Teotihuacan – City of the Gods?

Teotihuacan: A Massive City Shrouded in Mystery

Teotihuacan belongs to the largest ancient cities in the world. It draws each year almost 2 million visitors. Most visitors are unaware what it is they are walking on, because they are not informed properly by the exploiters nor by the archaeologists. It is probably not even intentional, since they’re unaware of a much larger truth about our ancient past, and therefore unable to inform the public well. It’s mere ignorance, hidden behind a veil of alleged expertism.

No one knows who built the city. But just recently, thanks to this new, very controversial research, it became clear that the city is between 210,000 and 225,000 years old. Teotihuacan was oriented to Pole III. The probability that this claim is true and correct is 99.99987%. It won’t be easily outmatched by any other claim in the future. Debunkers are already sharpening their claws and jaws.

This is the most probable truth. Enjoy watching the video!


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