Pre-order our Book


We are currently working very hard to create our book and to get it into the world. You can now pre-order our book. Our first book focuses on the questions why archaeology systematically fails, and in detail how a series of massive cataclysms wiped away ancient civilizations.

Every civilization comes and goes with massive cataclysms which are not yet discovered by geologists, paleontologists, and archaeologists. We have identified four former civilizations over a time frame of more than 300,000 years. Civilizations were disrupted on a massive scale due to crustal deformations, an event that science has called “ice ages.”

Mathematics is our guide and we have made our method accessible to anyone through our website. Our true antiquity is immensely deeper and wider than anyone could ever imagine before. Our website explains the essentials, while our book goes much deeper into details. 


How to Order the Book

We like to know how large the first edition has to be. The final price depends on the size of the edition. If you have been one of our one-time or recurring donors, and you are interested to receive the book, your donation will be subtracted from the final book price. That means that some of our loyal donors will have our first book for free and some with a significant discount.

The specifications of our first book:

  • size: A4 paper measures in at 210mm by 297mm (8.26″ by 11.69″).
  • full color.
  • around 200 pages.

Our book will be manufactured by a local professional and will be sent directly to you through insured tracking service. You can send me an e-mail ( that you are interested to purchase our book. To get on our list of purchasers, we ask a prepayment of $25 USD together with your name and address. The book is to be published in the second quarter of 2020.


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