Teotihuacan – Facts About a Mysterious Giant

Teotihuacan is colossal, and no one has any idea who built these structures. | © 2016 by Buildreps

Facts About Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan is massive, and no one knows who built it. That’s directly one of the most pressing facts.

There’s already enough said and written about Teotihuacan, so it is pointless to repeat it all over again. There are enough sources to consult. This article will deal with Teotihuacan in a totally other way.

To get to the core of this impressive giant, it’s necessary to separate believes and assumptions from the facts. The fact it that we actually know nothing about Teotihuacan. Therefore is there not much to say about Teotihuacan what not has been said by mainstream media.

The only thing that can be done is to measure, and to process the data mathematically, and to see what comes from that.

This is what some people already have tried to do before, but their attempts remain mostly speculative. It is rock solid proof that we need.

Teotihuacan Before Restoration

Teotihuacan before it was restored. Who even knows this today? It looked like a natural hill. The site had to be unearthed like most other Mesoamerican sites, before it was opened to the public. It took 75 years to restore.

Believes About Teotihuacan

There’s a lot of hocus pocus around Teotihuacan, and that’s logical because no one seems to know really something about it. That creates all the space to speculate.

Archaeologists, scholars, and historians tell their usual Mythos stories how things must have gone, while their stories are nothing more than a long chain of irrational assumptions. Intuitive people know better, but they seem unable to escape the realms of mysticism.

The only thing we can be sure of is that Teotihuacan will remain a mystery forever. Some mysteries cannot be solved in such way that it will be accepted by all of us.

Fantasy or Truth?

Some people claim to be channelling the truth, tapping knowledge from the Akashic field. But how do we know they’re not tapping from a rich imagination? Not to dismiss the Akashic fields as non existent, but that’s another discussion. It is quite easy to connect the dots in a wrong way.

When you want to enter the terrain of real science:

  • your ideas must be verifiable to anyone.
  • your ideas must be accessible to anyone.
  • your ideas must be presented in a language understandable for anyone.

When was the last time we were able to verify the data and interpretations from archaeologists and historians? I haven’t seen anything yet, except conservative ideas that came from brooding backrooms.

In this respect are archaeologists and channellers more or less identical twin brothers. They claim things without verifiable mathematical backup. And if you were forced to bet your last penny on one of them – pick the channeller. They are often more open minded, and therefore better equipped to solve mysteries.

The ‘blind men elephant’ test is how sensing thinking types, which most scientists are, would describe an elephant as a whole when they are blindfolded.

Typical Paradigm Problems – the Nampa Figurine

A paradigm is a kind of framework in which a trained professional tends to think and tends to solve encountered problems.

Think outside the box is often said in management trainings. How well can scientists think outside the box?

What to do with the mysterious figurine, called the Nampa figurine, drilled up from a depth of about 300 feet?

Geologists say these layers are 2 million years old. Archaeologists say that is impossible. Aren’t contradictions a sign of falsehood?

So, what do we do now? Science is deafening silent. Oh yes, there are some noisy extroverts on sites like badarchaeology.com. In their attempt to debunk this figurine they make a big mess of geology, drilling engineering, and human intelligence as a whole.

With the same kind of logic we could claim dinosaurs alive just a few thousand years ago. That happens when science tries to debunk mysteries, it then undermines its own paradigm, and pollutes its own nest. The best policy is therefore – stay silent. The establishment literally hates the truth.

Science is humanities best attempt to describe reality. But there are many reasons to reject many mainstream theories, especially when it comes to our ancient history. There’s simply too much mystery that’s left unexplained or simply ignored, because the paradigm doesn’t allows it to.

Truth is so obscure in these times, and falsehood so established, that, unless we love the truth, we cannot know it.

— Blaise Pascal

Note: the genius Pascal said this already 400 years ago. What reason is there to think it got any better?

Why is Teotihuacan so Differently Oriented?

The pyramids of Teotihuacan belong to the biggest on the planet. The pyramids of Giza are very accurately oriented to the current North pole. This way of orientation is called cardinal orientation. The cardinals are the wind directions North, East, South and West.

Why is Teotihuacan not oriented in the same way as the ones of Giza? Teotihuacan and Giza have even some similarities, like arrangement and the dimensions of the base. There are people who have created amazing complex theories to explain why Teotihuacan is oriented in this strange way.

They have obviously forgotten about Occam’s Razor, which perfectly states that a theory with the least assumptions is most likely to be the correct one. Only people who hate the truth will claim that Occam’s theory is wrong.

Is there a hidden Pyramid code encrypted in Teotihuacan? Why is Teotihuacan so typical aligned? There are many new things discovered about Teotihuacan in relation to Giza by using this brand new theory.

Teotihuacan is in the shown direction built under an angle of about 15.5 degrees. The reason why this is done has never been solved, until now. The Pyramid of the Sun is built under an angle of 15.3 degrees. | © 2016 by Buildreps

Teotihuacan Was Once Oriented to An Ancient GEOGRAPHIC North Pole

When we look how the pyramids of Giza are oriented, there’s no sufficient reason to assume that Teotihuacan would be oriented in another way.

There are striking similarities between the two pyramids, like the size of their base and their typical arrangement.

It is in fact very simple. Teotihuacan was once oriented to a geo North pole on Greenland. Or better, Greenland was once at the North pole, because of serious crustal shifts. And that was a very long time ago. No, it’s not about the magnetic pole, it’s about the geographic pole. It appears to be shifting once in a while.

The odds that this is NOT true about 1 to 2.5 million.

It gets even more amazing once you have found the location of this former geo pole. The distance from Teotihuacan to its pole, and the distance from Giza to its pole, that’s our current geo pole, happens to be exactly the same. Coincidence? Again? No. Teotihuacan was built at exactly the same latitude as Giza – 29.97° and something. That something are the small digits after the decimal point.

Which pole was that? How long ago was this geographic pole at that location?

If we can solve these questions, we can determine how long ago this mysterious city of the gods was built. These question are solved – mathematically.

Teotihuacan Was Oriented to a Mathematically Proven GEO Pole

The analysis of the full dataset delivered spectacular results. The percentages are almost 100% and on top of that correspond the latitudes vs temperatures eerie precise with the last glaciation cycles.


How the Former North Pole is Proven

It is mathematically inconsistent to state that because Teotihuacan is pointing to ‘somewhere’, it is therefore a former North pole. This is not how mathematical proof works.

But when a massive amount of ancient pyramids and temples, all around the world (thus independently), are pointing to that same hotspot, that same small area to which Teotihuacan was oriented, we can calculate the probability of this event to occur.

It is simple and very powerful mathematics, impossible to escape from with statements like ‘coincidence’ or ‘it proves nothing’. This is what we call proof. Materialistic evidence, where many scientists like to deal with, is crap. Materialistic evidence gets overthrown all the time by newer materialistic evidence.

How this proof is delivered is extensively explained in other articles, and it irrefutably proves that the geo pole moved, while there were already civilizations present on earth. To say that crustal movements are quite inconvenient is an understatement. Such an event wipes almost everything off the face of the earth. They are related to Great Floods. Note the plurality. Half a dozen civilizations were wiped away. Most evidence is gone or scrambled and jumbled. One big mess. That explains a lot, isn’t it?

One could argue that the last crustal shift was 11,500 years ago when the last ice ages ended. Another one could argue it was 110,000 years ago, when the last ice ages started. I showed in former, related articles, it was the latter. Very sure. It faces science with again a major challenge: advanced civilizations roamed the earth much longer than scientists assumed. But of course, science is in its usual denial mode. The easy mode. The blind, dumb, and deaf mode. No veo por qué.

Science has to face immense errors in its core, and simply overlooks them or rejects proof of opposers by saying it is ‘pseudo science’. Who dares to argue against the power of mathematics? With evidence? Which evidence? I have never seen anything other than poorly constructed interpretations, accompanied with insane textual compositions to pretend as if it must be something intelligent. It never explains anything for real.

Teotihuacan Was Oriented to a Former North Pole

Teotihuacan was once aligned to its geo North pole, when it was at another location. This was more than 110,000 years ago. The distance between Giza and the North pole = distance Teotihuacan to its former pole. That’s WHY they are closely related | © 2016 by Buildreps

Why Teotihuacan was Abandoned by its Builders

The most logical explanation is this: the ushering of a new ice age, which was in fact an earth crust shift, wiped away civilizations over and over again. It happened in the past, and it will happen in the future. The few people that remain after this catastrophe start to roam the planet looking for better places to settle.

Climatic zones have been shifted. The earth is in great turmoil with tidal waves, volcanoes, and mega-quakes. People had become low developed scavengers, warped back into their survival mode – the stone age.

When was the last time a new ice age started? It is estimated to be about 110,000 years ago, and lasted until about 12,500 years ago. That explains a lot, doesn’t it?

Species Seemingly Appear Out of Nowhere

The image, or the controlling paradigm as you might call it, is that scientists perceive a species coming from virtually nowhere. This specie, Homo Sapiens, starts to migrate to the North. It is literally running after the shifted pole to the North.

When you look at the other side of the continent, like Russia, the species started to run to the South. It explains the massive amount of sudden frozen animals, like the mammoths in Siberia. The C14 dating completely fails when the latitudes were shifted. It’s a laughable attempt to carbon date anything when you deny crustal shifts. This bug will be fixed in the book “Atlantis is Here”.

It seems virtually that species arise from nothing, while they in fact originated from a high advanced race many thousands years before.

Scientists would say: there’s no evidence for this claim! Yes, there is. It are the structures that are abandoned and remain unexplained. They are mathematically proven to align massively to former poles. There’s in fact no way to get around this conclusion.

If structures like Teotihuacan remain unexplained there’s something fundamentally wrong in the way how evidence is gathered and interpreted. That is also for 99.99% sure, because the geo poles are proven to be moving in relation to ancient civilizations a very long time ago.

The fact is that everything archaeology has done in the last century has to be revalued. The information that has been poured over the people through the media is proven to be completely worthless.

How Orientation Clusters Relate to Ice Ages

Teotihuacan was built between 200,000 and 240,000 years ago. The crust shifted again relatively short after it was built. | © 2016 by Buildreps

How Old is Teotihuacan?

Teotihuacan is built between 200,000 and 240,000 years ago. The top structure might have been renovated by the many peoples who have occupied the city, while the foundation never changed its orientation.

It is said in the Sumerian tablets that an extraterrestrial species, called the Anunnaki (and Nephilim), came to earth around 450,000 years ago. How coincidental. Sumerian structures like Zabala, Nineveh, Eridu, and Sippar are oriented to a small area, a hotspot, that can be interpreted as one of the very ancient poles. About 450,000 years ago. Together with structures in Peru like Túcume, Huaca del Sol, Huaca del Luna, Caral, and Ollantaytambo that are also oriented to the same hotspot we have found the cradle of our civilization. We didn’t originate from one place, but from a few places around the world.

The orientation of the foundation is the most sure thing there is. It never lies. It is the foundation of the new truth.

Were we once created as a slave species by the Annunaki? Oh boy, that explains a lot.

This and much more will be published in the book “Atlantis is Here” that might, metaphorically speaking, shift your paradigm in the same way as the earth crust did. Note that the next crustal shift isn’t expected the next 100,000 years. Forget the fear mongers and doomsday preachers that Earth will be destructed soon. We have tons of time to set things straight before we’re warped back into the stone age for the umpteenth time.

But we have to take back control over what science has been telling us. It is in general sensorial collected rubbish, and people believe it because doctor this or professor that says so. They have not a single clue. Mathematics is the only tool to get the truth back.

© 2016 by Buildreps

First published: March 12, 2016

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