Pyramids of China – Why Our History Has Been Falsified

Who built the pyramids of China? Historians and Archaeologists tell us it were the emperors who lived somewhere between 500 BC and 1000 AD. That story appears to be a lie.

The mathematical keys which are found on a global scale show with certainties up to 99.999% that the orientation patterns of the Chinese pyramids are in accordance with the theory or method – meaning their ages range between 350,000 years down to a dozen millenniums old.

None of these pyramids were built by some emperor. The historical tales were bent by the ones who ruled, just as Mao Zedong did during the revolution.

The Chinese pyramids are aligned to the same geographical poles as pyramids and temples in Egypt, Belize, Mexico, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Guatemala. The odds for these patterns to be coincidental are so small we can be sure we have found the ultimate mathematical proof that ancient civilizations were scattered and decimated by earth crust displacements.

The Chinese culture belongs to what some have labeled as a lost civilization with a very long history of more than 300,000 years of peaks and valleys. The Chinese medical knowledge of acupuncture has probably its roots in this lost civilization of hundreds of millenniums ago which was given to us by “the gods from the sky” – the Anunnaki.

They became what we now call lost civilizations, but their structures are still in plain sight. That historians and archaeologists tell us something else can now be labeled as mythological nonsense. The mathematical facts tell us something else.

This short video is made to show a tiny part of the theory. You can read the big article on the main page to get a full grip on the theory or method. Enjoy watching!


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