New Pyramid Found in Egypt?

The Nabta Playa Calendar Circle was oriented to the Equinox between 210,000 and 225,000 years ago. It is that old! It was used to measure both the Winter and Summer solstices. It is now unusable because the crust has shifted a few times.

Prediction of a New Unearthed Massive Structure in Egypt

Finding ancient, yet unearthed structures is like finding undiscovered planets; we can do this by using mathematics. The new theory predicts an unearthed structure in Egypt close to Nabta playa.

The probability there won’t be a yet unearthed structure is: 0.021% or 1 to 4,765. There is still a chance, although small, it’s a mare’s nest. The unearthed structure shares the same geographic pole as Teotihuacan. It was probably a pyramid, but that has to be verified at the location itself.

The Contours of This Structure

The contours of a square structure are visible. The orientation is measurable and correlates with Teotihuacan.

Same Base as Khufu and Teotihuacan

The size of the base of this unknown structure is equal to the base of the Great Pyramid of Khufu and that of Teotihuacan. It is probably destroyed long time ago or maybe it was never finished, but the contours of the foundations seem to be clearly present.

Because the size of the base is similar to that of the other two big pyramids makes it even more likely it is/was a pyramid.

The highlights:

  • the structure has the same orientation (±1°) as the Nabta Playa Calendar Circle,
  • the structure is oriented to the same former geo pole as Teotihuacan,
  • the structure has the same base size as Teotihuacan and Khufu,
  • the contours of the structure are too square to be coincidental.

When we add up all these facts the odds are very good we have found something new.

Examples of Other Very Ancient Structural Contours

Six examples of ancient contours of ancient structures. Most of them are destroyed, yet in many cases remain the contours of the foundations visible.

A New Player in the Game

This unearthed pyramid is approximately of the same age as the Nabta Playa Calendar Circle: between 210,000 and 225,000 years. I know, that is way off the map of historians.

It’s not a theory stitched together by mythos stories like historians and Egyptologists like to do, it’s a mathematical theory that covers most of the known ancient structures all around the globe. A brand new powerful player in the game.

If you know nothing about the theory that predicts this unearthed “pyramid”, you can read the articles on this website. There is a book in the making about this theory; it turns history upside down as we know it. It won’t be very popular among the mainstreamers, like historians who believe in Mythos stories and have no idea what the Logos is about.

Other Yet Unearthed Structures

Examples of other yet unearthed structures (foundations) in Mexico. The probability these are NOT foundations of ancient structures is 1 to 770 billion. The location is deliberately not yet published.

Who Takes the Challenge?

The chances for two independent objects to share exactly the same orientation pattern are low. To share their orientation with a mathematical proven geographic pole is even lower. And finally, to have a base of the same size as Khufu’s pyramid makes it even more probable it’s an ancient structure of that same size. But it has been destroyed or was never finished.

Archaeologists, take your shovels with you and go find it in the desert of Southern Egypt! The location is given at the bottom of this article. Who takes the challenge?

If there is something there, it shows that the theory is able to predict and therefore most probably correct. But that will turn so much upside down, that we are not assured that historians, scholars, governments, archaeologists, and so on will cheat on the game. They have been caught cheating before. Why has the Vatican a secret archive? Because it contains secrets that can not bear the light of day.

If there are tips and tricks to overcome this problem, please leave a comment below with your suggestion(s).

The Nabta Playa Calendar Circle is Oriented to Geo Pole III

The Nabta Playa Calendar Circle deviates just one degree from the square contours you see below. The calender circle was oriented to the equinox between 210,000 and 225,000 years ago and meant to allocate Winter and Summer solstice.


22.5335N, 30.6995E
-22° (or 338°)
Estimated age
210,000 – 225,000 years

Size and Orientation of the Foundation

The contours of the “hill” are oriented in the same direction as the Nabta Playa Calendar Circle, it is square shaped, and has almost the same dimensions as Khufu’s pyramid.
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