The Secrets of Stonehenge – An Ancient Message

Stonehenge Is Not What It Seems

If you still believe in the medieval paradigm of Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age it’s about time you start to educate yourself. Not by mindless repetitions of historical text books, but by boosting your brain with mathematics.

If you believe you’re bad in mathematics it’s because it wasn’t explained well enough to you; everyone is basically good in mathematics. That is because we are in our true essence mathematical entities.

But if you burden your consciousness with tons of useless stuff like words and ideas which are untrue, you’ve programmed yourself into an irrational being incapable of grasping mathematics. In that state you can’t reach your own essence anymore.

Waking up can be done by shifting and/or widening your paradigm, and by dumping false ideas out of your mindset.

Enjoy the video!


© 2017 by Mario Buildreps