Lost Civilizations: Mayan City of Chichen Itza [TRAILER]

El Castillo, officially called the Pyramid of Kukulkan, is approximately 250,000 years old. That counts for large parts of the site. Some pyramids correlate with other poles, like Pole II and Pole III (Teotihuacan). These pyramids are younger, but still much older than assumed by mainstream science. The certainties of this claim are higher than 99.99%. The pyramid of Kukulkan hides two other pyramids underneath which are all similarly oriented. The pyramid of Kukulkan was once oriented to the cardinals and thus to the equinox. It produced a quite similar effect as it produces today during the equinox, but that effect was produced during the Summer and Winter solstices. During the solstices the pyramid produced the effect that so many people are watching during the equinox, but that contemporary event is a false event. The real event is still approximately 1° off from the original event. The event only occurred during the solstices. During the equinox it produced a magnificent grazing light along both the North and South side of the pyramid.

The ancient observatory on Chichen Itza, called El Caracol, contains all the clues to unravel the mysteries of this very ancient Mayan city. The key to understand the city is hidden in advanced mathematics. The angle between both Winter and Summer solstices depends on the latitude of the observer. All keys are there in this observatory, unlocking an amazing ancient history. The method or theory is put into practice on many other sites which will also be published the coming months.

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