Why Pyramids Correlate With Ice Ages – Part 1: Centricity of Ice Around Poles

A New Series

This new series of videos will lead you into a new, fully scientific paradigm of the Earth and our ancient history. It is taught to us at school that history of the Earth is another one than history of Humanity, but it appears they are very intimately entangled.

Part 1 of the series shows that the center point of the last series of ice ages cannot be explained otherwise than a different position of Earth’s crust. Through advanced mathematics is the history of our planet and that of ancient humanity unlocked. An amazing truth imposes itself to you.

Why Greenland Was the Center Point of the Great Ice Sheets

The center point of the great ice sheets was on Greenland. Exactly that same location is pointed out by a large group of ancient structures. The probability of this location to be coincidental is a whopping 1 to 209 trillion. An amazing truth. Greenland melts because its ice sheet was ones formed at another location: an ancient North pole more than 130,000 years ago. Its current location does not belong to its current ice sheet, so it will melt.

Because the crust has crawled very slowly during a high eccentric orbit around the Sun, large masses of ice once formed on the North pole, were transported to another location. Greenland’s ice sheet is the last remnant of this phenomenon.

That explains in the most simple way why CO2 lags behind on temperatures, hence it is the effect of crustal displacements. Can it be more simple than that? That complies perfectly to Occam’s Razor.

Mathematical Proof

The series will take you step by step on an amazing tour. Powerful mathematics is used to prove the way how mainstream science interprets history is false science. It is also powerful mathematical proof that the way how mainstream science interprets Global Warming is false science. Virtually everything that mainstream science interprets and presents about the Earth and ancient history appears to be false science.

The way how pyramids and ancient temples are oriented on the Western and Eastern hemisphere shows us unmistakably that they follow the path of crawling crust, and are so staggeringly more ancient than we ever believed. Three of the five mathematical nodes are located on Greenland, showing how Greenland ‘moved’ over the North pole, thus the ice sheet was formed in three stages over a period of about 160,000 years.

The series will explain how and why the crust shifted causing what the myths called the deluge. They were real. It will also show in a simple way how very difficult topics like paleomagnetism contains two variables: magnetic shifts and crustal shifts.

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