Pyramids of Giza – Latitude at Speed of Light?

It is said, by some, that the location coordinates of the Great Pyramid of Giza match the exact number sequence for the speed of light. Metabunk “debunks” it without making any proper analysis. Who is right and who is wrong?

Latitude of Khufu = Speed of Light?

Represents the latitude of Khufu the speed of light?

The former article explained it is not possible to level the pyramids of Giza so accurately with only primitive tools. Egyptologists keep to the record that the builders must have done it with simple tools, hiding behind empty slogans and fixed ideas. The facts are different though.

A measuring tool must be at least two times as accurate as the buildings specifications itself. By definition. It has always been known that measuring equipment must be more accurate than the manufacturing process requirements – a basic engineering principle.  It is important to understand that as a production process is evaluated, the variation of the gauge is inherently part of the variation observed in the process. Gauge makers apply as a general rule that a gauge must be 10 times as accurate as the product tolerances. So, we are very mild when we only apply a factor of two.

But that is not the only thing. Egyptologists also explain the building accuracy of the pyramids at the present day. They simply ignore the fact that the Nubian (African) plate has moved. These tiny plate movements must be corrected in the contemporary data of both the levelness and the orientation to find the correct data at the time the pyramids were built.

After correcting the data in the right way we find astounding accuracies which cannot be explained with the proposed simple tools, not even by a factor of 10. So be critical to what Egyptologists claim. They are wrong in virtually every aspect. They might have a monopoly on their “science” of the pyramids, they have no monopoly on mathematics and logic, and on top of that, they are no engineers.

The builders of the pyramids of Giza left a message. They used light as their instrument to adjust their huge constructions. Why? Because the great pyramid of Khufu was built at a location that equals the speed of light in a vacuum. That’s one of their messages. This article will not speculate as to what kind of instruments they might have used, no, it will explain the likelihood of that claim.

The Odds For 6 Digits to Match

The straight forward, uncorrected probability that the latitude of Giza actually represents the speed of light is very high. But that figure has to be corrected. | © 2016 Buildreps.

When we perform simple straightforward calculations there’s a probability of a whopping 1 to 900,000[1] that the claim is false, e.i. that Khufu represents the speed of light, hence a probability of 99.99989% that the claim is correct. That is the straightforward chance that two seemingly unrelated things match to eachother. It is therefore most likely that this latitude was chosen purposely.

Why This Probability Needs Correction

Probability calculations need often corrections, because we pick just one item of many other possible items. For example:

  1. there are three pyramids,
  2. there are more scientific constants,
  3. the Nubian plate shifted about 20 meters Northward since the pyramids were supposed to be built.

So, we must correct the outcome. In that outcome lie all the answers, the naked mathematical truth, kicking down all sacred cows.

Scientific Constants

There are many more constants in physics and mathematics. Constants are numbers like π, φ, e, i2, speed of light (c), atomic mass (Mu), the gravitational constant (G), electron mass (me), the Planck constant (h), etc.

In physics there are about 400 of these constants. In mathematics there are about 50 constants. If we add them up together we find approximately 450 currently known scientific constants. But there are many trivial constants which are only known to the most adept experts. The list of really important constants is limited to only about 30 constants, from which the speed of light takes a prominent position. We will take only these constants into account.

So, we have an uncorrected coincidence of 1.111×10-6 which has to be downsized with the amount of pyramids (3) and the amount of constants (30). But we have to upgrade that outcome again with the amount of other constants we find in the pyramids, like π, φ, and e (3). Why? Because it reinforces the fact that the builders incorporated constants into their buildings.

Probability the claim is coincidental = 1.111×10-6 × 3 × 30 ÷ 3 = 3.33×10-5 ≈ 1 to 30,000.

The outcome is 1 to 30,000 it’s coincidence, hence 99.9967% certainty that the pyramids are built on a location that represents the speed of light.

When you combine this outcome with all the impossibilities as proposed by Egyptologists, you see a clear message pouring through. They have used an advanced method – light.

The message of the builders is clear: “we knew what you know today, and more.”

Nubian Plate Movement

The Nubian plate moves today about 2 and 5 mm/yr Northward, depending on the plate tectonics model, and is doing that supposedly already for many thousands of years. So, that is over the last 4,500 years between 9 and 22.5 meters North. How does that changed the latitude? The most left 5 digits wouldn’t change, only the sixth digit from the left would change.

The correct calculation looks like this: plate movement [m] ÷ circumference Earth [m] × 360 [°] = 9 ÷ 40,075,000 × 360 = 0.000081° or 8.1*10-5°.

That part of the Nubian plate moved Northward, hence was the original latitude more to the South. The top of Khufu is now located at 29.9792°N. That movement in degrees needs to be corrected with -0.000081°, which results in 29.979°N. Many people will write the outcome as 29.979119, but we must neglect to write down the sixth, seventh, and eighth digits because they’re in the margin of error. So you must round it according to the rounding rules. That why it’s 29.979.

If the plate moved 22.5 meters North we would find the same value.

So, we’re for certain left with 5 matching digits: 29979. This changes 1 to 30,000 into 1 to 3,000.

The odds for the claim being accurate and true is reduced to 99.9667%. Still a very high probability, especially because we’ve now incorporated many reductions like the amount of pyramids, the amount constants, and the Nubian plate movement. The claim is therefore likely to be true and correct.

Teotihuacan and Giza have many similarities. They also have the similarity to be located at the same latitude, but since the crust has moved is Teotihuacan now oriented to Greenland.

The Consequences

The claim has many consequences. The speed of light is defined in m/s. Location is defined in degrees. The exact way of positioning, up to a few meters, is believed to be just recently possible. Our historians have taught us these were inventions that came much later after the pyramids of Giza. These assertions seem to be wholly wrong.

  • meter – officially defined in 1790 in Paris, France.
  • second – first coined by the Muslim scholar Al-Biruni in 1000 CE.
  • degree – first coined by the Greeks between 250 and 150 BC.
  • decimal system – probably originated in Iran around 3,500 BC.
  • the circumference of the earth – first known accurate calculations done by Persian Al-Biruni around 1000 CE.
  • speed of light in vacuum – first accurate estimate in 1728 done by James Bradley.
  • global positioning up to a precision of 5 meters – first possible since 1995.

The Egyptian measure, the cubit for example, was defined as: π – φ2 = 0.52356 (m). But that also is regarded as coincidence by most scholars, because they were not supposed to know π or φ down to six or more digits, but they had.

It’s apparent so that many well educated people feel uncomfortable with the idea that ancient civilizations knew much more than they. It confronts them with the fact that developments didn’t go solely upwards but went like a sinusoid. Our whole economy is built on the false paradigm of something that always grows and everything’s getting better. We like to extrapolate back in a straight line from now down through the middle age and further back to the Roman era, and so on. This is how we have learned to interpret our history. That whole paradigm is false and completely incorrect.

The pyramids of Giza are full with mathematical relations while Egyptologists keep persistently denying that fact.


We see that the probability that Khufu was built at a latitude which represents the speed of light is very high: 99.9667%. Or 0.0333% it’s coincidence.

To get a sense of proportions how small that is, you could perform this experiment for yourself: take a dice, pick a number you insist to throw and say it out loud, then throw. If this was successful, you have to repeat that same experiment 3 times in a row, without failure to get on the level of 1 to 1,296.

So, the message seems to be clear: the pyramids were aligned and adjusted by using light. It’s all there, in the numbers.

Since there are a few other, very important, constants incorporated into the pyramids it is very likely the claim is not only true, but also very accurate. Debunkers are unsuccessful in debunking the claim because they haven’t debunked anything on a scientific basis, which they should to be credible. Instead they just mindlessly repeat what everyone already knew. They have failed to include the queen of sciences, mathematics, into their attempts. The claim grows in likelihood with every failing debunking attempt.

It also seems to be clear we can toss many history books into the trash can – they are based on twisted narratives. Everyone should make up their own minds about it, but if you base your believe on stories which are passed on, instead of basing it on mathematics, remember the story carousel and how a story changes while it passes on. Be careful where you base your believe system on, your whole perception is built on that.

The tall construction is after so many thousands of years still standing tall and accurate. Can we repeat that today? The answer is: “maybe, but what would it cost and what are the benefits? Why must this structure still stand over a few hundred years, let alone 4,500 years? We are not going to pay for that!”

Only when you have understood the real message you can start to decode it. Let’s get started!


© 2015-2017 by Mario Buildreps

[1]: The digit 9, the most left digit needs perhaps some explanation. The number we can invoke here is between 1 and 9, because when we invoke a 0, it drops away. The other numbers can vary between 0 and 9, and can therefore take 10 positions, hence the five tens. Back to the most left digit, it can flip from positive to negative, which represent respectively the Northern and Southern hemisphere. So, this digit can take in fact 18 positions. But if we look practical, we can built only something where there’s land. From South Africa whole the way up to Sweden, or from South India to Siberia, or from South America to Canada. From this perspective it is fair to keep a 9 there, instead of an 18. Some might argue you can replace it with a 10, 11, or even a higher number with the argument that alleged pyramids are found on Antarctica. That’s their choice, I prefer the more conservative probability calculations.



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