enough space to do so.

It is generally believed there were no advanced structure building humanoids around when Earth was in the middle of a series of ice ages, some 350,000 years ago. How do we know that is true? Because there is no “evidence”?

Let’s be clear about evidence, have you ever seen evidence that was not overthrown by other, newer evidence? When kilos, Newtons, meters, seconds, Joules, and so on are involved in your primary evidence it will be overthrown one day by other evidence. Only pure dimensionless mathematics is forever. Remember that!

What is orientation? It is dimensionless, hence pure mathematical, and not materialistic. For example 90° = ½π and 180° = π. And so on. Location likewise. Solely degrees, or Pi or parts of Pi as you will. Meaning there are no materialistic units attached to it. By defining ancient buildings like this, they appear to show us a way to an ultimate truth: our real history.

Once you’ve grasped this concept completely, a whole new world will unfold to you!

Ancient buildings like pyramids and temples appear to be compasses, especially because we processed them in large numbers. The patterns are mind boggling, and prove the relation between ancient structures and glaciation cycles. Glaciation cycles turn out to be caused by latitudinal crustal shifts, hence causing “ice ages”.

No Need For Digging First

It appears we are able to prove the age of pyramids by their orientation without digging into the ground or putting even one step on a pyramid. That is the difference between materialistic sensory based science and mathematics.

How is this research done? By mass processing the orientation and locations of ancient buildings we were able to prove in which time frame certain pyramids were built. The interconnectedness between orientation and age has profound consequences as you will see.

One decade of satellite footage did more than centuries of digging.

The Orientation of Two Cardinally Oriented Pyramids

Fig 5: The intersection point of two pyramids that are facing North is on the (geo) North pole. They belong to the same time frame. | © 2016 by Buildreps

Why We Need an Intersection Line

Like shown in other articles we can connect the orientation of two different pyramids, and try to draw a conclusion from that. For example when we do that with the pyramids of Giza and with the Chinese pyramid Ping of Han in Xi’an, we can easily verify they intersect at our current North pole.

But can we do that with two pyramids which are oriented under an arbitrary angle? For example: can we do that with Teotihuacan and the Great Ziggurat of Ur? No we can’t, because there is no way to verify that we are connecting two different structures of the same time frame. Or perhaps more importantly, we have no idea why they were “uncardinnally” oriented in the first place. When we want to mass process data we need an intersection line. This line is so to speak neutral. The line is a pure mathematical entity.

How on Earth can we create such an imaginary line? That was one of the biggest efforts in the research, to find a scientific reliable way to determine such a line. The book “Atlantis is Here” explains more in detail how this line is created and what it represents and what it actually proves.

How the Intersection Line is Determined

Fig 6: This picture shows in one view how the intersection line runs from pole to pole along 47.1W. The intersection point is based on the whole dataset and has been calculated at 71.555N, 47.091W. Because we now have two points, we can draw a line. The line runs, by definition, from pole to pole.

Why the Crust Moved Latitudinally

Some people wonder how the crust shifted so perfectly in the latitudinal direction. It didn’t shift perfectly. It moved in an irregular pattern along a rough latitudinal path over a period of tens of thousands of years. The crust moved latitudinally because it cannot escape from the laws of a spinning top reacting right-angled on a causative force. The causative force is the Sun’s oscillating pull during high eccentric orbits. That is the reason why the glaciation patterns and Milankovitch’s cycles fit on to each other.

Further down below you find illustrations indicating the Poles I to V with red dots. The size of the red dot grows with the age of the pole. The path of the pole is defined within the sizes of the red dots, so that’s not perfectly a straight line, but clearly roughly in the latitudinal direction.

The reasons for the red dots to become larger is caused by the growing uncertainties of defining a pole within a certain diameter, i.e. the crust has been deformed seriously due to the crustal displacements.

Why Latin American Pyramids Are Very Old

There are just a few pyramids to find in Latin America which are oriented to our current geographic poles. Why is that? Were they perhaps oriented to one of the solstices?

No chance, because in that case, we wouldn’t find so many different orientations. Every latitude has only two solstice orientations, Summer and Winter, and we can calculate which of the pyramids possibly could be oriented to one of them. It was none. All theories about solstices or rising Sun during the equinox appear to be false, no matter how good they sound. They are based on nothing else than speculations, false assumptions, wrong interpretations and biased believes about the builders of these ancient structures.

Are most of the pyramids in Latin America pointing to a former pole on Greenland? The answer which is derived from a large amount of data is: YES. And it is a YES with a probability of more than 99.999999999%. The odds are 1 to 210 trillion that the claim is false.

There was a former pole on Greenland, and most of the pyramids in Latin America were oriented to one of these geo poles. The whole crust has moved. The Earth knew almost half a dozen highly developed civilizations over a course of at least 400,000 years. That explains so much, doesn’t it?

Orientations on Both Hemispheres Are Fundamentally Different

Western Hemisphere

Fig 7: This unique graph shows how ancient structures are oriented on the Western Hemisphere. They are massively positively oriented. There is no correlation between latitude and orientation, hence debunking the claim that they were “solstice” oriented buildings. The amount of ancient buildings which are positively oriented is about 12 times as high. The odds for this uneven distribution to be coincidental is zero or 1 to ∞. | © 2016-2017 by Buildreps

Eastern Hemisphere

Fig 8: This graph shows how ancient buildings on the Eastern hemisphere are oriented. They are massively negatively oriented. The larger spread is caused by the much larger area (from Europe to China) in which we find the ancient buildings. The amount of ancient buildings which are negatively oriented is more than twice as high. The odds for this uneven distribution to be coincidental is about 1 to 71 million. | © 2016-2017 by Buildreps

Probability of Such a Spread

The probability that a large amount of buildings, randomly spread around the world (hence have nothing in common except transcendent cosmological features: the geographical poles) are oriented like this is so small it surely is not coincidental. The odds are so incredibly small that this result is coincidental, we can be 100% sure they were massively oriented to one feature that is common wherever we are on Earth: a geographic pole.

Proof, indisputable proof, that the crust moved significantly over the last 400,000 years, without geology even noticing this fact. They measured it, sure, but didn’t interpreted it as a movement of the crust. They interpreted it as “glaciation cycles”. Logical, when you believe the crust is fixed. But also indisputable proof there were pyramid builders around who pointed their structures to a very ancient pole. So it goes both ways, deep down into the rabbit hole.

Collective Orientation of Contemporary Buildings

You might possibly expect that if we do the same kind of research to the orientation of contemporary buildings, we would, for some odd reason, find a collective orientation that differs from North likewise as the ancient buildings. But that doesn’t appear to be the case. The collective orientation of contemporary buildings points almost exactly at our current geographic pole.

You might say that the collective unconscious orients itself to the geographical pole, or as many people would say, to the Sun. The more data you gather, whether it is in a region, one country, one continent, or the whole world, the more obvious it becomes that contemporary buildings add up to the geographical pole. There is no contemporary culture to find that has a preference for a specific orientation other than a cardinal orientation. Be honest, what else could you possibly expect?

This large scale investigation is part of the big project to prove that ancient buildings largely differ in orientation, and that this deviation has a reason: the geographic pole was at another location back then. A very, very long time ago. Mathematics completely contradicts what history books are telling us. The official history seems to be a massive scam on a scale beyond comprehension. And nothing seems to escape from the relentless nonsense. Is Göbekli Tepe around 12,000 years old? No, it’s history stretches over a period of 250,000 years.

We built a random location generator for every continent and generated a list of 392 contemporary buildings with their location and their respective orientation. When we add them up together they are pointing to our current geo pole within ±0.5°. Now that’s eerie precise. By the way; the US has the most cardinally oriented buildings in the world. Americans are obsessed with cardinal orientation. So you should know as a US citizen, somewhere deep down, how the ancients must have felt about the orientation of their buildings.

Fig 9: The collective of the orientations of 392 contemporary buildings points almost exactly to our current geographic pole. The large deviation alone between contemporary buildings and ancient buildings proves statistically that ancient buildings were oriented to another geographical location. No one in the world has ever done this kind of research at this scale before.| © 2016 by Buildreps

The Raw Data – First Indications of Crustal Shifts

Fig 10: After processing the data roughly there appeared to be a clear pattern of what I like to call “mathematical hot spots”. The distances between the nodes were not far away from the temperature swings during ice ages. It was the first indicator we were looking at something magnificent that might change everything in science in the coming decades. | © 2016 by Buildreps

What is Very Old?

The interpretation of this whole new view on ancient times is that when the crust shifts (and thus the pole) in the latitudinal direction, it causes a new glaciation cycle.

The last glaciation started 110,000 years ago and ended about 12,000 years ago. Pyramids that are oriented to the former pole are thus older than 110,000 years, and younger than the glaciation prior to that, approximately 200,000 years.

This interpretation sheds a completely different light on our history and gives the required space to explain all the mysteries that scientists and scholars were never able to solve. Many scholars tend to avoid the issue of the many mysterious findings.

There are simply too many mysteries all around the place that scholars like to compress in less than 10,000 years, which is, to put it mildly, completely irrational.

Which mysteries you might think? You must juggle a long list of mysterious sites continuously in your head to remind yourself to the fact that none of the ancient mysteries really have been solved yet.

  • Why do we find hundreds of pyramids all around the planet?
  • Why do we find thousands of dolmens all around the planet?
  • What about Tiwanaku, Puma Punku, Sacsayhuaman, Teotihuacan, Göbekli Tepe? Thousands of them. Everywhere.
  • What about the Nazca lines?
  • Have we ever unanimously solved how the pyramids of Giza were built, when and why? That’s still just one of the thousands of mysteries.
  • Have you ever heard of the mysterious Kailasa temple? Look it up, it will make you feel humble again.
  • What about Baalbek, Mount Shoria (Russia), Stonehenge, Carnac, Eastern Island, and Yonaguni?
  • What about the underground city of Derinkuyu in Turkey?

And that list is just one grain of sand in a whole mountain of sand. Keep that in mind!

Why Ice Ages Were Latitudinal Crustal Shifts

Fig 11: When the crust shifted in the latitudinal direction you will definitely find large temperature swings in the ice core data. When the data correlates it indicates that it was the crust that shifted. | Public Domain

The Mayan, Aztec, and Inca Cultures Are Very Old

The Mayan, Aztec, and Inca cultures are much older than scholars always told us. Why were these cultures suddenly gone? Scholars have never found a credible explanation for the sudden disappearance of these highly developed cultures, except mythos stories, opinions, and just ideas.

When scholars claim the civilization abandoned a city for example in the 9th century AD, they are actually talking about the people who used the cities, not about the people who built the cities. That is quite a difference.

Because the pyramids are massively oriented towards the old North pole, the peoples who built them experienced the destructive crustal shift, warping them back into the “stone age”. It would be very difficult to survive such a catastrophe.

How the Rough Data Corresponds to the Found Intersection Clusters

Fig 12: The first intersection clusters showed a very tight relation with the temperature swings of the last glaciation cycles. The search for much more data of ancient structures had begun. | © 2016 by Buildreps

How to Interpret Glaciations

The temperatures on Earth depend of the latitude where you are. It’s crucial to grasp that you can interpret a glacial period in two ways:

  1. The classical view: During a glaciation the geo pole was where it currently is, but the temperature changed. Which mechanism caused this glaciation is still unexplained. To believe that the Milankovitch cycles were the cause of the ice ages is sheer ignorance. Earth is a sphere, and will always receive the same amount of solar energy, no matter how the sphere is rotated towards the Sun. The climate will show ripples of about ±1°C, but won’t dive globally 12°C due to an arbitrary effect.
  2. The new view: A glaciation was caused by a crustal shift. The amount of shift corresponds to the temperature change of the glaciation cycle. The crustal shift moved the polar ice sheet to a warmer region and a warmer region into the polar section. When geologists examine the phenomenon with the assumption that the crust was fixed, the findings are interpreted as a global cooling down, which in fact never happened. At least not on this scale. The crustal ‘crawling’ was caused by a high eccentric orbit of the Earth around the Sun. That is why the patterns so strikingly match together. How this works is explained in this article. The crustal shifts went very slowly – between 15 to 35 meters average per year, depending on the rate of eccentricity. The crawling process has clear start and stop thresholds, and proceeds over periods of tens of thousands of years. Science has still a long way ahead to understand how this exactly works, and why the crust moved along this path. Paleomagnetic records shows correlations with the crawling crust. Other evidence is obvious: high dust concentrations in the atmosphere during the crawling process due to volcano eruptions. The geological patterns are clear, and the mathematical proof from the orientation patterns of ancient sites removes all doubts.

In the case that the crust shifted, the temperature changes in that specific “ice age” must correspond with the temperature differences between the two latitudes. Which they do, as I will show you further down in this article.

The Consequences of This Classification

This interpretation allows to date the cultures of former pyramid builders in a more reliable manner, via their orientation, which on its turn can be related to a glaciation cycle. Every glaciation cycle stands for an era. This way of chaining is only allowed when we can prove that the underlying mathematics is consistent and unambiguously.

Every crustal shift is followed by an alleged cooling down (that is because the classical view dictates that the crust is fixed). Polar ice sheets that have been shifted to warmer regions will cool that region, and the ice sheets will start to melt very slowly. Melting takes somewhere between 100,000 to 150,000 years. The warmer region that shifted to the pole becomes now cold as well. The melting energy must be provided by the Gulf Streams, that transports the energy from the equator to the icecaps (in accordance with the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics). That is why there is a Warm Gulf stream running close to Greenland – it is restoring a balance.

That is also the reason why Antarctica is surrounded by a Warm Gulfstream, which is then cooled down and makes its way deep below back towards the equator to be warmed again. It’s basically simple, but almost unsolvable complicated in all its details.

The result of this phenomenon is that the temperatures on Earth dropped a little bit because of ice sheets that moved to a warmer region, and energy is pumped to the polar region. The shifted ice sheets cool the region in two ways, by reflection of sunlight and convection.

The warmer region that moved to the pole receives less sunlight and slowly cools down. The effect is a ripple of the global temperatures, but certainly no temperature change between 8° to 12°. This alleged change is caused by a huge misinterpretation of mainstream scientists.

The consequence of this classification is that ancient civilizations and the structures they built are much older than always assumed, and it literally dismisses the mainstream interpretations as adhoc and illogical.

This new interpretation explains glaciations and everything else in the most simple way and with the fewest assumptions, which is the major condition to comply to Occam’s Razor.

Gathered and Analyzed Data

Ancient Sites and Constructions
Found Orientation Clusters

Results of the Data Analyses

Fig 13: The analysis of the full dataset delivered spectacular results. The percentages are almost 100%. On top of that are the latitudes/temperature variations corresponding with the large fluctuations of the last glaciation cycles over the last 350,000 years. The odds for the distributions to fit so seamlessly on the glaciation graphs is 1 to 750,000. This proves the unbelievable reality. | © 2016 by Buildreps

How the Crust Moved FOUR Times Over the Last 350,000 Years

Fig 14: The four former poles are mathematically proven, the 5th former pole (42.6N) is yet unproven. This oldest and unproven pole is mainly formed by Sumerian and Peruvian sites. Only that fact might say a lot to some people, because it correlates with the translated Sumerian tablets telling the Anunnaki came from the sky some 420,000 years ago. | © 2015-2017 by Buildreps 

Why Shifts the Crust in This Direction?

The most probable path of the pole is in the latitudinal direction. It is a direct result of physics. Similar as the reaction of a spinning top on an external force, it reacts in the perpendicular direction of its rotation, and that is why the crust shifted like this.

The forces in this case are the large tidal forces when Earth is in a high eccentric orbit around the Sun. The interconnectedness is deeper explained in this article:”Lost Civilizations and Earth Crust Shifts

Fig 15: This animation shows how the crustal displacements relate to the glaciation graphs. The relation between the size of the shifts and the large temperature swings is 99.99987%. This is the mathematical proof for what really happened in the ancient past. | © Buildreps 2015-2017.

Hold on to Your Chair – A Shortlist of Ancient Structures

Pyramids, Sites, Temples
I: 0 – 110,000 years ago
Borobudur, Konark Sun Temple, Temple of Horus, Pyramids of Giza, Tomb of Emperor Ping of Han
II: 110,000 – 220,000 years ago
Babylon, Prasat Phum Prasat, Uxmal (Pyramid of the magician), El Mirador, Ka’ba-ye Zartosht
III: 220,000 – 240,000 years ago
Teotihuacan, Pompeii (temples), Carnac, Edzna, Tomb of Emperor Zhao of Han, Antipatris
IV: 240,000 – 340,000 years ago
Yagul, Kuara (Sumer), Great Kyz Kala, El Castillo (Chichen Itza), Pyramid of Koh-Ker
V: 340,000 – 400,000 years ago
Tomb of Three Kings of Zhou, Der (Sumer), Nohoch Mul pyramid (Cobá), Caral, Madinet Habu temple, Borsippa (Sumer)
VI: 400,000 – 490,000 years ago
Nineveh (Sumer), Sippar (Sumer), Eridu (Sumer), Pyramids of Cochasqui (nr. 5, 9 ,14), Huaca del Sol, Zabala (Sumer), Caral

It is not difficult to see where the cradle of humanity lies. The Sumerian tablets are no fairytale, but a factual report. According to these tablets came the Anunnaki/Nephilim to Earth around 420,000 years. That seems to correspond surprisingly with the relative large amount of Sumerian cities which are oriented to the (yet unproven) pole VI.

Attentive readers might wonder what Pompeii is doing on this list. Common knowledge says about Pompeii:

Researchers believe that the town was founded in the seventh or sixth century BC by the Osci or Oscans. It came under the domination of Rome in the 4th century BC, and was conquered and became a Roman colony in 80 BC after it joined an unsuccessful rebellion against the Roman Republic.

The foundations of the temples of Pompeii, which are: the Basilica, the temple of Venus, and the temple of Apollo are between 220,000 and 240,000 years old. The chance that Pompeii is really that old is higher than 99.9%. A pretty high figure. We have finally profound proof that historical falsification is rooted in ancient Rome. Rome, the Vatican, is today still the center of power.

Why Ice Ages Were Earth Crust Displacements

Fig 16: The theory shows how ice ages were caused by Earth Crust Shifts. The natural temperature swing of Earth’s temperature (ENTV) has to filtered out to find the magnitude of the crustal shift. Note that the amount of natural temperature variation varies with 2.8 degrees Celsius (±1.4°). Sun activity is the cause of this variation, as well as an increasing eccentricity which generates more friction and thus internal heat. The odds for this correlation to be coincidental is 1 to 750,000. Although there’s still a lot of research to be done, it proves the most likely time frame for the movements of the crust. | © 2015-2017 by Buildreps

The Data

There is a large amount of data processed to calculate, to prove the position of the former poles, and also to calculate the reliability of this new theory.

The orientation of the foundations of ancient buildings, especially because they were processed in large numbers, gave profound insights in ancient times.

Ice age graphs correspond to the eccentricity of Earth’s orbit over the last 800,000 years. The chance for these two graphs to correspond to eachother coincidentally is  0.00069% or 1 to 145,000. Practically speaking – it is almost zero. It shows we have to look here (eccentric orbit) for the explanations of ice ages and nowhere else.

When we dive into the motion mechanisms of large celestial objects, we see mainly two things happening:

  • eccentricity causes variations in rotation speed of the minor object (in this case the Earth). Inner parts of the Earth are much heavier than the crust, hence they will react less intense on tidal forces of the Sun.
  • tidal forces vary on an annual basis (in case of Earth). The larger the eccentricity the larger the tidal variations. At perihelion the Sun pulls hardest on Earth, almost egg-shaping the Earth. At aphelion the Sun pulls less on the Earth. At an eccentricity of between 0.03 and 0.05 these annual forces can vary up to about 26%, putting the Earth’s different layers under different sorts of stress.

From this we can relatively easy understand what happens: a latitudinal reaction force is born. Compare it with a spinning top that reacts perpendicular to any external force exercised on it. This reaction force drives the lightest parts of the Earth, the crust, to crawl during high eccentric orbit around the Sun.

The data indicates with a very high degree of certainty that the former pole was on Greenland. The crust has moved not just a bit, it moved significantly. It moved over an angle of 38° over the last 340,000 years.

The crust ticks like a clock on the Milankovitch cycles.

The Moving Crust Turns Everything Upside Down

Greenland (that is to say the whole crust) moved over the geo North pole between 250,000 and 110,000 years ago in two shifts, meaning that Greenland has three former geo pole locations. Similar as three fence poles have two distances in between. The Greenland ice sheet is a result from this era, and that is the reason why it is melting now.

Earth Crust Shifts do not happen overnight. It are slow, unstoppable processes that take place over extended periods of time. The most violent, swift crustal shifts took place over a period of about 25,000 years. The slowest ones over a period of about 100,000 years. But it is a period of constant turmoil, megaquakes, sloshing oceans, volcano eruptions, tsunamis, and a changing climate due to the shifting latitude. Sea levels will subsequently fall or rise depending of the position of the new geographic pole. Whether the pole is in sea or at land makes a world of difference in the formation of ice sheets.

An Earth Crust Shift is not the spectacular event that many people think it is. It is a massive, slow, environmental disruptive process, which made many of the ancient peoples to migrate to other places. As if the colossal natural disasters weren’t enough – large migrations induced large scale conflicts between tribes. This is in a few words what happened to our ancient ancestors.

The Probability That the Whole Theory is Correct

The probability (chance) that temperature changes during the last ice ages accidentally correspond to the found mathematical hot spots is 1 to 746,496 or 0.000134%. It is therefore for more than 99.99987% certain that this combination is true:

  • that the crust has shifted in the latitudinal direction;
  • that the shifts relate to ice ages in that specific order and magnitude;
  • that ancient structures were oriented to these former geo poles;
  • that a high eccentric orbit around the Sun is the cause of crustal shifts;
  • that Greenland’s ice sheet was once formed on the North pole, and that its massive ice sheet will melt on the long term, because it has moved to a place of moderate temperatures;
  • that CO2 is therefore lagging behind on temperatures, and are not the cause of temperature changes.

We can safely conclude that the current dating methods of ancient structures are painfully wrong. The methods that mainstream science prefers to use can be dismissed as unreliable, irrational, and even unscientific. And that lies at the basis of a much bigger lie. The question is: is it done on purpose or is it pure ignorance? It is probably both. Most scientists are ignorant slaves of senses and matter, and just some are intentional evil.

Atlantis is Here

This new view will have consequences on many scientific disciplines. We have been fed with a constant stream of incorrect data, and lies. Of course will it take time for this theory to mature, and to be widely accepted as valid. The insights in this new theory are currently developing very rapidly.

An example of just one of the many profound implications this theory might have: how much chance is there that paleomagnetism, which is a highly technical and well funded discipline, developed a correct theory? Just for 50%. Yes, you read it correct. Why is that? Because it ignored and dismissed the possibility of a slow latitudinal crawling crust during high eccentric orbits of the Earth around the Sun. These crustal movements would also leave traces in the magnetizable sediments. There is no way to recognize from the samples alone what has moved – the core or the crust. Because of the fact that the magnetic core obviously moves, it is therefore not by definition the only variable that left traces.

The book “Atlantis is Here” will smash many paradigms to smithereens, not by swinging words at you, but by using mathematics in a way most people will understand. I hope I will be able to publish the book in 2017. There is still much work to be done before this monumental quest is complete.

The book “Atlantis is Here” will provide all the proof necessary to show what happened in the distant past. It will solve many mysteries, and it will raise many new questions at the same time.

© 2015, 2016, 2017 by Mario Buildreps

First publication: 11 December 2015

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