You can help to support our work. Maybe you have noticed that we have no adds and do not stalk you with all kinds of banners. All the research is funded by us and by the great volunteers that have joined our team. Until mainstream funds are available, to do this deep and controversial research to our ancient history, we are on our own – together with your help.


Successful Research

We have successfully dated these monuments and sites, and their age appears to be very different than what the history books are telling us:

  • Teotihuacan
  • Stonehenge
  • Chichen Itza
  • Gobleki Tepe
  • Temple complex of Bagan
  • Simple Nuraghes
  • Conimbriga
  • The observatory of El Caracol
  • Caral
  • Complex Nuraghe Santu Antine
  • Complex Nuraghe Piscu
  • Chinese Pyramids
  • Pozzo di Santa Cristina
  • Carnac

Some of these discoveries are presented in easy to follow videos and some are published in a more difficult to follow scientific based article form. The most difficult form is the publication of our work in papers. These are specifically meant for the scientific community.


Much More is Yet to Come

To give you an indication of the monuments we currently researching and what you can expect from us to be published in the future:

  • More complex Nuraghes
  • Tombe di Giganti
  • Rujm el-hiri
  • Kofuns
  • Ka’ba-ye Zartosht
  • Tiwanaku
  • Roman colloseums and amphitheaters
  • Greek temples
  • Egyptian temples and pyramids
  • Eastern Island
  • Cairn de Barnenez
  • Hattusa
  • Mayapan
  • The Sphinx of Balochistan
  • Radiocarbon Dating 
  • Simulations of crustal deformations
  • Correction of the errors in Paleomagnetic data over the last 500,000 years
  • Migrations routes of our ancient ancestors 
  • The movements of Antarctica over the last 500,000 years

To give you an indication of the obstacles of some subjects (and all subjects have their own typical obstacles) like for example with the Kofuns in Japan. Kofuns are also ancient “tombs”. Many of these mounds are shaped in the form of a keyhole. There is hardly any information available about their location and more specifically their orientations. In situ research is strictly prohibited which means there is no archaeological information to gather. Only our method gives a solution to date them. That is why we are looking for local Japanese collaborators to gather more information, and these preparations take a lot of time.


How You Can Contribute

You can always give us suggestions which structures or monuments to look at. Leave us a comment below or send us an e-mail to:

You can contribute to our work by hitting the donate button. Every donation is like a seed that falls in fertile research soil. And we are thankful for every donation no matter how large or small. The donations are used, but not exclusively, to:

  • Hosting and maintaining the website
  • Writing, editing and printing of our planned book series
  • Costs of equipment like computers and software
  • travel and subsistence expenses of volunteers

Thank you!



We are currently renewing the website, more very exciting news will be posted soon. Keep following us! 


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