Why Chichen Itza is 300,000 Years Old

Ancient Buildings Are Way Older

The ancient Maya site, Chichen Itza, contains 46 buildings of difference sizes, from which the pyramid of Kukulkan although the most famous one, it’s just one of them. The orientation of the ancient buildings on Chichen Itza seems for the eyes of a layman randomly.

Until now has no one ever been able to explain the seemingly chaotic orientation of the building on Chichen Itza. It appears the site follows the pattern of the shifting crust. 76.1% of the buildings (35) on Chichen Itza are oriented to either poles I to IV, while these poles only cover an area of only 38.4%. It means that the chances are close to zero that this is coincidence.

The pure mathematical method chops off all the nonsense that historians always told us about our ancient history. The history of our past stretches over a period of hundreds of thousands of years. Half a dozen advanced civilizations were wiped off the face of the planet, while not only archaeologists are completely oblivious about this, geologists say the crust was very steady over the last half million years. Both disciplines appear to be wrong.

We can state with a mathematical certainty of over 99.99% that Chichen Itza age stretches over a period of more than 300,000 years.

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This is one of the best maps of Chichen Itza. The orientation of all buildings is very accurately documented, which is used in the data.

The Video:  Why Chichen Itza is 300,000 Years Old

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