Lost Civilizations – Is Caral the Cradle of Humanity?

Why Caral is One of the Oldest Ruins

Caral is much more ancient than anyone held possible. The mainstream views estimate the site to be at least 5,000 years old. That’s even older than the official estimates of the pyramids of Giza.

The area of Caral contains a large amount of pyramid like structures which we’ve processed into an orientation pattern. Officially is the age of Caral even of the charts of the Holistic Orientation Based Dating Method which goes back to about 500,000 years. Caral is even older than that. Much older.

Note that we’re not talking about the top structures of the pyramids of Caral. We’re solely speaking of the foundations of the original buildings. It appears that many of the structures were built over one another during the eons, but because the original orientation of the buildings remained in most cases the same, we were able to reconstruct the age of the oldest structures on Caral. And they are way older, more than one hundred times, than archaeologists estimate them to be.

We can say with a probability of more than 99.999% that the oldest ruins on Caral are older than 350,000 years! The calculations are done purely mathematical without a single dig into the ground or even without one step on one of the pyramids. That appears not to be necessary to understand their true antiquity.

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