Anunnaki – Where Did ENKI Go To?

According to the Sumerian Tablets came the Anunnaki to Earth some 440,000 years ago to look for gold. After their installment in Sumer, which is nowadays the region of Iraq and Iran, they built a vast empire around the world. The Tablets speak of Enki to travel South, which has been interpreted as him traveling to South-Africa. Logically when there is not a single clue about Earth’s true geological history, and how it looked like between 400,000 and 500,000 years ago.

South seen from Sumer (Iraq) was back then a whole different direction then it is today, and so are all interpretations, even the most controversial ones, looking into the wrong direction.

Learn where Enki really went and understand why this whole region is what it is today. Only then you will understand where the knowledge came from. If you want to descent into the rabbit hole, make sure you go into the right direction.


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