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You came here because you are interested who constructed this new, controversial theory about our ancient history.

The author, nicknamed Mario Buildreps, is a successful former businessman, and also a graduate engineer. His engineering skills appear to be fruitful, not only for technical jobs, but also for the newly discovered truth about our ancient history. He discovered that orientation of ancient structures around the world follow a pattern, a mind boggling mathematical pattern.

Mario is an independent researcher and dedicates his time to what he calls “finding the truth”. There are no stakeholders involved nor has it anything to do with the upcoming fame thanks to this new groundbreaking theory. Only Love for the Truth is what makes him thrive.

My recent discoveries, which are done outside of the official scientific community, revealed astounding insights, into how geographic polar movements and ancient structures are intimately entangled.

Our ancient history, including a vast amount of ancient buildings, is at least 350,000 years old. That is not just an empty statement, no, it is backed up by a large amount of data and mathematical certainties. It appears to be that the work done by archaeologists, scholars, and historians over many decades revealed nothing about the truth of Humanity.

Why We Only Need Mathematics

Whether we zoom in on atoms of the chair we are sitting on, or the flesh of our bodies, everything is composed of basically the same thing; atoms, with protons and neutrons in the nucleus. When we zoom in further we find only vibrations. Vibrations are solely mathematical.

I am 100% certain that everything is ultimately mathematical, and I’m therefore also sure that we can express everything mathematically. To express things mathematically doesn’t count only for Quantum Mechanics or General Relativity, but also for our origin and our history. But that this doesn’t seem this way at first hand is caused by our deep conditioned state we are in due to our ‘educative’ training. We’ve learned that mathematics is just a tool, an abstract tool to get answers from. On top of that, are our senses completely unable to “probe” the invisible noumena, that underlies at everything we call matter. We lack organs of truth. That’s why we’re so drawn into empiricism and materialism.

Check for yourself this question: Why has every successful scientific theory mathematics at its core? Wouldn’t that be because the underlying driver itself is mathematical? What else could it be?

If we follow the path of mathematics blindly we unlock the most unbelievable truths of life. That is what the book “Atlantis is Here” is all about, unlocking our consciousness by showing the reality of things that science, religions, education, parenting, and politics have covered with blankets of ignorance over the centuries.

The book which is now in the making under the working title called “Atlantis is Here” will set many things straight:

– the true age of ancient structures;

– the true age and origin of Homo sapiens;

– the codes encrypted in many pyramids like Giza and Teotihuacan but also many others, and where they are pointing to;

– the mathematical relations between pyramids, temples, and dolmens around the world;

– why and how civilizations were lost multiple times;

– mathematical proof that ice ages were earth crust shifts and the cause of high civilizations to vanish;

– a scientific account for the cause of earth crust shifts;

– why CO2 is not the cause of global warming and lies at the basis of a grand hoax;

Many people feel there is something not right, but since science tells them what they have to think, it’s more or less end of story. Science is seemingly untouchable. Not anymore. The book will unlock and untangle many subjects that so many people are longing for. It is fully mathbased and it will be readable for most of us.

The title “Atlantis is Here” might change, the main thing the book wants to address is that you don’t have to look for Atlantis somewhere. It is right under our noses, but we fail to see it. It is our own consciousness we have to work on to get the truth out.

The book will support mathematically what so many people are already feeling around the world. It will be published under the pseudonym of Mario Buildreps.

Contact: buildreps@gmail.com

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  1. Hi Jim,
    Thank you for your comment and sharing of your views.

    To answer your first question, yes, there is an indication of another pole before Pole V. We named it Pole VI. This pole correlates with Peruvian and Sumerian monuments, but we were not able to prove it like the Poles II to V. The age of Pole VI relates stunningly accurate with Sitchin’s interpretations of the Sumerian tablets in the Twelfth Planet where the Nephilim landed on Earth 432,000 years ago. Pole VI held a stable position between 410,000 and 440,000 years ago.

    If the Equator would have passed through Giza once, it would mean that Giza wasn’t cardinally oriented to that geographic pole of that time, which makes the whole idea suddenly very unlikely. What do you think?

    The Earth is indeed bombarded by meteorites over the course of its existence. The Earth’s crust was heavily deformed when it orbited in a high eccentric orbit around the Sun. It’s relatively easy to understand that when Earth is in high eccentric orbit the annual gravitational changes are so high that they cause all kinds of frictions and movements, something which doesn’t occur when Earth is in a low eccentric orbit. These forces caused the crust to crawl very slowly in a latitudinal (vertical) direction, i.e. it reacts like a spinning top.

    Another thing is that a high eccentric orbit maneuvers the Earth in parts of the solar system with higher risks on meteorite impacts. Meteorites that usually don’t cross Earth’s path through the Solar system, can start to be a threat when eccentricity is larger. When meteorites would have ended the last ice age, what started it in the first place? The meteorite hypothesis gives not a single clue for that. A small meteorite that would have impacted the Laurentide ice sheet and ended its existence, like Hancock suggests is relatively short sighted because it lacks explanation which energy system held this ice sheet in place for tens of thousands of years and which mechanism started the ice sheet to grow in the first place. A small meteorite is unable to make the crust suddenly to move over large distances. These ideas might satisfy simple observations, but when they are not supported with energetic calculations, they remain nothing else than superficial ideas.

    Sudden events, like meteorite impacts, are popular because they are easy to understand by the relative shortsighted Human condition. Very slow processes are much harder to grasp for most people and therefore less popular. But because reality doesn’t care about popularity contests on social media are most popular ideas untrue. Very slow processes like a deforming crust over tens of thousands of years disrupts and destroys civilizations very effectively, yet invisible for any shortsighted, impatient observer. Climatic zones change slowly, solar positions change slowly, plant and animal life changes slowly, people start to migrate which causes clashes between tribes. All these slow processes are accompanied by violent volcano eruptions (like Lake Toba), very heavy earthquakes (>10), and tsunamis. And these changes are all caused because the Earth changed its eccentric path around the Sun which on its turn is caused by the large planets Jupiter and Saturn.

  2. You show in your clips that the north pole progressed vertical, from pole V to the present position, did it ever place itself below pole V.
    I see a lot of Graham Hancock’s work on catastrophe and lost civilisations and after seeing your work, the dating seems plausible.
    I have read a lot of books on human ancestry and believe that the human race goes back further than we have been lead to believe.
    I have a theory of my own, regarding South America and Antarctica, a lot of old maps, older than Pirie Reis show Antarctica joined to South America, with the equator passing through Easter Island through to Giza and beyond,
    Hancock believes that a “meteor/comet” struck the earth in the North America area,
    I have done some experiments with the old thought of equator and an impact at the point where Antarctica joined South America and found that a major shift knocked the equator to its present position.
    If you look at Google Earth at the joint you will see a massive gouge between the 2 continents.
    We know that previously Antarctica was green and lush with vegetation.
    If the present channel had been blocked, the polar currents would not be able to circulate, keeping Antarctica warm.
    When the breach occurred, the polar currents could circulate causing Antarctica to be isolated and enter a deep freeze.
    This would only occur if Antarctica was in the right position.
    You show that as the poles shifted the land masses moved, or rotated. This would cause Antarctica joined to South America to move to its current position, then a large enough “meteor/comet” would breach the 2 continents, causing the destruction Hancock refers to.
    Of course you have shown multiple disasters in the course of history. Would any or all be caused by “meteor/comets” or are these pole shifts natural and gradual?

  3. Hi Solar, thank you for interesting lengthy comment. I have many so very interesting communications with people from all over the world, yours is certainly among them! Lidar has been brought a few times under my attention, and what we’ve seen so far is that it confirms what we’ve already knew. The orientation patterns from the Lidar scans from Guatemala and Cambodia show respectively a clockwise and counterclockwise orientation. Regarding the age of Teotihuacan are there no indications which are pointing to a younger age of this specific node where Teotihuacan is related to. I agree with the many intelligent observations you’ve stated in your comment, I totally agree with you. Regarding the book are there some additional research topics that we’ve added to the book which cause significant delays. Thanks a lot for your contribution and views and wish you all the best! Mario.

  4. Hello Mario.

    Your work is a definite game changer and quite profound. My own amateur research currently centers on the temples of ancient Maya civilization extending from the Yucatan up through Mexico as well as the remnants of the ancient Inca civilization extending north to South along the (current) West coast of South America. I tend to look for ideas that contain something that can unite such a prodigious and overwhelming wealth of worldwide archaeological structures and their orientations. People have a natural tendency to ‘sense’ patterns. The unquestionable pattern revealed by the purposeful mathematically precise orientations of so very many structures has always presented a curiosity to a lot of people. However, as you know it is so very rare to find a decent theory that unites these observations.

    I think your work is a major contribution to uniting and helping people to understand a significant part of what humanity, as a whole, has gone through over the past 200,000-340,000 years or so. Particularly impressive is your application of chronostratigraphic records with regard to Teotihuacan from your video “Teotihuacan – City of the Gods?” I disagree with the dating of that specific complex to 200,000yrs. I have no evidence but think approximately 28-35,000 for the complexes in the Yucatan area. Later, massive flooding approximately 10-12,000 years ago correlating with the retreat of the last Ice Age (11,700) along with the changing of the poles etc contributed to the demise of the Yucatan’s former inhabitants. The problem is that the idealized chronostratigraphic record does not take into account the possibility of floods and/or volcanic activity which can deposit extra layers. Several deep core samples of surrounding areas along with the chronostratigraphic record might provide more accuracy.

    Unfortunately, in my humble opinion, archeology does only a fairly decent job of piecing together nothing more than the politics and family life of ancient civilizations but it doesn’t seem to want work with geologist, mathematicians, astroarchaeology (multidisciplinary approach). That is why Robert Shock and John Anthony West were able to theorize re-dating the Sphinx and its enclosure with geological evidence to some 9,000-12,000 years ago citing strong geological evidence of water erosion. The world of Egyptology is still trying to come to grips with that evidence. Meanwhile, plenty of people use that rough 11,000 year time-frame as a working hypothesis and have moved on. They are ready for the next level that may show humanity demonstrating remarkable intelligence even further back into antiquity. Your work seems to be a part of that next level. I’m very much looking forward to more.

    Needless to say the world of archeology will be turned on its head by your work. No one has coordinated what the effect of ice ages, crustal movement, and the movement of the poles has on humanity. When slowly recovering from these types of massive Earth changing events it’s always necessary to readjust and reassess a sense of place, orientation, time, and directions starting with the most fundamental problem that would confront survivors – the farming cycle. It would always become necessary to build a structure (starting with basic stone circle and tall stone to cast a shadow, or a sliver of sunlight allowed to shine on a circle for example) that would facilitate gathering knowledge of the winter and summer solstices for the planting and harvesting of crops.

    Once that knowledge is regained, and upon gathering seeds, it would probably only take a year or two to start growing crops consistently. This will naturally foster small villages at first, then onward to larger local pockets of people, then cities and civilization develop. For some reason archeology does not seem to understand that humanity (and the Earth) goes through these larger scale cycles with peaks and valleys of renewal. The linear so called “primitive hunter-gather” approach does not satisfy those who can ‘sense’ the pattern that your work seems to reveal. The orientations that you’ve discovered and their points of magnetic intersection could correlate these massive cycles with the rise of civilizations shortly after a calamity in nature. I think people recognize these natural patterns but they have not seen anything that can put the pieces together at a larger scale.

    I know you’re busy but if you ever get the chance consider looking at the recent finds of “Light Detection and Ranging” (LiDar) technology that is being used to reveal vast metropolis of cities, temples, and super highways hidden under the jungles of Yucatan and Cambodia. Because of the size of the ancient cities, ancient population estimates have been raised to millions of previous inhabitants. They are slowly beginning to detect evidence that the so called “antediluvian world” and the loss of civilizations multiple times in the far ancient past is a reality. Messages hidden in the stones themselves. Especially interesting is “El Mirador” in Guatemala which, like the pyramids of Giza, also has three pyramids that “mirror” the belt of the constellation of Osiris! Archaeologist are forced to rethink their 2-3000 year estimates because it would take a LOT longer than that to architecturally design and build temple-city complexes with food provisioning for what is now estimated to have been at least 10 million ancient people that once occupied the region.

    Needless to say I think you are definitely on a strong evidence based track and can’t wait for your book!!

  5. Hi Clark,
    Thank you for your interesting comment. I know some of the works of Madame Blavatsky, although not very well and it was a while ago. You make an interesting connection here between Blavatsky and Carnac. Best regards. Mario.

  6. MB,
    I have the good fortune to live not far from Carnac in Brittany. It is an intoxicating pace to visit, full of energies and beauty, despite the crowds and roads nearby. While reading through Madame Helena Blavatsky’s magnificent compilation and synthesis of human and cosmological history in “The Secret Doctrine”, Carnac appears from time to time, dating back in her estimation in the “six figures of years”, much as you have suggested. Her profound grasp of ancient wisdom, myth, tradition and particularly symbolism, in fact her entire grasp of cosmo and anthropogenesis (and the syntheses she makes) is astounding to me, though she wrote over one hundred years ago. I wondered if you have had the pleasure of studying this work. You would find that much of what you are postulating is anticipated in these writings and I am sure it would interest you. I do believe the arrogance (and ego) of our age hides the truths that you are endeavoring to uncover. Keep up the search. Best regards.

  7. Hi Bob. Yes, I believe there’s truth in the stories about fallen angels (which equals gods who came from the sky). When the Nephilim (the giants) are mentioned as physical giants there could be, I think, a serious misinterpretation. A race of giants can also be a parable of a genius race. A cross examination between the bible, the Nag Hammadi, and the Sumerian tablets hints to the idea that the Nephilim are the Human race, and the offspring of the fallen angels, hence children from the gods from the sky. The secret book of John (Nag Hammadi) contains some clues which support this idea as well.

    Two quotes from the secret book of John:

    “”I [Yaldabaoth or the fallen angel] am a jealous god and there is no other god beside me.” But by announcing this, he suggested to the angels with him that there is another god. For if there were no other god, of whom would he be jealous?”

    “The body [of Adam] moved and became powerful. And it was enlightened. At once the rest of the powers became jealous. Although Adam had come into being through all of them, and they had given their power to this human, Adam was more intelligent than the creators and the first ruler. When they realized that Adam was enlightened, and could think more clearly than they, and was stripped of evil, they took and threw Adam into the lowest part of the whole material realm.”

    There is so much still to learn for us besides the mathematical truths which lead us into a whole new world. The metaphysical part takes a lot of my time, although I don’t publish much (yet) on this topic.

    Thanks for this interesting communication, Bob.

  8. Hi Mario, and thanks for bringing up Yukteswar. I just read about him. Do you believe the fallen angels mentioned in Genesis and their progeny the Nephilim existed and had a role in these phenomenal works of engineering?

  9. Hi Bob. Human cultures, from barbaric level to very highly developed, have been around for many hundreds of thousands of years. There is indeed no reason to think Baalbek was built by aliens. Human consciousness had unseen peaks which, I think, gave them the capacity to manipulate matter by focusing with their minds. That’s why, I think, it’s the reason why we find no tools nor lifting equipment. A study to the correlations between structures with large stone blocks and the so called Yuga cycles, at its best described in “The Holy Science” of Yukteswar, shows remarkable correlations. The capacity of our own minds during these “golden ages” is beyond our current comprehension. I know this hints strongly to spirituality and advanced religions, but the topic of cutting and moving large stone blocks has also to be seen from other perspectives than sheer brute cutting and lifting power.

    The period in which Baalbek was constructed was at the end of a 25,000 lasting period of development; this culture was probably at its peak. Yes, I think the builders were surprised, despite their godlike capacities, by the last cataclysm which was violent compared to the ones before that.

  10. Makes sense. No way the Romans put that foundation together. I don’t think aliens used it as a landing/launching pad either. Do you think the cataclysm happened during the construction?

  11. Hi Bob, Baalbek is oriented to the most upper part of Pole II. It is probably built at the end of the era of pole II, 130,000 years ago, and because of the upcoming cataclysm never finished. I think that is the reason why the Romans could add their little stone blocks on top of the massive blocks of the original builders and claim it as their own.

  12. The orientation of the great stones of Baalbeck appear to be oriented counterclockwise from north. What pole alignment and therefore about what era would this structural marvel have been laid down.

  13. Hi Mario – I have a radio show and would really like to have you on. Your information is a game changer! You are one of those infrequently stumbled upon individuals who has solid answers to important questions. Our audience needs to hear you… Please contact me : )

    Best Wishes
    Jerry Wills

  14. You’re welcome, Bob. I appreciate the communication. Eastern Siberia has the Kolyma range, the Chersky range, the Koryak range, and the Verkhoyansk range, covering together an area of the size of the Rockies. Antarctica moved a little bit, but hardly.

    There are ideas and models about the deformation of the crust, but yet in an early stage of development. It’s awesomely complicated to calculate, to simulate, and to show in a simple way to the public how that slow multiple stage process took place. Very slow processes are hard to imagine for most people, and even harder to show in a simple animation. Watch a flower grow and nothing happens, but if you come back the next week much can be different. With the Earth it’s the same only many times slower.

    In the deformation process of the crust there’s also a process involved what scientists call relaxation, which is well known in plastics. When stress is applied to plastic it will stretch or compress depending of the direction of the forces. When you take away the force the plastic will bounce back, first quickly and then increasingly slower (logarithmically) to its original size. When the plastic has been forced over its yield strength it will also bounce back but not to its original position – it has been deformed permanently. The same happened with the crust only on a much larger scale.

    Some parts of the crust are thicker and more firmly attached to the Astenosphere. Other parts are more free and can easily be stretched and/or shifted. If you look at how the Earth looks like you’ll see a massive smooth plate on one side, the Pacific plate. The Pacific plate is stretched from Antarctica whole the way up to the South side of the Bearing Sea. It has not a single crack nor any significant landmasses. The Pacific plate has been stretched significantly. This was the easy part.

    Compression and buckling comes with much more complicated (and unpredictable) patterns than stretching (just perform simple experiments with some clay and you’ll see what I mean). If you look at the other side of the Earth you see large landmasses and mountain ranges, and an Atlantic Ocean with a massive crack in the middle. Why are most mountains ranges predominantly running in the vertical direction? The way how this other half of the Earth looks like appears to be the work of a complicated compression process, which ran over the last 450,000 years in the North-South direction. The theory has no horizon further than that and it doesn’t claim to have that either.

    I know it turns much of Geology upside down but that’s one of the serious consequences of inescapable mathematical proof. However, the math is one thing, the specific behavior of the crust is the other thing, and we’ll be working on this for the years to come.

  15. Thanks for the detailed answer Mario. If the South Pole is held constant and the North pole has moved there should be evidence of mountains forming as the crust buckles on the Greenland side and gaps in the eastern Siberia direction. I think eastern Siberia is pretty flat which is what you would expect. Have you any thoughts on that?

  16. Hi Bob. Good question, thanks for asking. There are hardly no monuments on the Southern hemisphere which were in fact on the Southern hemisphere if we count in the series of crustal deformations. Most of Peru’s structures were built when Peru was above the equator. One of the few exceptions and examples of a Southern alignment is Kalasasaya (Tiwanaku), that structure was orientated to our current geographic South pole. Note that the geographic South pole on Antarctica hardly changed position over the last 450,000 years, while the North geo pole significantly changed its position.
    The pyramid of Akapana which lies adjacent to Kalasasaya is covered with a few meters of soil and is oriented 1.7 degrees off line from the geographic South pole while the temple Kalasasaya is more accurately oriented, but still not perfectly. This gives us an indication (certainly no proof) of the movements of the Southern geographic pole. When we regard the amount of soil on Akapana with the offset of the structures and the rigid position of the geo South pole, we estimate Akapana to belong to Pole II.
    Puma Punku is even much older regarding its orientation.
    An article and video of Tiwanaku is in the making right now, and we have found good proof of its true age.
    Then we have Mungo in Australia which is insanely ancient. It is probably many millions of years old, but that claim is yet unprovable. Thank you for your interesting questions, they are inspiring.

  17. Thank you for your lengthy comment, Terry. It’s very interesting what you contribute to the debate.

    ad 1.) Yes, it is generally believed that Göbekli Tepe was hand filled. The reason for this idea is understandable given the paradigm (just a few thousand years old) they have to deal with. There are many odds against this idea, because the site of Göbekli Tepe is beneath the surrounding ground level. Who filled up the surrounding ground level? Dating organic artifacts by using 14C have to deal with three major assumptions;
    a) the artifacts belongs to the monument. How to verify this with 100% certainty?
    b) 14C itself is highly depending on assumptive production levels of 14C. If levels were higher, the artifacts are dated much younger. If the levels vary, the error increases. Calibration methods assume global and constant 14C levels. If the biosphere (varying sun activity, supernovas explosions, deformation of the crust, meteorite impacts) is not constant, the 14C levels are not constant as well, in fact they could be skyrocketing. If the levels 14C were for example four times as high during the lifetime of the organism, the material is dated four times as young as the actual date. We are preparing a huge article on the 14C method and how it can be repaired to find a more accurate datings of this method. This is the work of the large institutes but they are not doing the research serious enough. Researches which suggest much higher 14C levels are not funded, because it destroys the foundations under the well established historical time lines.
    c) Organic artifacts which are older than 60,000 are out of range of the 14C method. These artifacts are often neglected and replaced by artifacts which are within the 14C range. Hence is the 14C dating method highly subjective.

    ad 2.) Graham Hancock does a good job in stretching up the paradigm to another level. There is still very little knowledge, even among Geologists, about the sedimentation rates specifically on land (land chronostratigraphy). We’ve started a research project to gain more knowledge on this topic.

    ad 3.) I sure agree with you. For example, why is Greenland called “green” while it’s already white for many millenniums. The story goes about Erik the Red who called it green to lure new settlers. What is more likely; historians make up a story from their ideas in combination with documents which are falsifiable, or that a myth wanders around for many millenniums that Greenland was once green, a myth which is passed on through a long chain of ancestors? Both possibilities can be regarded as equal.

  18. Hi MB,
    I’ve read through many of your articles and the theory is very persuasive. Following on from my last question; the longest ‘stable’ period was 30,000 yrs which is 4,000 yrs longer than the current period so the possibility that we (the species/civilisation) can advance sufficiently enough to survive and secure current capability during the next cataclysm is high.
    I would like to make a couple of comments that may seem random but have triggered a question from other parts of this site.
    1. Gobleke Tepi was, I think, filled in on purpose to either protect them from a catastrophe or because they didn’t work anymore. The items that were c14 dated were possibly dropped by those people who filled them in. An interesting read was the conversation between the late German archaeologist Schmidt and Graham Hancock where Schmidt (Sp?) attributed farming to these people and the burial was some form of ritual.
    2. An interesting post on another part of this site where a well qualified historian quoted the interpretation that correlated the Sumerian list of Kings to hieroglyphs in Egypt saying almost similar things regarding the ages and timelines but being dismissed by ‘Experts’ because it didn’t fit the accepted view. This reminds me of the only experience i had as a volunteer on a Roman dig. A group were trying to explain why the settlers filled in a potential neolithic barrow (near Thornborough Henges), coming up with all sorts of theories, when the simplest explanation is probably true and evidence taken at face value.
    3. I’ve always thought that to every ‘Myth’ and ‘Mythology’ there is an element of truth. People might bend the truth for their own gain, recent history is full of characters like that. But when someone writes for historical record or as a philosopher (eg Homer, Egyptians and Sumerians) then you must take it seriously and when a discovery is made ALL possibilities like your mathematical theory, some C14 dating, geological evidence or any other science MUST be considered equally, and often Ockhams Rasor will dictate.

    Thank you for all this information, its great.

  19. Hi Terry,

    As far as we can look back currently, the longest lasting civilization (of these five) was between 240,000 and 270,000 years ago. This civilization built a long list of monuments, like: Stonehenge, some of the temples of Bagan, Chichen Itza (El Castillo, El Caracol), the Great Pyramid of Cholula, the Ziggurat of Assur, Kuara (Sumer), Zabala (Sumer). This list is much longer though.

    The full database consists currently of 535 ancient monuments from all over the world, and the proof is getting more profound with the expansion of this list. The proof is based on the orientation of the foundations, it has in fact nothing to do with top structures or aesthetic appearance.

    Yes, I believe these civilizations possessed advanced knowledge which we have lost during the last cataclysm, a period of global unrest which lasted 100,000 years. We are about to rediscover ancient knowledge bit by bit. Spirituality and quantum mechanics seem to get closer to each other each year. I believe also that these civilizations knew more about energy than we currently do.

  20. Hi, I discovered this site today and it seems to have scratched an itch I’ve had for years. I’d like to go down a different rabbit hole if you don’t mind. If we’ve had several civilisations that potentially lasted thousands of years is it possible that they had a different ‘science’ and technology? For as long as I can remember I’ve always thought that there is a science and capability that we haven’t yet discovered or have forgotten, it would fill in a lot of blancs in ancient capabilities.

  21. Hi Bob, America’s Stonehenge looks symmetrical to our current North pole. It is unlikely to be older than 12,000 years. The monument seems to contain sighting angles for the solstices and for the lunastices. Anything older than 12,000 years at this latitude has been crushed by the massive ice sheet.

  22. Sorry for asking a question about Tiwanaku I later saw answered in another study of yours. I notice that except for the Texas rock wall there are no US based measurements cited. I assume any northern US structures would have been destroyed by the last ice age and therefore any aimed structures based there should always point to the current pole. Have you tested any? The “American Stone Henge” in NH would be a candidate.

  23. Thanks for your comment, Bob. No, I haven’t studied it particularly. Tiwanaku (Kalasasaya) is built during Pole I, between now and 26,000 years ago. It is oriented to our current cardinals, hence to the Equinox. The square dimensions of Tiwanaku are in line with the solstices with that particular latitude. They used the monument to measure the time of year.

  24. Hi Michael,

    Thank you for your comment and questions.

    The research took altogether more than 3,500 hours using all available information there is; scientific papers, tables, maps, appendices, Google Earth, and all kinds of websites providing additional data. Everything you need to find the “truth” is already online available. The best and most reliable source is Google Earth. Most of the data of GE has been cross-checked with maps and other data.

  25. I am intrigued with your hypothesis.

    From the viewpoint of a four year research project into Ancient Dimensions, I have absolutely no problem with cultures whose origins lie tens or hundreds of years BCE, since we appear to be still using something of their dimensional heritage all over this planet.

    It would seem logical that for layered sites, a pyramid built over an older one, there might be a realignment (the reason for rebuilding!) as with the ‘Caracol’ observatory at Chichen Itza, whose original structure was not necessarily Mayan.

    What I am curious to know are the origins of your architectural orientations for the over 500 ancient sites you mention. Google Earth? Or on the ground measurement?

  26. Hi Michael, the Sphinx is without much doubt cardinally oriented (within ±1°) the same as the pyramids and is looking to the East of the rising Sun. You can confirm this by studying detailed maps of the Giza plateau.
    According to ancient wisdom (Thoth) is North equal to eternal life, and does East stand for conscious, self chosen death. In our culture we have lost the meaning of ancient spiritual practices, the importance of the cardinals herein, and the victory over life and death. The Sphinx is in my understanding not specifically looking to a certain constellation but to the victory over life and death.

  27. Hi MB
    Thanks again for taking the time to answer my(our) questions. Especially, the quickness with the responses is positively admirable!
    I guess what I was trying to say with the sphinx question was, when you see the overhead view, you can see the sphinx is slightly turned in relation to the Pyramids. So could the sphinx base have been built way before the pyramids, and perhaps somehow, oriented to one of the other poles? Or do you think it was built just to view the rising constellations (Leo)
    (or am I way off here?) once again thank you (i’ll be back w/more)

  28. Thank you for your interesting suggestions, David. I love to get critical questions and alternative views, and I appreciate your input.

    Before I published this discovery, it was countless times discussed and re-examined whether there are other possibilities which could have lead to this miraculous cross-linking pattern of independent located ancient sites around the world. The nodes which are found are running, of all possible places, over Greenland, in an almost vertical line (thus suggesting climatic changes), and indeed do the patterns correspond with the temperature proxies of the ice core data in Antarctica. That alone would be a miracle if that would have been the result of a random process.

    If the patterns would have been formed by minor crustal slips in combination with rotations of tectonic plates we wouldn’t find such radical rotations in such a uniform way. The Latin-American sites are believed to be not older than some 2,000 years; a uniform clockwise rotation of the two plates would not lead to such a radical rotation, not even in 10 million years if we follow the current tectonic models. Mexico and Peru are also located on two separate plates, suggesting different rates of rotation, movements, and/or directions.

    If the clockwise rotation would be the result of measuring errors, it wouldn’t be solely a deviation in the clockwise direction, but also in the counterclockwise direction, which is not the case. In the research we’ve compensated for measuring errors to an unusual high level: 3σ. It is this compensation which results into the size of the nodes. The size of the nodes grows with an increasing rotation of the related monuments and sites, thus suggesting the older (with the use of the Antarctic ice core data) a node becomes the more deformation the crust has endured, satisfying any intuitive logic.

    The same observed pattern counts for the sites located on the Eastern hemisphere, they are massively counterclockwise oriented, although in less radical numbers than the Latin-American sites.

    The orientation patterns of 535 (Jan 2018) ancient sites and monuments all over the world leaves not a single doubt of the overall pattern – it smashes conventional ideas to pieces. It even questions the current global warming ideas which are solely based on variations of CO2 concentrations – there’s more to climate than meets the eye.

    We are today still in the “rebound” of the latest crustal deformation which stopped 26,000 years ago. Global temperatures will still rise a few degrees (the biosphere recuperates first) before the Earth will go into the next “wild ride” in about 5,000 years from now. During this run-up will our civilization witness a dramatic increase in earthquake activity and increase in volcanic activity. The Greenland ice sheet will be completely gone by the time the next round starts.

  29. A very small and perhaps, insignificant question. Wouldn’t the combination of small variations in crustal slip, “wabbling” of the axis and measurement inefficiency (it’s hard to put a tape measure on a curved, fluid mobile surface) throw much variability into positional presumptions about the relative accuracy of distant points?
    I’m thinking of such sites as the south asian pyramids and the Peruvian ones where rotation and creep of plates have skewed them in relation to each other. Just a question from an interested and fascinated reader.
    In all, your work with probabilities has flushed out some conventional thinking from my mind; university educated in anthropology and archaeology and soaked in recent time explanations. Thank You Mario, whoever you are.

  30. Hi Michael D,

    It’s all right to ask questions. The Sphinx and the pyramids at Giza belong to the same time frame: between 0 and 26,000 years old. It is very unlikely that the Sphinx would have been built during another period, since it is very accurately oriented to our current cardinals. I don’t understand your suggestion or idea why the sphinx would have been differently oriented.

    The sky looked very different some 300,000 years ago, even from the traditional perspective of a fixed geographic pole. That is because the whole solar system rotates in relation to the surrounding stars. There are some (professional) systems which can simulate this over millions of years ago, but of course not with a changing geographic pole. The sky looked radically different when the crust was deformed.

    Some of the interesting outcomes of the research is that Egypt (specifically the location of the Giza plateau) hardly changed in latitude. This region seemed to have been stable in climate. Of course did the Sun rise and set at another location, but the solstices hardly changed. Because the whole of Africa rotated in the clockwise direction, was the climate in the Sahara completely different, and that must have influenced the climate (heavy rainfalls) in Egypt significantly, although the Pyramids and Sphinx were not yet built.

    When we look at the location of South-America, that changed radically over the last 500,000 years. The Amazon forest and regions like Peru changed dramatically. While the majority of the Amazon is situated around the equator (that’s why it’s so abundant), was this whole part of South-America some 350,000 years located at a latitude of between 25 and 35 degrees North! This part moved over an average distance of 3,300 km (2050 miles). The region of China and Myanmar faced similar very radical changes.

  31. hi again MB,
    Thank you for answering some of my questions on YT (chakra432)
    I have so many more to ask, I hope you don’t mind.
    Most people believe that the Sphinx is older than the Pyramids at Giza. Is there a way (using your theory) to see if the Sphinx was at one time oriented to one of the older poles perhaps pole 7,8 or more). The Sphinx is angled different than the pyramids. So, it would make sense that if the pyramids were built after the Sphinx, they were oriented to a different pole than the Sphinx??
    Also, where was Orion in the sky, lets say, 300,000 years ago? Is there an app (or something), available, that allows you to see the position of the globe, the alignments of the constellations(astrological) where they would have been 300,000 years ago? (or whenever the Sphinx was built). Essentially, rewinding time and the plotting the position of stars and how they would have related to the monuments.
    Same for weather conditions or climate. What was the weather like 300,000 years ago on the Giza plateau. What about in South America? I wonder if maybe the jungles did not exist back then? Maybe they are somewhat like “weeds” out of control, after the collapse of the civilizations. I have so many unresolved questions in my mind, relating to our past.
    I appreciate you taking the time to answer any of them.

  32. Hi Michael, thanks for the comment.

    I believe we just answered a similar question on our Youtube channel.

    Crucial to understand is that most researchers are captives of their own paradigm, ideas and believes, that advanced civilizations are not older than some 10,000 years. With this mindset are they examining everything. Imagine a scientist, on let’s say a prestigious institute like Harvard, who’s claiming to have found a method with which structures can be dated with a 100% accuracy but that this method says that ancient structures are between 50 to 100 times older than always presumed? What would most probably happen to this scientist? Loose his career or cheered by his colleagues?

    With this frozen paradigm is everything examined nowadays. All scientists are afraid “to piss next to the pot”.

    A second thing is that the way they usually date structures is indirectly, by associating found artifacts with the stone structures. So that is always an assumption. When these artifacts are of biological origin like wood or bones they can be carbon dated, only when they are NOT older than 60,000 years. That’s because C14 decays slowly and when the material is older than 60,000 years, the levels of C14 are no longer detectable. When that is the case the material has become in many cases hard to date, because the reading show ZERO.

    The orientation patterns of Gobleki Tepe show a remarkable high correlation with the PROVEN former geographic poles, which says in fact directly something about the structures itself than the artifacts around the structures.

    DNA research has opened a much wider range of possibilities. The recent discovery of the Homo sapiens fossils in Marocco were dated by using DNA dating technology. The age of these fossils, 315,000 years, were far off the scale of C14 dating. Mind you that the researchers who published this work kept their results during one year secret, afraid of the consequences it would have, or afraid of the consequences the tiniest errors in their work would have on them. This fear dominates science completely today.

    On the question whether this Homo sapiens was as intelligent as us is not hard to answer; of course it was, it comes with our species. The next question that rises is; was this species capable of using its hands like us, use its brains like us, make tools like us, built structures like us? Of course it was, otherwise it would have been another species than us. Many people react to that as if we have to “learn” certain aspects which belongs to our being. That’s a false idea.

    Most of us are caught in the idea that our species only thrived over the last 1% (±5,000 years) of their existence and that our species would have been over the other 99% (±500,000 years) only wild beasts. Again, that idea is false. Basic capacities like ours, to build structures and to reason, is one of the key features of our species. Many people will probably never understand this in their lifetime, because they are entrapped in a false idea, and many of them like to keep it that way. They are not interested in the truth, just in boosting their careers and producing worthless papers.

    It’s not hard to understand what the truth is once you’ve completely dumped the useless paradigm which is pounded into our mind by education, religion, media, parenting, and mainstream science.

    It’s your choice which path to follow and what to believe – Logos or Mythos. Mathematics versus stories. That’s one of the magical things of free will.

  33. hi MB, absolutely love your work, and theory. I’m personally still trying to wrap my head around some of these ages. I had thought that the 12k mark for many archaeological sites was much more plausible compared to the 4,500, that we are taught regarding the Pyramids.
    But I am just curious on your thoughts regarding the carbon dating at Gobekli Tepe? I have read where they have dated items to approx 12-13K years ago?
    I have also read that carbon dating at Caral (on braided items like the quipu) date back to around 5k years ago.Why the huge disparity between your work and the radio carbon dating figures?
    Thank you.

  34. These are good questions Marcin.

    Of course it’s a troubling idea for most of us that buildings and traditions could survive over a period of hundreds of thousands of years. When we’re attempting to grasp this whole idea in our very limited egoic mindsets, then note it’s about the orientation of the foundation and not necessarily about the top structures. The top structures could have been renovated countless times, in fact, we’re not really interested in them at all – only the foundations.

    Another thing which is crucial to understand is that over 40% of the buildings are NOT oriented to one of these poles, which could mean a lot of things, and we could construct all kinds of ideas to where they were oriented, but in fact we’re not interested in them as well. The current dataset contains over 500 ancient buildings from which 300 cluster in only 5 clusters on and around Greenland. From that we can calculate the probability for that to happen accidentally.

    Everyone understands that such crustal shifts won’t go unnoticed. Almost everyone also understands that these massive cataclysmic events won’t happen every few millenniums. They should have been recorded somewhere, and the best place to find any evidence of these events is in the ice core data of Antarctica. It then appears that the distances between the nodes perfectly fit on the temperature swings (proxies) found in these ice cores. Again, we can calculate the probabilities for this correlation to happen accidentally. We found astounding small probabilities for these complex correlations to be accidental, hence we’ve found our time frame for the ages of the nodes.

    That’s what the theory is about, it’s a full mathematical theory. The theory also merges many yet unsolved problems to one.

  35. Hi,
    Your theory is very interesting. I have watched all of Your videos, and one question it comes to my mind: If it’s true, that all of those pyramids, all over the world ale so extremely old, how do You explain that they are so similar to each other? In other words: why over the years, and even hundreds of thousands of years construction style doesn’t change? Is it possible?
    And secondly: how the tradition of building could survive for such a long period of time? We are talking not of thousands, but hundred of thousands years!

  36. Hi Bob. No we haven’t done any analysis yet of megaliths in the Ural mountains. Most dolmens and megaliths appear to follow the same pattern, and some of them are far older than 350,000 years. Most geoglyphs in Brazil, for example, are also way older than 350,000 years.

  37. Fascinating stuff Mario. I believe you are on to something. Have you done any analysis of the megaliths in the Urals to see if there is any directional evidence?

  38. Thanks for your comment, Rich. I understand your opinion and believes, and I shared it completely with you just a few years ago. But there is not much to believe when it comes to mathematics, which cuts like a laser through all the nonsense, ideas, opinions, and believes. It, in fact, says more about our believes than the actual underlying truths. Apparently, our believes have to be adjusted not just a bit, they have to be adjusted very radically.

    The Earth knew at least half a dozen civilizations which are almost completely wiped away during periods of great turmoil. These periods lasted between 15,000 years up to 100,000 years depending of the size of the catastrophe. These periods are so long that it’s hard for an advanced culture to maintain a sophisticated lifestyle. The few survivors were warped back into the Stone Age, the survival mode, and slowly found their way back to built a new civilization, like ours today, which in fact arose from the ashes. A species which seemingly loomed from the last ice age. The only serious remains are just “a few” stone buildings spread around the globe.

    Most of the “evidence” that mainstreamers are always whining about is hard to find, or scattered and buried, and out of reach of the Carbon dating method. There’s not much space for a believe system in this theory or method, because it’s fully mathematically structured.

  39. Mario,
    Just stumbled upon you work today (Haven’t seen all of it yet.) and I have to say I am impressed. I have to say the pole has shifted and the crusts with it to some degree. The scale of time seems too great to be believed. If you look at the progress made by mankind in the last 3000 years. And use as a constant mankind’s inherent nature to progress in knowledge and technology we would have had to have been very advanced at least 2 or 3 different times in history dating back 300K years. For one of these civilizations to vanish completely is possible but more than that? Perhaps there is something more at play here maybe the timescale of the crust shifts are in fits and starts enough to cause very quick destruction on a grand scale. Might help with the explanation of very little left for us to discover as far as evidence of said civilizations. Giant Tsumani’s and earthquakes would destroy much but one has to ask would that be enough to wipe out a civilization such as ours? Also the continents are Drifting and moving to some degree and that might be some of the shift in the northern orientation. Either way love the work. If you haven’t already check out Puma Punku in Bolivia very advanced stone work we cannot match today if any sites would help your theory this one might. Thanks Again

  40. Thanks, Matt. We actually took a look at this location. This “sphinx” has all indications it’s the result of natural erosion. Too many people are mislead by their observations even when they discover this in an area full of natural erosion, the penny still hasn’t dropped. Some clouds look like an elephant, that doesn’t mean it’s a flying elephant. Our senses are no organs of truth.

    Happy new year to you too!


  41. Thank you for your comment, Loris.
    I will look into the phenomenon of HotSpots, and if true these locations could prevent the crust to move. I am only suggesting at the moment, but the crust could have been bent around to these somewhat more fixed points. Antarctica is a massive fixed point, it hardly moved over the last 500,000 years.
    Regarding paleomagnetics, it is a hazardous terrain with diverging theories and opinions. There is however a very good book available of Robert F. Butler. I believe it’s freely available on the internet in PDF. If you can’t find it, let me know, I can sent it to you through e-mail. Based on thousands of samples, it’s almost certain that the magnetic pole flipped some 750,000 years ago. In these parameters are of course the crustal deformations included. They will be filtered out in future operations.

  42. Mario, your work is extremely interesting for me.
    I am an Italia researcher and author of a book (“Il segreto di Giza”, 2003) which supported Hapgood’s theory. Afterwards, however, I tried to find out indisputable evidences of the theory, with the only result to increase doubts… Now I’m aware that the shifting crust theory has to face at least two major problems, as follows:
    1) “Hot-spots” (e.g. Yellowstone) – The existence of fixed hot-spots is not compatible with recurrent crustal shifts.
    2) Paleomagnetic records – I have done personally a thorough research on more than one hundred paleomagnetic records, from all over the world, distributed during the last 5 millions years, and the result is that the global average paleomagnetic pole is very close to the current geographic pole (statistically not distinguishable). Since the average geomagnetic pole should be coincident with the geographic pole (over long periods) – according to the dipole theory – the crustal shifts should be such as to maintain an average geographic pole in the current position…
    Well, if you can solve these problems, I would be very happy…
    Thank you very much for your great work.

  43. Thank you, George. The cause is not mysterious, it was already discovered in the 1920s by Milankovitch. He based his calculations on the orbits of the most heavy planets Jupiter and Saturn. Lighter planets like Venus which is much lighter but on the other hand closer to the Earth also influences Earth’s eccentric orbit. Eccentricity of orbit is the key.

    What is new here in this theory is that no one before has found a mathematical relation between crustal deformations and the occurrence of ice ages, and that these crustal deformations are intimately connected with the orientation patterns of ancient structures. The interconnectedness has profound implications on scientific disciplines like archaeology, climatology and geology.

  44. Please give us your cause of high eccentric orbits. Could it be large heavenly bodies periodically coming through our solar system?

  45. Dear Sir, thank you for your Geoarchioastronomic work, research and theories. I stumbled across your site, mariobuildreps.com, researching Chichen Itza, as me and my family will be visiting this coming may. I’m extremely impressed by your work and theories. I have so many questions but I will withhold as I’m ignorant regarding much in this field. However I will continue to read and attempt to understand and maybe in the future I can ask some educated and pointed questions regarding the theory. Thank you again for your labor. It’s enlightening to say the least.

    Dan Beesley, Utah, USA

  46. Much applause. I knew there was more to learn about man’s history, that the truth was out there. Thank you.

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