How Old Are Pyramids?


New research proves that most pyramids, temples, and important structures around the world were built before fatal earth crust shifts. The orientation of many pyramids reveals former geographic poles. The proof that the correlations are not at all coincidental has been mathematically provided by us. Most pyramids are much older than was always assumed, way beyond our imagination.


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Fig. 1: Pyramids are believed to be not older than a few thousand years. The truth is that they appear to be, in some cases, even older than 250,000 years – proven with our new mathematical theory. | © 2016-2018 by Buildreps


Commonly Used Dating Methods

Determining the age of a pyramid is not as simple as many people might assume. Most believe that archaeologists are correct in their conclusions. But stones cannot be dated to determine the age of a structure because what the researchers invariably find is the formation date of the rock material itself, and not when the stones were used in the creation of a structure.

Scientists believe they have found a reliable way to date stone structures when all they do is make associative, assumptive, and subjective connections between the organic materials found in and around the structures. They claim that this dating method is reliable, but there is no way for anyone to validate such a claim. We cannot associate one thing with another with absolute certainty.

And that appears to be the major problem in dating any stone structure: validation of the dating methods. There is not a single validation possible to back up any of the archeologists’ claims. Academia, in general, is very sure about its dating methods, but our new mathematical dating method suggests that all dating of ancient structures, performed during the past several decades, is incorrect.

Academia states that the most common way to date a structure is to carbon-date organic artifacts left by ‘builders’ found inside and around pyramids, or organic materials that slipped between the stones. This method of dating is believed to be fairly accurate. It is often claimed as ‘evidence’ regarding the age of a given structure. That appears to be a major mistake.


What is Evidence?

According to the Oxford dictionaries, evidence can be defined as the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid.

The words ‘scientific evidence’ are often misused to emphasize a certain belief or to label a certain theory.

We believe that the sun and the moon are the cause of tides on earth. But how do we know that for sure? The only evidence we have are clear patterns between the moon phases, orbits, and the tides. From that, we can develop a theory which predicts what will happen next. When we can verify it multiple times with our senses, we might become even more certain that the theory is complete and correct.

However, the final proof is the mathematical verdict that removes all doubts, whereas current scientific “evidence” only leads one in the direction of an assumed fact or dubious statement. We have mathematically proven that the foundations of pyramids are hundreds of thousands of years old – we have true evidence.


Classifying Pyramids according to Timeframes

If we can somehow relate pyramids around the world, can we then classify them into a certain time period? Yes, it appears we can. And this is the first step to take before we dive into the intimidating mathematical details. We can do that by analyzing the orientation patterns of pyramids spread around the world.

Analyzing the orientation of more than 552 pyramids and temples around the world made it possible to classify their foundations within certain time frames. The biblical and mythical deluges and the Ice Ages appear to be the same time-related event, as you will see further on in this article. And it even happened more than once in history. Some of our readers might have read Zacharia Sitchin’s translations of the Sumerian Tablets that also mention multiple deluges covering a period of more than 400,000 years. That confirmation appears to be something more than coincidental. The time frames, which are defined in these tablets appear to precisely correlate with the mathematical time periods we have been able to define.


Deluges and Crustal Shifts Are One and the Same Event

Is there evidence of a Deluge? Yes, there is! In fact, we have overwhelming evidence for a Great Flood if we just look at the effects the melting water of the great ice sheets had on the coastlines some 12,000 years ago. All coastlines were flooded around the world because of this melting water.

Around the globe, sea levels rose by about 120 meters. There are so many sunken cities all around the planet that it is easy to accept them as being older than 12,000 years. If such a deluge happened today, it would affect more than 60% of the Human population around the world.

Virtually all cultures speak about deluges in their myths and legends. Whatever scholars want to say about native legends, most ancient tales contain a deeply hidden truth. As we will show in this series of articles, the most probable cause of the floods was Earth Crust Shifts. Every shift marks the beginning of a new ice age.

We explain that, because pyramids have a square foundation, they can be used to find mathematical patterns in their orientation, especially when we examine them worldwide in large numbers.

  • Note: When we say: North pole, we mean the geographical North pole. Our theory of Earth Crust Shifts never deals with the magnetic poles. The geographical pole is the rotation axis of the earth.


Orientation of Giza

Fig. 2: The Giza pyramids are oriented to our current geographical North pole and therefore were constructed AFTER the “Great Flood”. They are older than 4,500 years and younger than 26,000 years. The Giza pyramids have been built with astounding accuracy, oriented to the current North pole. Their deviations beyond 0.06 degrees are not measurable.


Stupendous Accuracy

The statement that the pyramids of Giza are oriented to the current North pole (cardinally oriented) no longer makes the evening news. More important to know is that the Giza pyramids are oriented to the current geographic North pole and were therefore built after the Great Flood. This Great Flood was caused by an Earth Crust Shift, which ushered in the beginning of the last ice age.

Our current estimation is that the Giza pyramids were built between 4,500 years and 26,000 years ago. That means that nothing which is precisely oriented to our current geographic pole is older than 26,000 years.


Finding Our Current Geo Pole: How Triangulation Works

Fig. 3: The orientation of the pyramids of Giza and the pyramid of Ping of Han (one of the 12 Chinese pyramids oriented to current North) intersect at the current North pole. They belong to the same time frame.


Chinese Pyramids that are NOT Oriented to Our current Geographic Pole

Fig. 4: It is not difficult to see that some Chinese pyramids were NOT pointed to the current geo North pole, but to Greenland. This pyramid in China shown above is oriented at an angle of 8 degrees (352 degrees) West of North, namely towards Greenland. Were these pyramids built when Greenland was actually located at the North Pole?


Pyramids at Xi’an, China

China has over 300 pyramids which are oriented in just a few groups. Most of the pyramids can be found in the center of China, near Xi’an.

These are real pyramids, and it took scientists many centuries to figure this out. They call them “tombs” because we are simply groping in the dark what they were used for. There are people who suggest they were used to focus energy, but that is all very obscure for anyone to verify.

The pyramids in China are profoundly oriented in just a few different configurations:

  • Oriented to the current North pole;
  • Oriented at an angle of about -8° (to Greenland);
  • Oriented at an angle of about -14 to -15°.

Why are they oriented like this? The precision of the ones which are oriented to the current geographic pole is so exact that the other ones, which were oriented towards Greenland, suggest it was not something coincidental. But to prove this requires much more than just a few of these Chinese pyramids. That is why we collected as much data as we could possibly find.

The 8 degrees-oriented Chinese pyramids massively converge on the same area of Greenland as the pyramids of Latin America also do and collectively they form an enormous mathematical node. The odds for this node to be coincidental, which we have named Pole II, is 1 to 2.98×1016, which is incredibly high. Thus, Pole II is proven with 100% accuracy and certainty.


The Orientation of Chinese Pyramids

The different orientations of the Chinese pyramids imply that their ancient builder cultures had survived an Earth Crust Displacement. Crustal displacements moved the geographical North pole on Greenland to its current location. Greenland moved southward to an area where it would start to melt very slowly.

There are pyramids in China which were built before the Great Flood and others after the Great Flood. The builder cultures somehow survived it, adapted, and built another series of pyramids oriented to the new, current geographic pole.

This would mean that the pyramids oriented to the current North pole are of the same period as the ones of Giza, younger than 26,000 years. But the other pyramids, oriented with an angle of 8° are, by inference, older than 130,000 years. Yes, there is a huge gap between the stable periods of the geographic pole. The migration of a geographic pole took tens of thousands of years and wiped many advanced civilizations off the face of the Earth.

Is this why the Chinese culture is so advanced in medicine, religion, philosophy, and many other areas because it is so old and their traditions survived the Great Flood?


Locations of Some Chinese Pyramids

Oriented to Current Pole (0°) Oriented to Greenland (8°)
34°23’53″N / 108°42’44″E 34°21’48″N / 108°37’51″E
34°23’26″N / 108°44’21″E 34°21’43″N / 108°38’26″E
34°24’03″N / 108°45’53″E  34°20’18″N / 108°34’10″E


Pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico

The whole perspective becomes most interesting when we go to Mexico.

Fig. 6: The pyramids of the Moon (top left) and the Sun (bottom) at Teotihuacan. They too are oriented to Greenland.


One of the most important aspects of scientific evidence is that it is reproducible and verifiable. In our case, it is gratifying that anyone can look over our shoulder and can confirm what we are doing. We talk in simple language.

When we draw a line from the pyramids in China (oriented at 8°) and the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico, the lines will intersect each other on Greenland. This is reproducible and verifiable by anyone who has access to Google Earth. Academia should ask this question, as we did: What could this mean?

Read our article “Why is Greenland Covered in Ice?” again, and you will see clearly that the pyramids of Mexico and the ones of China were both constructed before the Great Flood. These pyramids were built when the North pole was still on Greenland – and that is a very long time ago.

The earth’s crust appears to have shifted, as Hapgood suggested, only it did this in a latitudinal manner. However, the crust did not shift as wildly as Hapgood suggested. It shifted slowly over a period of tens of thousands of years. The cultures that built these pyramids are much older than we ever imagined possible.


How Teotihuacan and Pyramid Wu of Han Intersect at Greenland

Fig. 7: The orientation of the pyramids in Mexico and China intersect each other exactly on the former North pole on Greenland. This is one of the former geographical North poles. By using this method with more than 552 ancient monuments, 4 former geo poles are proven.


Verification Data of Intersection Point

Pyramid Location Angle
China (Wu of Han) 34.338°N, 108.570°E 352° (360-8)
Mexico (Sun Pyramid) 19.692°N, 98.844°W 15.5°
Intersection Point 73.281°N, 44.246°W  


The More Intersections, the More Proof

Only a few intersections, as shown above, prove little. It could be just coincidental. To rule out any coincidence, we have collected, examined, and processed the data of 552 ancient structures and sites. The results are staggering. It turns upside down all our treasured conventional beliefs regarding our ancient past in relation to the Earth.

Since we already suspected that Greenland was once the location of a former North pole, we drew a line over Greenland from the current North pole to the current South pole, along a longitude of 45°W, and roughly calculated the number of intersections located on that preliminary reference line. The results were spectacular. Later in the process, the exact longitude of this line was calculated to be at 47.1°W. The results along this new line were even better.

Former geographic poles clearly revealed themselves at several locations on Greenland. The probability of this finding can be calculated by using the binomial formula. With the user data set, and with the preponderance of found intersections, the probability of mere chance is less than 0.000000001%. The existence of former geographic North poles has a certainty of better than 99.999999999%. Therefore, this finding is one of intent and not a coincidence.

In scientific terms: We can be sure this fact is true, and it has deep repercussions. As you will see, a puzzle starts to fall into place.

The Earth’s crust has shifted in the distant past when the civilizations who built these ancient pyramids, temples and other structures, were already present and were flourishing. We are not speaking of a few thousand years ago. We are speaking of a timeframe spanning hundreds of thousands of years.


The Earth’s Crust Has Shifted Multiple Times in the Past

We can safely claim that Greenland was repeatedly the location of previous North poles, without having any geological knowledge or evidence. We do not even have to go anywhere. We don’t need to walk on pyramids, or on glaciers, or to be a specialist in any of these areas. We do not even need a shred of ‘evidence’. We can now understand why Greenland is melting, and why we find so many mysterious sites around the world, and why these cultures disappeared.

In our book, which is currently in the making, we will disclose the details of how the location of this intersection line is calculated at precisely 47.091°W, rounded to 47.1°W.

The book will not intimidate anyone with mathematical equations forming the basis of our new theory. But there will be extensive appendices in the book, dedicated to the mathematics that supports our theory.


Reference Line to Measure the Number of Intersections

Fig. 8: When we examine the number of intersections with the North-South line, we find the former North poles. That line has been calculated at 47.091°, rounded to 47.1° for practical reasons. It delivers 100% proof – mathematical proof.


© 2016-2018 by Mario Buildreps


Proofreading and editing: J.B.


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