If the discoverers of the Bosnian pyramid claim that the structure is older than 26,000 years and if they also claim that these pyramids are very accurately oriented to the current cardinals, it is for almost 100% certain that their discovery is not what it is presented to be.

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  • Antoha

    In the wake of recent news that evidence of colossal pyramids had been found in the small Bosnian town of Visoko, many in the archaeological community are speaking out and dismissing both the discovery and the man who made it, businessman Semir Osmanagic.

  • K

    Then pleases do an orientation check and give us the real age of this pyramid. The granite slab world map discovered in the Equadorian cave with a crystal line running across as the equator, triggered me to think in your terms. The land mass was differently structured then. Continental drift, crustal displacement, land submergence and new land formation is a fact. Based on this, I also took a guess at the age of Mt. Kailash. Pole 4-5 or older? Would yourself be kind enough to give us some feed back?

    • Mario Buildreps

      The statement is simple and true; if the discoverers of the Bosnian pyramids claim an age older than 26,000 and also claim an orientation accuracy even more accurate than Giza you can be sure that one or both statements is not true. If it is a real pyramid it is certainly not older than 26,000 years.


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