Lost Civilizations: Mathematical Proof of an Unbelievable Reality (Part III)

Part 3 of this series will show you with a series of animations how Earth Crust Shifts stunningly relate to the glaciation graphs over the last 340,000 years.

The civilizations which are related to these eras are hundreds of thousands years old. Remember one thing; it is NOT about the top structures, most of them are renovated many times, like we renovate our homes once in a while, it is about the ORIENTATION of the FOUNDATIONS. When this purely mathematical entity is processed in large numbers, this unbelievable reality unfolds, and tells a whole story.

New, ground breaking research has found out that Earth Crust Shifts, Ice Ages, and ancient structures like pyramids and temples are closely related. This new theory proves mathematically 4 former geographic poles with certainties from 99.99% and higher.

The certainties of the position of the last two poles are incredible high: 1 to 2.98 quadrillion for Pole II and 1 to 95 billion for Pole III that they are formed coincidental. The truth is out there – it is mathematical and not materialistic. Welcome in a new paradigm of scientific thinking!


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