Lost Civilizations: Pyramids, Atlantis, and the Shifting Crust (Part II)

This series of videos is a precursor of the book “Atlantis is Here”. The video starts with the simple question why Greenland is covered in ice. This simple question has never been sufficiently answered by mainstream science.

New, ground breaking research has found out that Earth Crust Shifts, Ice Ages, and ancient structures like pyramids and temples are closely related. This new theory proves mathematically 4 former geographic poles with certainties from 99.99% and higher.

The certainties of the position of the last two poles are incredibly high: 1 to many trillions that the found orientation clusters of ancient structures on Greenland are coincidentally formed.

The crust never shifted so wildly as Hapgood suggested in his theory. The earth had major shifts over the last 340,000 years. Hapgood also suggested that the crust shifted in the longitudinal direction. That also didn’t took place. The crust shifted in the latitudinal direction, which is a direct cause of the fact that earth is a rotating sphere. Every reaction to an external force takes place in the perpendicular direction of the rotational direction. The force in this case is oscillating gravity field when the Earth is in a high eccentric orbit around the Sun. That is the reason why the two graphs, eccentricity and ice ages, match perfectly to each other.

This video has been brought out as a precursor of the book, because I think it is important to know for the general public. It will still take at least a year for the book to come out.

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