Lost Civilizations – Göbekli Tepe, An Ancient Astronomical Device?

How Old is Göbekli Tepe?

By using the Holistic Orientation Based Method, we prove with better than 99% certainty that Göbekli Tepe is much older than mainstream archaeologists want us to believe. As many other ancient structures, Göbekli Tepe also follows the pattern of the shifting crust. The large T-shaped pillars appear to be oriented to three former geographic poles, as shown in the short video below.

Our video provides an answer regarding the possible purpose of this site. We are still considering various scenarios which will be explained in our future book. Göbekli Tepe was most probably an astronomical device to measure the changing seasons, as the Nuraghes in Sardinia, or El Caracol (at Chichen Itza) in Mexico.

Our research shows that Göbekli Tepe’s age stretches over a period of more than 200,000 years. The mainstream estimated age of 12,000 has nothing to do with the truth, and is, in our opinion, simply a wild guess – much the same as the unproven hypothesis that the site had been purposely buried and hidden from view.



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