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Mario is not only a graduated engineer and a serious scholar, he also loves to hug a tree once in a while. 

You came here because you are interested to discover who created this new, controversial theory about our ancient history.

The author, with a pen-name of Mario Buildreps, is a successful former businessperson and a graduate engineer. His engineering skills were not only successful for technical jobs but also proved to be essential for his recently discovered truth regarding our ancient history. He discovered that the orientation of ancient structures around the world follows a pattern, an overwhelming mathematical pattern, one that has become the subject matter of this website.

Mario is an independent researcher and dedicates his time to what he calls “finding the truth”. There are no shareholders involved, nor has this anything to do with ego issues. Only Love for the Truth makes him thrive and drive on in search of more proof for his unique dating method of ancient structures. Our team is growing with enthusiastic highly skilled and motivated researchers and editors. Our research is expanding rapidly growing stunning many mainstream scientists with our simple although fully mathematical research.

His recent discoveries, done entirely outside of the official scientific community, reveal astounding insights into the reasons for geographic polar movements and their undeniable close relationships to ancient cultures.

Our ancient history, including a vast amount of ancient buildings, is at least 350,000 years old. That is not just an idle statement because a large amount of data and mathematical certainties support it. It appears that the dating work that was done by archaeologists, scholars, and historians over many decades have revealed next to nothing about the REAL antiquity of humanity.



Why We Only Need Mathematics

Everything is composed of basically the same constituents, so-called atoms, with so-called electrons, so-called proton, and so-called neutrons whirling around a so-called nucleus. However, if we were able to zoom in even further, we would find only vibrations – waveforms – and these are essentially mathematical.

Mario is not only doing serious research, he also likes to sail once in a while and make fun. 

Mario is 100% certain that everything is ultimately mathematical, and he is therefore also sure that we can express just about everything mathematically. To express some things mathematically does not apply to Quantum Mechanics or General Relativity, but also to our origin and our history. Unfortunately, our ‘educative’ training frequently prevents us from seeing the truth in these math statements. We are taught that mathematics is just a tool, an abstract tool from which to get answers. Our senses are completely unable to “probe” the invisible noumena that underlies everything we call matter. We lack organs to discern intangible truth. That is why we are so drawn to empiricism and materialism.

Here is a reality check: Why has every successful scientific theory mathematics at its core? Wouldn’t that be because the underlying driver itself is mathematical? What else could it be?

If we implicitly follow the path of mathematics, we unlock the most astounding truths of life. That is what our research is all about, unlocking our consciousness by showing the reality of things that science, religions, education, parenting, and politics have covered up or ignored for much too long.

Our book which is now in the making will set many things straight:

  • the true age of ancient structures
  • the true age and origin of what we call Homo sapiens
  • the codes encrypted in many pyramids like Giza and Teotihuacan, and where and what they are pointing to
  • the mathematical relations between pyramids, temples, and dolmens around the world
  • why and how civilizations were “lost” multiple times
  • mathematical proof that ice ages were earth crust shifts and were the cause of the disappearance of past highly developed civilizations
  • a scientific account of the cause of earth crust shifts
  • why CO2 is not the cause of global warming and is simply a monumental hoax.

Many people feel that there is something not right with the prevailing scientific paradigm, and since science tells them what they must think, they are caught between a rock and a hard place, so to speak. Science is seemingly untouchable but that is about to change quite radically. If you keep believing in the old “scientific” paradigms, you end up dismissing the power of mathematics, and indirectly reject pure mathematical models, such as quantum mechanics, as being true. In other words, your belief system needs a serious upgrade.

Our book will unlock and untangle many subjects that so many people are longing to understand. It is fully math-based and yet, it will be understandable for everyone.

Our book will support mathematically what so many people all around the world are already feeling intuitively. It will be published under the pseudonym of Mario Buildreps.


© 2015 – 2018 by Mario Buildreps

Proofreading and editing: J.B. – 27 May, 2018



18 Responses

  • Ted Zenuk

    The grammar in your videos is really bad. I am reminded from my college days that at graduation engineers said “four years ago I couldn’t spell engineer, now I are one”
    I find a lot of your ideas seem to make sense but I cannot deal with the dating and the Anunnaki..

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for the uplift, Ted. English is not my native language. Since the time the videos were made our team has been strengthened with a native alpha to improve the texts on our website. It would be nice to hear which of the many things you actually agree with (which is just an opinion against mathematics) instead of writing down the few things you disagree with, because most of our method converges around the dating method.

  • Kris Van den Driessche

    Hi Mario,
    Your work is really nice and correlated to my findings. Though your work doesn’t explain the reason. A lot of people/writers dedicate the cause to meteors/planets which come back because of their orbit. Though my personal studies dedicate it to the collision from CME’s with interstellar plasma which influences the magnetic direction. The long sun cycle shows that the Earth has the most important crust move after the duration of every half precession. This means that till your V-pole, you’re certainly right, but before the V-pole it’s a total guess. You cannot extrapolate. Moreover, it means that we are sure of a soon important crust move, though one cannot say if it will happen in 5 years or in 200 years. OK, even while I’m 100% convinced, I know that one can easy be mislead, thus any well prooved theory may stay open for investigation.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Kris, thank you for your comment. You are right, we cannot extrapolate beyond pole V and that means that we have shown that earth’s history even over the last 500,000 years is much more complex and dynamic than anyone ever held possible.
      You have unfortunately not read all of our work. The reason of crustal deformations are very well explained, and that is the high eccentric orbit of the earth around the sun. High eccentricity means high annual gravitational fluctuations that leads to an oscillating force deforming the crust. When eccentricity is high this oscillating gravitational force can vary up to 30%. Science has never found the reason as to why eccentricity fits one on one over the glaciation graph. We have now discovered why that is.

  • James Patten

    What happens, if there is another crust deformation soon – to the US, our civilization, population, environment?

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi James, thank you for your comment. The next crustal deformation will not occur in the coming millenniums, and it will not take place overnight, but over a course of many millenniums and slowly destroy our whole civilization. What we will see happening the coming centuries are rising temperatures, the melting of Greenland (sea level rise of around 20 feet), increasing volcanic activity, heavier earthquakes, until the earth’s crust goes over a sort of threshold and becomes unstable. Because Greenland’s ice sheet is gone, the gulf stream won’t be present anymore in that part of the ocean, so the climate in the US will become warmer.

      The center of the US, let’s take Kansas City, will slowly shift from a latitude of 39 degrees to a latitude of between 30 to 25 degrees. I expect that during the shift over the many millenniums the US will be a very hostile place to be. The environment will become slowly much hotter, the population will start to migrate and this will result in numerous conflicts. Agriculture will stop to flourish and people become hunters/gatherers again. The population will decrease rapidly due to famine, diseases, and conflicts.

      In the far future close to 20,000 AD, after many generations living in small tribes, when the crust is stable again the population will slowly start to grow again. A sort of new native Indians. There will be many narratives of a lost advanced civilization which was our civilization, and of course there will still be the megalithic leftovers of the civilizations before us. I hope this paints for you a picture what we will expect in the far future. We will not experience this in our lifetime, a global nuclear conflict maybe, but not a massive cataclysm.

      • James Patten

        Thank you, Mario! Extremely interesting review of our future! After reviewing your entire site, I believe it will happen exactly as you’ve stated. It’s difficult for almost all of us to imagine it. Think about it – people dressed in animal skins (again), hunting with bow, arrows, and spears. Flint will become high-value again (money). The planet will start healing; almost sounds exciting! ”Waterworld” Era?

      • Mario Buildreps

        It is indeed an extremely fascinating topic, James. The planet is sort of wounded together with all its inhabitants after this future cataclysm and needs many millenniums to heal. Because Russia will be much Northerly than it is today it will become extremely cold, there will start to develop a new ice sheet on the North Eastern part of Russia. Antarctica will almost remain at its current position, Greenland’s ice sheet was already gone, so the sea levels would be much higher not directly like in “Waterworld”, but yes most of the coastlines as we know today are gone by then. Due to the much intenser cold on Siberia there will start to develop a similar ice sheet on Russia as there was on Greenland, after that happened the sea levels will be similar again as we know today. Greenland will have the same climate as Scandinavia, cold but livable.

  • Jules Yorke

    Just stumbled on your videos on YouTube, whilst searching for information to support my feeling that Stonehenge & Giza were built by an older, more enlightened civilisation (even started a page on Facebook about ancient pyramids in the hope I could find out more!) Could we be living in the ‘dark ages’ & our forefathers lived in a ‘golden age’ of enlightenment?

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Jules, Thank you for your comment. It is an interesting question that we have researched behind the scenes. You might have heard of the Yuga cycles as explained by Yukteswar? According to Yukteswar have these cycles a duration of 24,000 years and influence the consciousness of life on Earth. There are four levels of consciousness Kali (iron), Dwapara (bronze), Tetra (silver), Satya (gold). We just left the Kali Yuga behind us and entered the Dwapara Yuga period. It will still take some 5,000 years of progres before we enter the golden age.
      Yes, there were civilizations hundreds of thousands of years ago that lived during the Satya Yugas and were incredibly more advanced than our civilization. But these civilizations lived also during the Kali Yuga comparable as our middle ages. So our forefathers lived in golden ages and also in stone ages.

  • Jan M. Hansen

    It is revealing to find this site combining several points of interest from my own investigations and conclusions. CO2 and temperature fluctuation is due to sun, cosmos and nature, only the hoax is man made.
    Dating former ancient civilizations by measuring their buildings orientation to north. How several comet impacts may have caused the great flood, the pole shifts, the end of ice age and the lost of civilizations. Continue the great work backing up the theories by the truth of math.
    Greetings from Denmark

    Finding a solution or finding the solution – that’s the question ?>>!

  • Stephan

    Hi Mario,

    I love your work and it’s fruits!

    Could you also share some info about geodetic/true north in relation to those ancient sites? Would be great to see which sites represent galactic knowledge embedded in it’s construction… And is there a way I can contribute?

    Love from the Netherlands.
    –oneness is the only reality, truth is the only value, and electricity is the only energy. Love is the concept tying everything together.–

    • Mario Buildreps

      Hi Stephan, thank you for your comment! We will share more details in time about which sites relate to which poles. We are careful with the information because people tend to jump to strange conclusions when ideas are shared without deeper knowledge about such sites. You are already contributing by your great comment and great quote. You can also contribute by sharing the website on your social media. Thank you!

      • Stephan

        Thnx for your reply Mario. For now, sharing has no use;
        Those that are interested already now the ice-core studies since Parrenin in 2013 published similar conclusion as yours about Co2 following temperature. And ancient buildings’ alignment to north and it’s precession is already known since the ancient work of Lockyer (middle east) and Posnansky (South America).

        ps. As far as I know that “quote” is the fruit of my brain. However, you are free to make it a quote 😉

  • Andrew

    Hi, I discovered your videos on Youtube and think your work is: Fresh, invigorating, honest, amazing, astounding, as well as entertaining.

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for your kind comment, Andrew. Much appreciated.

  • arzu

    These are all very interesting. When will the book be published?

    • Mario Buildreps

      Thank you for your comment Arzu. The publishing date is not planned yet.


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