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Are You Aware How Many Ancient Buildings There Are in the World?

Not many people are aware how many ancient buildings there actually are around the world. The list is incredibly long, and will never be complete. Around 57% of the ancient buildings, from pyramids, to temples, to complete ancient cities were oriented to one of the ancient geographical poles. Not all buildings were oriented to the cardinals, but most of them were.

Yes, the crust moved. It moved significantly. But it never moved abruptly like Charles Hapgood believed. The crust crawled slowly over tens of thousands of years during Earth’s high eccentric orbit around the Sun. Science believes it were Ice Ages caused by varying insolation, caused by the Milankovitch cycles. Wrong. Completely wrong. It was the crust that moved very slowly, which was interpreted as glaciation cycles. The Milankovitch cycles do not influence the energetic household of the Earth. But most scientists don’t seem to grasp that for a second. That’s because academical studies are of a too low quality, delivering each year more and more irrationals obsessed with materialism and empiricism.

You won’t find any other research like this in the world. It’s one of the most intriguing discoveries of the last decades. There were no ice ages seemingly caused by a miracle, it were latitudinal crustal displacements. Pyramids are not a few thousand years old, they are hundreds of thousands years old. Greenland is not melting because of Carbon Dioxide. It’s vast ice sheet was formed at the North Pole, between 110,000 and 270,000 years ago. It’s now located at a place where the ice sheet starts to melt very slowly.

Tragically, not much of the current sciences has the right view on our Planet and on the origin of Humanity, while they believe they are immutably spot on. When no one ever refutes science, while they mainly rely on sources of fellow researchers who were already wrong, science will continue to dig deeper into a cesspool of falsehood.

How old would a structure be when you have to dig for it about 8.5 meters deep, while the stratigraphic records show that the soil builds up between 1 to 1.5 meters per 100,000 years? That an elementary school assignment. That structure is about 650,000 years old. But because the ruling paradigm says that’s impossible it’s simply shifted aside.

This collage of ancient buildings contains about 60% of all the buildings which are in the most intruiging database of ancient buildings that is ever made.

Read the other articles and you might become aware how our history really looks like. Most ancient structures are much older than 100,000 years. That is not just a statement, no, it is mathematically proven with a complete new theory. The odds that the crust shifted, even multiple times, while advanced civilizations like ours were already present, are incredibly high: 1 to 209 trillion (1 to 209,000,000,000,000) that the largest node found on Greenland is coincidental.

In this new theory, which is developed by Mario Buildreps, the orientation of about 500 ancient structures around the world are measured and mass processed as a pattern. Orientation is a pure mathematical entity, and distills patterns that otherwise would be impossible to find: the true age of Humanity and the massive latitudinal crustal motions which took place which science has interpreted as ice ages.

Scroll through the list and get an idea why this new theory is so powerful – it’s still a fraction of the whole database. Enjoy scrolling!

A visual database of pyramids and temples around the world. Have you ever seen such a list? Here it is.
Preah Vihear Temple Tepe Sialk Conímbriga
Vikramashila Tikal Gunung Padang
Shahr-e Sukhteh El Mirador Xelha
Shahr-e Sukhteh Becan Chichen Itza
Nimrud Ek’ Balam La Venta Olmec
Pyramid of Djoser Harappa Great Ziggurat of Ur
Arg-é Bam Conímbriga Eshnunna (Sumer)
Q’umarkaj El Tajín Eshnunna (Sumer)
Copán Yaxchilan Yagul
Q’umarkaj Uxmal Yagul
Tell al-Rimah Uxmal Yagul
Peralta Yaxha Yagul
Castillo de Teayo Cempoala Cahuachi
Plazuelas Mixco Viejo Palenque
Xunantunich Moral Reforma Lambityeco
Xunantunich Quiahuiztlán Yapahuwa Temple
Caral Calakmul Chavín de Huantar
Tomb of Empress Dowager Bo El Tajín Pyramid of Koh-Ker
Tomb of Empress Dou Eshnunna (Sumer) Conímbriga
Tanais Akragas Túcume
The Lianhu Altar Tikal Al-Rahba castle
Tamgaly Kohunlich Chichen Itza
Sintashta Babylon La Campana
Court of Amenhotep III Becan Labna
Karnak Mitla Palenque
Dur-Katlimmu Cahuachi Gorgippia
Yaxchilan Prasat Phum Prasat San Gervasio
Yaxchilan Ake Mehrgarh
Jebel Barkal Moral Reforma Chichen Itza
Caral Aukana Buddha Temple Great Pyramid of Cholula
Burial complex in Xiadu El Tajín Avdat
Raqch’i Xochicalco Great Kyz Kala
Guachimontones Cerro de la Estrella San Andrés
Uruk Baalbek Comalcalco
Túcume Banteay Samré Ecbatana
Cobá Takht-e Soleymān Balamku
Bad-tibira (Sumer) Akragas Ziggurat of Ashur
Zabala (Sumer) Monte Albán Thanjavur Brahadeeswarar temple
Pyramids of Cochasqui (nr. 5) Ek’ Balam Kuara (Sumer)
Pucará de Tilcara Xpuhil Lamanai
Huaca del Sol Moral Reforma Hierapolis
Huaca del Luna Banteay Kdei Koshoy Korgon
Palmyra Yaxha Uxmal
Pyramids of Cochasqui (nr. 9) El Tajín Donegal
Caral Cempoala Tomb of Emperor Cheng of Han
Caral Puma Punku Calakmul
Eridu Monte Albán Xlapak
Tell Brak (Sumer) Kohunlich El Tazumal
Nineveh Temple (Sumer) Becan Yagul
Yaxchilan Akragas Yagul
Sippar (Sumer) Altun Ha Toniná
Ollantaytambo Mari El Tepozteco
Tomb of Emperor Hui of Han Templo Mayor Pella
Larsa (Sumer) Ake Leptis Magna
Pyramids of Cochasqui (nr. 14) Eastern Mebon temple Dainzú
Acozac Neak Pean Santa Cecilia Acatitlan
Isin (Sumer) Phnom Chisor Tula
La Joya Copán Antipatris
Kom Ombo temple Tikal Becan
Zaculeu Ishchali Pella
Hattusa Puma Punku Calakmul
Belvoir Fortress Tiwanaku Guachimontones
Chogha Zanbil Xochitecatl Edzna
Nuzi (Sumer) Segesta (temple) Teotenango
Zaculeu El Cerrito Teotenango
Caral Ta Prohm Altun Ha
Eshnunna (Sumer) Cempoala Chacchoben
Tzintzuntzan Monte Albán Tenayuca
Daorson Monte Albán Moral Reforma
Tomb of King Ling of Zhou Ake Carthage
El morro del tulcán Jerash Tomb of Consort Ban
Hattusa Beng Malea Tomb of Empress Xu
Yaxchilan Chau Say Tevoda Pompeii
Tomb of Emperor Gaozu of Han Pre Rup Becan
Tomb of Empress Lü Lothal Tomb of Emperor Zhao of Han
Ramesseum Baksei Chamkrong Tomb of Empress Li
Uruk Arg-é Bam Tomb of Empress Shangguan
Ggantija temple Kfar Bar’am synagogue Tomb of Emperor Wu of Han
Zaculeu Teopanzolco Sayil
Medinet Habu temple Tiwanaku Xochicalco
Kaminal Juyu Angkor Wat Teotenango
Choquequirao Bakong Lubaantun
Bonampak Phnom Bakheng Carnac
Caral Preah Ko Mehrgarh
Palmyra West Baray Apadana
Zaculeu Tomb of Emperor Ai of Han Chacchoben
La Joya Tomb of Emperor Jing of Han Teotihuacan
Cobá Tomb of Emperor Ping of Han Pompeii
Chersonesos Tomb of Emperor Wen of Sui Ujuxte
Quiahuiztlán Tomb of Emperor Xiaojing of Tang Kabah
Cobá Tomb of Emperor Yuan of Han Mayapan
Chan-Chan Tomb of Empress Fu Tula
Hattusa Tomb of Empress Wang Teotihuacan
Der (Sumer) Tomb of Empress Wang Meenakshi Temple
Motya Tomb of Empress Wang Pompeii
Borsippa Tomb of Empress Xu Pompeii
Girsu Tomb of First Emperor Comalcalco
Tomb of Marquis Zhang Ao Pyramids of Giza Edzna
Tomb of Three Kings of Zhou Temple of Horus Moral Reforma
Unknown Chinese Pyramid Naranjo El Tajín
Unknown Chinese Pyramid Yaxha Ka’ba-ye Zartosht
Unknown Chinese Pyramid Konark Sun Temple Becan
Zaculeu Srirangam Temple Yaxchilan
Mehrgarh Borobudur El Chanal
Larsa (Sumer) Masada (Byzantine church) Cempoala
Volubilis Dzibilchaltun Ishchali
Ruins at Ur Ek’ Balam Labna
Dur-Kurigalzu Ek’ Balam Palenque
Yaxchilan El Tajín Becan
San Andrés Mayapan Calakmul
Saksaywaman Mixco Viejo Tula
Yaxchilan Xochicalco Carnac
Chan-Chan Harappa Rockwall
Palenque Conímbriga Lamanai
Umma Lumbini