The Secret History of the Living Earth

Fig. 1: Although I don’t like your pollution, like plastic in my oceans, toxic waste in my rivers and soil, and emission of your machines in my atmosphere, I have ways to deal with it. I love every creature that lives on my body. Although I’m very large, I’m also a living organism just like you. I would prefer that you treat me like I treat you, and please stop to foul my body with all your dirt – it costs me so much energy to process. It is your species and the species you are responsible for that suffer the most. Thank you!

What You Must Know Before You Watch the Video

The video might give some people the idea that pollution is no problem. It is a problem. Perhaps not so much for the Earth itself, but the more for the plant and animal life we are responsible for. Not to mention for Humanity itself. The video addresses the CO2 hype which is used to stimulate the growth and revenue model of economic prosperity. That is to say, the happy few rich benefit the most of this hype.

Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth has nothing to do with the truth. It’s not a bad thing to pay attention to pollution. It’s bad thing that good topics are misused for own profits.

What Al Gore and his mates never told you is that the atmosphere is always in equilibrium. How logical is that? When Humans pump more CO2 into the atmosphere its active feedback system ensures that the whole atmosphere remains in equilibrium. The much thinner Stratosphere cools down at such an amazing pace that it equalizes the warming denser Troposphere. The mixing process that takes place lags behind a few decades, because it works much slower, than the fast working back radiation which is blocked by the CO2 layer.

CO2 does not cause any warming of the whole atmosphere on the long term. Ice ages (glaciation cycles) were not caused by CO2 nor by the Milankovitch cycles; they were caused by latitudinal crustal deformations.

The WHOLE Atmosphere is in Equilibrium

Fig. 2: When it comes to temperatures is the atmosphere, as a whole, in equilibrium. When Humans pump CO2 into the atmosphere which forms a blanket high up in the Troposphere, it blocks infrared back radiation at night. The higher situated Stratosphere receives less back radiation and starts to cool down. Energetically spoken cools the Stratosphere as much down as the Troposphere warms up. The sum of both is zero. Due to convection and mixing, which works much slower than radiation, do both layers level their surplus or shortage. That process has a lag of a few decades. The larger the difference between the two, the smaller the lag becomes, the more extreme weather we’ll witness.

Extensive Data Research Reveals the Truth About Climate Change

Fig. 3: The rough processing of the 10 RSS gives a result of almost 0. More detailed processing results in 0. The Troposphere (red) is slightly warming and is the heaviest part of the atmosphere. The Stratosphere on the other hand is less dense but is much faster cooling down. When we mathematically process all details correctly we find an astounding equilibrium. The atmosphere has an active feedback system that ensures this balance.

Remote Sensing Systems Provides a Whole Picture

Fig. 4: Remote Sensing Systems or RSS provides data of the whole atmosphere. When we process the channels in a correct way – which is very difficult because they overlay each other partially and each channel scans another density – we find an astounding equilibrium.

Extensive Data Processing

Fig. 5: The data processing of the 10 channels gives an amazing result of 0. The slightly minus result is in the margin of error. Like already explained in fig. 4 are the channels partially overlaying each other which makes the unambiguous data processing of the measurements very difficult. That’s maybe the reason why this is never done sufficiently correct. The column “data weight” shows at which scale this channel uniquely scans the atmosphere. If we would simply sum up the channels we would overlapping the channels partially which results in an incorrect summation.

CO2 Causes Indeed Climate Change But…

That’s not the whole story. The Troposphere is indeed warming due to CO2 which entraps back radiated solar energy in the UV-frequency band especially at night. That’s undeniably true, but the climate system of the Earth is much more complicated and much more active than climate scientists assume.

Most scientists regard the Earth as a dead piece of rock. That narrow minded view will never make one understand how an active massively large intelligent organism regulates itself.

Video: The Secret History of the Living Earth


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