The Secrets of Carnac – How Old Is It Really?

The Mysterious Standing Stones of Carnac

The sacred ancient site of Carnac in France contains today over 3,000 standing stones. While they are orderly aligned in mind boggling long rows has no one ever before discovered their purpose. With the Holistic Orientation Based Dating Method is the most probable purpose of the site rediscovered.

By processing the different sorts of alignments, comparing the amount of correlations with the Poles I to V, appears the site to correlate with the Poles I to IV with a staggering high probability of over 99.999%.

It is therefore most probably true that the age of the site stretches over a period of more than 250,000 years. That raises even more questions, like why the stones are still in plain site and not covered with a layer of soil. That are one of the questions that science has to solve open mindedly in the future. Is it because the site has been in use up to a few thousand years ago? Has it been kept clean by the ancients as a sacred place? Who were the people that brought the stones there in the first place? How did they move so many stones?

One thing is sure with a high probability: the culture peaked between 130,000 and 155,000 years ago. It is during this period they positioned most of the standing stones.

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